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For the anti’s that say Lana Parrilla can’t act

Watch Teresa Ortiz talking about her mother’s death

Watch Sarah Gavin being tortured endlessly 

Watch Trina Decker tell Susan that she’s ‘a little more complex than that’

Watch Trina Decker tell Janet that she’s pregnant

Watch Trina Decker tell her husband that she’s pregnant and might want to keep the baby

Watch Nina Shaefer with her children 

Watch Nina Shaefer grapple with her feelings for another man

Watch Nellie Kendall discover that her husband is having the one thing she’s desperate for with another woman 

Watch Eva Zambrano tell a good man’s friends that he just died unexpectedly having been fine all day 

Watch Eva Zambrano give a young girl the hope of a future despite her upbringing

Watch Eva Zambrano comforting a little girl whose whole family could die

Watch Regina Mills period.

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Of Fathers & Daughters

So enough of y’all yelled at me about this post that I figured I should just go ahead and write it. Sort of a little companion piece to the feels fest that is Safe and Sound For You, but you don’t have to have read it to know what’s going on. You can check it out on ff.net if that’s your preference.

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Word count: 1.9k

Snow walks into the hospital room, a bag of food from Granny’s held aloft before her and Emma’s eyes light up.

“Give me the food and I give you the baby,” she says, drawing a chuckle from her mother. “I’m starving.”

Killian shoots her a look, annoyed. “I asked if you were hungry fifteen minutes…”

“I couldn’t smell it then,” Emma says, crossing her legs to make room for her mother.

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CEO Loki Odinson


“Tell me about this woman.”

She’s very strong. And in pain.”


Her life’s been challenging.”


“Does she have a feeling for things not of this earth?”




wishing you all a very happy valentine’s day & nyfw from the loren-styles clan! oh, and me, i guess ;) here’s a drabble that picks up after the final drabble in the holiday series. enjoy! <3 love you lots and lots and lots and LOTS!!!!

in the frow - february 14, 2027

“Where’s mummy?” Madeleine asked, dodging Harry’s hands as he tried to wrangle her hair into a small ponytail. He was under strict instructions to make sure that Madeleine and Phoebe wore the outfits Eva left out for them and to have their hair brushed and styled. Usually, Eva let their curls run wild and guided them when they wanted to pick out their own. Today was much, much different.

“Mummy is at work,” Harry told her. “Maddie, can you let daddy do your hair?”

She shook her head, pushing her bottom lip out in an exaggerated pout. “Want mummy!” she protested, folding her arms across her chest, still clad in her cupcake pajama shirt.

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Our First Treedition

Day Two

Prompt: Riley and Lucas pick out / decorate their first tree together (sent by anon)
Word Count: 1,387

                                                        ❅ ❄ ❆

Riley gently wraps her knuckles against the hard wood of Lucas’ apartment door. Before it swings open she hears the muffled shouts of Lucas’ father calling to his wife. Then, it’s Mrs. Friar whom welcomes Riley into the apartment with a warm smile. 

“Lucas, Riley’s here!” The cheery lady calls up to her son. 

“Be down in a second!” Lucas calls back. 

“Did you want anything to drink before we go darling?” Mrs. Friar offers. 

“Oh no thank you,” Riley politely declines.

“Riley!” Lucas’ little sister squeals when she spots the teen. 

“Hello,” Riley bends a little to hug back the young girl clinging to her side, “Excited to pick out a tree tonight?” 

“You bet!” She nods with a wide grin. 

“Thanks again for letting me tag along on your family outing,” Riley looks back up to the woman. 

“Oh it’s our pleasure!” Mrs. Friar is genuine, “Once Lucas told us you’ve never been tree shopping before it was more of an order than offer that you come along with us this year.” 

“Well I’m very excited about it,” Riley rocks on her heels. 

“What’s with the men in this family and taking so long to get ready?” Mrs. Friar shakes her head as she stares at her watch. “Lucas, James, would you please hurry up!” 

“Ready mama,” Lucas comes barreling down the stairs and doesn’t stop till he greets his girlfriend with a kiss on the cheek. Mr. Friar isn’t far behind his son and the five of them set off for the evening. 

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Gangsta:CURSED. chapter 3 summary/translation

Hello! Here is chapter 3, which marks the first CURSED appearance of several other, already known characters. This time too, the scans were provided by lexbenedetto (go here). Especially this time, my translations are definitely not 100% correct, but I went with what made sense to me. Further information on that at the end of this post. Support Kamo Syuhei and Kohske by buying the first volume of Gangsta:CURSED. (and any other Gangsta. volumes or merch). Long post under the cut. Enjoy!

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7.000 followers fic prompt: Killian as the President and Emma as First Lady-maybe the first time they have to be apart cause he's off talking to the President of another country? Love you!!

