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Food symbolism in Skam

I can’t believe how good this show is, everytime I re-watch it I find something new to focus on, especially when I read fan theories! They make me pay attention to things I never even considered before. So I’m going to talk about food significance between couples throughout the seasons.

Season 1: Spaghetti
Eva made spaghetti during the cabin retreat which was supposed to be her romantic holiday with Jonas, but he invited friends. When she was plating her own food Jonas was waiting for her to plate his but she was angry and asked him if he doesn’t have hands and can’t do it himself and shortly after she storms off. I felt like that was foreshadowing their relationship because she was angry he brought his friends and in a way the friends threw a wedge in their relationship, Isak and Ingrid where the obvious ones who cause the relationship to end but s1 Elias was also driving a wedge by hoarding time with Jonas and influencing him to smoke up and that led to Ingrid being back in Jonas’s life.

Season 2: Cocoa
William made Noora Cocoa on their first date but Noora wasn’t very receptive to it in the beginning, but by the end of the date she accepted it and drank it cold, she said she liked how it was now chocolate milk. This could mean that the relationship was viewed in one way in the beginning but then changed as time went by and that was what Noora wanted. Also William was making her the Cocoa both times, he was the one always reaching out and wanting the relationship and Noora accepted it the first time reluctantly, but the second time she asked him to make her the Cocoa, which meant that she then wanted to pursue the relationship. Also the second time he made the Cocoa it bubbled over because he was distracted by Noora, which could foreshadow that their feelings are too intense for one another or that they wouldn’t last. I’m still not too sure about the meaning of the Cocoa bubbling over.

Season 3: Cheese sandwiches
We saw Isak and Even bonding over cheese sandwiches and how they added all those flavors while they were making them, especially cardamom. They both still ate the cheese sandwiches even when they where horrible. Even said that the sandwiches were so bad that now they were good but Isak disagreed, still they both ate the sandwiches but then got interrupted by Evens gf. This could signify that even though their relationship would be tough at times they are still willing to go through with it no matter the obstacles. Also when Isak buys a cheese sandwich at the cafeteria it signifys how he’s still willing to be in the relationship and fight for it even after he’s been hurt. And Even sees that and then sends the drawing of him and Isak in an alternate universe wishing they were together eating the sandwiches, signifying Even wanting to try again and wanting the relationship, which happens after the boy squad wingman Isak into getting Even back. Also can I mention how much I loved that scene, all the boys helping Isak out and I love how they use so many tumblr originated terms on the show like fuckboy and alternative universe (kinda felt like it was a nod to fanfiction).

Season 4: Carrots
Now season 4 is still halfway through but I feel that since we get 2 scenes with the food objects I can try to analyze the significance. We see Sanas mom first peeling the carrots then she hands the peeler to Sana and leaves. This can signify that Sana does not have experience with relationships and Sanas mom does. Sana tries to peel the carrots but in the wrong way and Yousef comes in and shows her how to do it right while they bond over it but Sana still does it the “wrong” way. This can signify how even though Sana is willing to try a relationship it’s still going to go wrong in a way. Then the second scene we see her not looking at Yousef and when offered a carrot she turns it down, not wanting to pursue a relationship with Yousef anymore, but Yousef takes a carrot signifying he still wants a relationship with Sana.

And that’s my analysis on the significance of food on skam, because Julie Andem is a genius.

A lot of thoughts on season 4

Okay, okay I haven’t done a real post about all my thoughts on season 4 yet. I’m a sucker for long posts and I looove analyzing everything. And SKAM is just the perfect show to analyze. The metaphors and symbolism is EVERYTHING! This post will be long!! (sorry)

We have already got sooo much from the season. Multiple updates a day. Clips every day (so far). I really hope they keep it up the entire season. So far, we have a little more than 16 minutes of eps 1. We could get a short clip today (maybe Sana talking to her brother about not getting involved with her friends?) And then a longer clip Friday. For some reason, I have a feeling that the episodes will be a bit longer this season compared to season 3, because it seems like they have A LOT to cover in 10 episodes. So, I’m hoping they are aiming for 30+ minutes rather than 20. But we’ll see!

So, we got the trailer. I already wrote a bit about it, but I didn’t fully cover it. I think it’s safe to say the correct timeline of events is the timeline of the reverse trailer: Starting with Noora and then the domino effect going from there. According to the trailer Sana will be the one starting it all. She trips Noora, who falls.

From what we have seen so far, it is pretty clear that this will have something to do with boys! Either something with William or some of the boys from The Balloon Squad (or both). It is clear, that Sana doesn’t want the girls to get involved with her brother and his friends, but at this point they are not respecting her wishes (let’s get back to this later). They want Noora to find a new crush/hookup and The Balloon Squad is the target. At this point I think this will be what triggers Sana to do what she does. The girls will push her to the edge, and she will do something. In the trailer, she clearly trips Noora on purpose, so I think she is definitely triggered by something (because otherwise why would she do it?). But I don’t think she knows what kind of drama this will start (the domino effect).

The next in line is Vilde. Noora falls into her, and tears her pearl necklace in the fall. A white pearl necklace is known to symbolize innocence, purity and beauty, and I don’t think that the use of a pearl necklace to be torn is a coincidence. 

