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AU —— With WWE’s Hell in a Cell less than a month away, fans excitingly await the anticipated PPV of the year. Jam packed with action, these women prepare themselves for a hellish time.

PRESHOW: Lana vs Tamina Snuka: Singles Grudge Match

With the inevitable doom of their partnership due to Lana’s devastating Accolade to Tamina, this grudge match is expected to be brutal. With the never-ending chip on Tamina’s shoulder, Lana better have a strong game plan or else she’ll be added to the long list of victims taken out by Tamina’s Superfly Splash.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte vs Mickie James and Maryse: Tag Team Match for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Becky and Charlotte was seen as the unbeatable team until the surprise tag team of the returning Mickie James and Maryse came along. Classic case of Old School vs New, Maryse and Mickie hope to show these “new comers” that they’re not as unstoppable as they believed to be. Can Becky and Charlotte beat such seasoned veterans? Or will Mickie and Maryse pop their bubble?

Naomi vs Eva Marie: Hell in a Cell match for the United States Champion

Since winning the United States Championship, the #FeelTheGlowTour had been going strong, even leading to an impressive hometown win in the grandest stage of all. This has caught attention of #AllBlackEverything Eva Marie, who hopes to throw a wrench in Naomi’s run. Can she prove that the dark is better than the glow? Or will she be nothing more than a pit stop for Naomi?

Alicia Fox vs Summer Rae: No Disqualification Match for the Cruiserweight Championship

The WWE was rocked when a previously M.I.A. Summer Rae made a surprise appearance at No Mercy, attacking Alicia Fox after her match against a visiting Dakota Kai. This kick-started an intense rivalry between the two women. After being pulled away by security and talent alike, the two are finally able to put their hands on each other in a No Disqualification match. With no limits, it’s probably in the companies best interest to have their ringside physician out there. This is expected to be brutal

Main Event: Natalya vs Carmella: Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Championship

Ever since winning the MITB briefcase, Carmella has made her presence known in every match Natalya’s had. Constantly teasing cashing in her contract, this left the champion with a paranoia, nearly rushing backstage after every match and looking behind her shoulder. This all accumulated to doing something no MITB owner had ever done in WWE history, traded her contract for a Hell in a Cell title match. Though most find this to be foolish, Carmella is not one to be underestimated and as dastardly as she is, one can almost guarantee that the Princess of Staten Island has plenty up her sleeve. The Queen of Harts has high hopes for herself and fully believes this match will be a breeze… is that attitude going to be her down fall? Or will she prove that a queen is always better than a princess?  

so some of y'all jumped straight on the mikael x yousef ship with no problems even though they hadn’t had ANY screen time and there were only two pictures of them in existence but will then turn right around and vilify young wlw and say we’re ‘reaching’ when we hc vilde as a lesbian…..,,,,… your ugly is showing

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  1. The knowledge that Chriseva was endgame because the very last scene of Skam was the Penetrator Chris clip. That makes me very happy. I’m glad Julie stopped there.
  3. As a matter of fact, anything Cody Christian. Also I am bizarrely attracted to his typing skillz, as strange as that sounds.
  5. Seeing Eva happy on my dash and knowing that she ended up with someone who loves and appreciates everything about her and that she wasn’t forced back into a relationship with a guy who didn’t deserve her at all.