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Kids On The Beat: 12th Planet

I was wrapping up my walk, and about to call it a day, when I happened upon skateboard crew 12th Planet. I had never seen or met 12th Planet, but they welcomed me with handshakes all around and loads of positive vibes. I love meeting young people who are on a journey, working hard, and doing what they love. 

You could tell they loved skateboarding, and the camaraderie that comes with it. They gave support to each other when they tried a trick and made sure each other was alright when someone fell. 

Unfortunately the whole 12th Planet crew wasn’t present, and I could only stay for a short while to shoot. But I have a feeling we’ll meet again…Keep on keeping on 12th Planet!

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A rag set down on the stool yesterday, 2015

Only two lemons of 12 were moldy in the bowl, 2015

I’ve been thinking a lot about how everyday scenes and events have been experienced over time. I try to find ways to visually isolate the subjects I take notice of and elevate them in ways that push the viewer to see and understand what I found beautiful enough to take out my camera for. 

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