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Inhuman of the Day

March 21st - Eva

An Inhuman from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Eva had lived in the Inhuman sanctuary of Afterlife and become overwhelmed with the  worried that her daughter would not be selected for Terrigenesis.  She stole a small collection of Terrigen Crystals and fled to the human world.  There she exposed herself and her child-aged daughter, Katya, to Terrigenesis.  Eva was endowed with enhanced strength, whereas her daughter was gifted with the power to control minds.  Unfortunately, Katja was too young to properly control her powers and she became like a parasite, needing to feed on the feelings (especially the sensation of pain) of others.  

The two were ultimately tracked down by Agents form SHIELD.  Katya had taken over the minds of a group of local criminals as well as a SHILED assault team.  She was going to murder these victims along with Agent Melinda May and May was forced to kill both Katya and her mother.  It was an extremely traumatic experience for Agent May, leading to her temporary retirement from field duty.  

Eva was portrayed by actress Winter Ave Zoli.

โœž Ave, Eva


“The RV is that way,” Peter pointed out sourly. “The actual opposite way we’re going.”

“I know,” Jesus replied blithely, ignoring the bitter tinge that always seeped into Peter’s tone whenever he didn’t get his way. Which was often enough for the prophet to become immune to it.

Hands dug in his pockets, his eyes half-closed in bleary, drug-hazed content, the front of his shirt unbuttoned to allow the mercifully cool Corinthian air against his skin, Jesus made a leisurely but determined line to the broken down hostel off Ephesus Ave.

He had been perfectly fine with Maggy not accompanying them to the bar tonight. He always worried for her whenever they went out. Men were disgusting, and he hated the idea of anyone being rude to her. Not that she couldn’t defend herself, but he’d preferred her never to have the occasion to do so. But neither was he alright with her sitting by herself, alone, in an RV at the outskirts of town. So he’d pushed way too shekels in her hand and walked her over to the dilapidated hostel, and bid her spend the night on a comfortable bed, while he thought of her all night between sips of bourbon.

So it was with a particular longing that he found himself wandering across town back to her.

A grin split his lips, wide and beaming, as he spotted Maggy at the balcony, swathed in moonlight like a halo. Were it possible for her to look even more like a goddess, he wasn't’ sure, but the moment her gaze settled on him with that temperate majesty, he was struck.

            She walks in beauty, like the night
                     Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
                     And all that’s best of dark and bright
                     Meet in her aspect and her eyes.

His hand pressed to heart, gazing up at her as though she were the moon itself, like some stupid lovestruck Romeo, Jesus laughed. 

“Are you coming down? I’ve got more sonnets up my sleeve, if not. Full ones, mind you. That was just a taste.” He grinned wider. “I could be here all night, I don’t give a fuck.”