Emma Swan, as one might expect, has dealt with a lot of shit in her political career. The foster-home beginnings, the trouble with the law and petty thefts, the 17-and-pregnant teen mom behind bars (even if not for her own crime) the clawing her way up from the bottom once she got released, earned her GED, fought to prove she was a fit parent for Henry, and got into politics just for the sheer fact that she was tired of having no say and no chance, had experienced the crappiness of the system firsthand. Climbed the ladder quickly, from state to U.S. Senator, and decided she wasn’t stopping now. Got the nomination, and kept on bulldogging. Then sat tensely with her family on Election Night at headquarters in Boston, and watched as the returns came in. As she and her running mate – Regina Mills, the tough-talking, no-bullshit-taking former Secretary of State – pulled off the nearly impossible, and became the first all-female President and Vice President in American history.

As the first woman, and one of the youngest occupants of the office ever (she’s only forty-three) and a blonde, attractive type who could double as a glamour model, Emma has been underestimated and dismissed at every turn. Her political rivals got a lot of mileage guffawing at the idea that she could hold tough talks with the Kremlin or the Iranians or anyone, or deal with the 3 AM phone call when it came, or fix the economy, or basically anything, and she’s spent a lot of time smacking them down on their sexist chauvinist asses. They’ve also had plenty of apparent fun dragging her husband through the mud, as Killian Jones has a similarly checkered past as a troubled, criminal runaway and Royal Navy dropout. America does have a hell of a crush on its handsome, witty, British First Gentleman, though, has preferred to forgive and forget most of this, and Emma supposes wryly that it’s progress that they objectify him as much as they do her; People in particular has run non-stop “Dress Like Madam President!” features to highlight her clothes, jewels, shoes, and any other thing that touches her body. Their young family – Henry, their sons Liam and David, and their daughter Eva – is also an object of press fascination and obsession, so that Emma has had to allow carefully staged release of pictures at varied times so nobody goes too crazy trying to get them. They knew this was coming, they’re willing to support her, but moving into this big white house on Pennsylvania Avenue has still been a change.

Tonight, however, she’s not there. She’s in London, attending a big G20 summit, and as it’s the first official trip of her tenure, she can’t help but feel a little lonely. She’s in her fancy hotel room (nay, suite) with state-of-the-art technology and a thirty-strong Secret Service escort and a pile of papers to read before tomorrow, and yet she’s in sweatpants, heels kicked off, as she grins at the Skype screen showing her family sprawled out for movie night. Eva, the youngest at four, isn’t entirely sure what mommy is doing on the other side of the screen, but is gamely waving anyway, seeing her father and brothers doing the same. “Hi, mama,” she says. “Hi, mama.”

“Hey.” Emma smiles. “What are you watching tonight, guys?”

Independence Day,” her loving husband informs her. “It’s the one where the aliens blow up the place, yeah?”

“You’re going to give her nightmares,” Emma says disapprovingly, tilting her head at Eva. Though she’s sure Henry, Liam, and David couldn’t wait for it. “Can’t you at least put on Hook or something in the background?”

“I’ve seen that bloody movie fifty times in the last week, she won’t stop watching it. One night without it won’t kill her. And Hoffman chews the scenery too much, it gets on my nerves.”

Emma smirks, as Killian has a remarkably finicky taste when it comes to on-screen Captain Hooks for whatever reason. One of his quirks. But he’s still him, the man she married, who’s been remarkably unimpressed by all the pomp and circumstance that comes with his new station (indeed, his first question when they moved in was whether they could still get pizza delivered). It’s already spawned a meme online, with various witty captions affixed to pictures of Killian looking unfazed by whatever important thing is happening in front of him: “[Insert Subject Here]?  First Gentleman Fucks Given: Zero.” Of course, their enemies have seized upon it as proof of Killian’s English elitist snobbery and general disdain for provincial America, but there you go.

“Good luck with the meeting, love,” he says now, smiling at her tenderly. “Can’t wait until you get home.”

“Me too.” She hasn’t spent a night away from him, as much as she can help it, in years, and it feels wrong, like she’s left her other half across the sea. “Cover Eva’s eyes if it gets too scary. That’s an order. Executive order, buddy.”

Killian smirks at her. “Aye, Madam President,” he says, and as always, it becomes a teasing, playful nickname on his tongue, the one thing that gives her belief in it, in them, in everything she’s doing. For him, for them, for the future, for the country that all the kids will grow up in, and not just theirs. “As you wish.”


aaaaaand look who got her stuff together. i know i haven’t posted since september, but life gets in the way and what not, but i’m here! almost ready to graduate! anyways, thank you for your patience. we’re coming into the best time of year for heva, so it only seemed fitting that another part of this was posted. without further ado, here is part three of a face to call home! i hope you enjoy. 

cashmere jumpers - december 2029

Harry watched as Eva’s hands splayed over her stomach, resting gently on the oversized cashmere jumper that concealed her bump. Her wardrobe as of late consisted of jumpers and coats that seemed to swallow her figure. It was what she wanted, though. Their lives had relatively calmed down regarding paparazzi and the public eye, but Eva was cautious, just as she always had been.

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