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For my eleventh Evangelion book review, here is Evangelion ANIMA Visual Book, published by ASCII Media Works.  As you may have heard already, Evangelion ANIMA is a light novel from Ikuto Yamashita (the mecha designer for Evangelion) that tells an alternate ending to the Evangelion series: Instrumentality doesn’t happen and the characters experience a different adventure instead, which mostly seems to consist of battling against other Evas rather than Angels… however, there are Evas known as Angel Carriers that have the powers of the Angels.  This story was presented in the form of short installments that appeared in various issues of Dengeki Hobby Magazine, starting with an introduction in late 2007, then the first chapter in 2008 and continuing with chapters of crazy action and crazier fan service until coming to an end with the final part in 2013.  As can be expected from Yamashita, there is a lot of focus on the Evangelions, including new Evas and weapons… and as you might expect if you read my previous book review that had some of Yamashita’s wacky older ideas, there are also a lot of wacky new ideas!

At the time I am writing this (January 9, 2015), the multiple chapters of ANIMA have not been compiled into a book yet.  But for now, at least we have Evangelion ANIMA Visual Book, which collects a number of ANIMA’s illustrations (including photos of models and toys based on several of the concepts in the story), plus basic information about some of the characters and Evas, and two chapters of the story are provided as well.  The book is not available in English or French, but at least there are a lot of pictures to look at (mostly in full color, and there are a few black-and-white sketches as well).  Sadly, it’s not a complete collection of ANIMA-related pics, but for the time being it’s the best there is unless you decide to track down all the issues of Dengeki Hobby Magazine that contained ANIMA material.  The artwork starts off with a cool cover illustration that is so long that the scan shown at the beginning of this review is only a part of the picture… the rest of it continues into the inside of the book!  However, if you remove the dust jacket, you’ll find a shrunken version of the image where the whole thing completely fits onto the front cover.

Aside from Ikuto Yamashita’s illustrations of the Evas and weapons, his renditions of the characters are occasionally shown as well.  There is also a bunch of character art done by Hiroyuki Utatane, and some artistic contribution from Seiji Kio.  Here is one of Yamashita’s pictures of what Shinji and Asuka look like in the story… Shinji is now 17 years old and has long hair worn in a ponytail similar to Kaji’s, while Asuka goes through several different hairstyles but still wears those piloting interface hairclips:

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1920s Ectoplasm Photos

Albert Von Schrenck was a German physician who did a great deal of paranormal research in the early 1900s and even published a few notable books on the subject. He’s most famous for claiming to have discovered ectoplasm during the course of his investigations. The following photographs taken by Albert Von Schrenck purportedly demonstrate the emission of ectoplasm.

Take note that he used netting over the subjects to prevent trickery in the form of oral regurgitation. These photos are very eerie to say the least, and modern debunkers still have a tough time explaining these.

Unknown Ghost Photo

The following photo was taken by an unknown photographer in 1929. It shows ectoplasm materializing over a man’s face.

William Hope’s Ghost Photos

The picture shown below were unearthed from a mysterious photo album found in a thrift store. They were taken by William Hope, who is one of the most well known spirit photographers of the 20th century. Although these photos are explainable as double exposures, there’s still something incredibly creepy about them.

Telekinesis Manifestation

The photo below was taken in 1912 and shows Eva Carriere with a light manifestation between her hands and a materialization on her head. Eva C was a prominent spiritualist and psychic in the early 20th century.