Vilde has so far been portrait as a bit oblivious and very absorbed with her own image and appearance. Her thing with Magnus also seems very sweet and innocent. This will somehow crack, and Noora will be the one starting it. Vilde has already begun to appear really shady. She seemed head over heals with Magnus, but she was very quick to find other boys interesting (= Sana’s brother). She may play it off as finding love for Noora, but be careful Vilde!

Next up is Eva. She is not directly affected by Vilde, but more indirectly trips do to what happens to her when the necklace tears.

She spills her drink on Chris, and I think the drink-spilling may symbolize that this has to do with her drunkness. We know the girl can get wasted!! I have no idea what it will be about, but she may do something when she is wasted, which she may regret and will affect more than herself.

To be honest, I have no idea what the Chris thing is, but I may think Chris is not symbolizing herself. It is more likely that she symbolizes ‘the one filming’ (I did write a small post about this earlier)

We know the one filming is Mikael, and it would make sense that whatever hurts Even, is something from his past. I look forward to knowing what happened in Even’s past, but I’m also very anxious to see him hurting. He is my baby, and if someone hurts him on purpose, I will end them! But the trailer also shows us that Isak does not leave Even’s side for one second! He goes down with him and has his back. This really comforts me. Evak is power couple no. 1!!

Okay, so moving on from the trailer… We have yet to make it to the first full episode, but sooo much is already building up. It is clear, that Sana feels like she doesn’t fully fit in with her friends. They clearly don’t understand her religion/culture and it annoys her! You can’t blame them for not knowing everything, but I think the issue is that they don’t even try to understand. They just assume things instead of actually talk to Sana about it. I think she would gladly answer their questions and talk about her religion and the culture her family comes from. All this adds on top of them not respecting her wishes for them to not get involved with her brother and his friends. I think all of this will strengthen her relationship with Isak. The two of them became close last year, and he actually talked to her about her religion and views on the world. He asked questions and they both challenged each other and grew as human. I think Sana will feel like she could actually talk to him about things she cares about. The fact that the girls only talk about sex and boys clearly frustrates her. I think she would love to talk about her feelings on the subject, but that their lack of interest makes her keep her facade of not caring about it at all.

We don’t know how her relationship is with Even yet, but they could easily had become friends over the last couple of months (the time between the end of s3 and now). The fact that he knows the Quran and therefor maybe understand her more and doesn’t just assume things could be a big deal.

From the latest text update, the girls could end up partying with The Balloon Squad (against Sana’s wishes). This party could be the first step into drama town! Maybe The Balloon Squad ends up having a clash with The Boy Squad – Magnus being jealous of whatever Vilde is up to and Even being confronted with his past. He could even be taking totally off guard, if they randomly end up at the same party. Does Isak even now what happened at Bakka yet? It has to be something big, since it made him change school and take his last year in gymnasium all over again.

I’m excited and anxious about this season!! Oh boy, oh boy. If you made it this far (I know this is a really long post) Please give me your thoughts!

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I'm sure you've answered this before and if so I'm sorry but why don't you like bandaged Rei?

i’m really tired of rei being capitalized upon. first with the introduction of rei into the series in bandages which is used by gendo as a tool to guilt shinji into staying. that scene introduces us from the beginning to understanding rei as a device, specifically rei with bandages which is a marked sign for rei’s sacrifices for humanity (rei doesn’t ever need bandages, they’re always tools for manipulation exacted through rei’s body).

and also, all of the following is crucial to what i’ve said above: there is a lot to say with regards to rei and gender but rei is heavily coded and even an embodiment in a lot of ways of girlhood in the evaverse (in canon and fandom both) and i’m also tired of young girls’ suffering being made beautiful.

first clip of s1 e8, storytelling through the shots

i’ve thought about this since i first watched season 1, and i noticed how they more than once in different episodes, gave us this shot of Isak. We see Isak from behind when he’s walking behind Eva and Jonas. The first one is from episode 1 and the second one is from episode 4. Both times he’s in the same clothes, green jacket, light brown backback and green hoodie. Him walking behind them is making it obvious that he feels like a third wheel with Eva and Jonas. 

And then, we get this shot, in the first clip of episode 8

It starts like this, and it looks suspiciously much like Isak. I’m sure i’m not the only one who thought this was Isak the first time i saw it. Which is, intentional. They have now two times made us connect Isak to this kind of shot, so Isak is the first person we think about when we see this. This is also why they made Eva have her hood pulled up, to hide the hair. 

She walks towards the boys, and we see this,

We see that it’s Eva, and we see how she sees Jonas, Isak and Elias. At this point all that we know is that Jonas now somehow knows that Eva and Chris kissed, and that has strained his and eva’s relationship. We don’t know yet, and Eva doesn’t know yet, that it’s because of Isak that jonas knows this, but i think the shots are really telling.

Isak used to walk behind Eva and Jonas, now Eva has taken his place, and Isak has taken hers. Because of what Isak did, he now has the position in Jonas’s life that Eva used to have. 

We didn’t know that Isak was in love with Jonas and we didn’t know that he told everyone about Eva and Chris, but it’s all in the shots.

What if Sana's season has all the previous main's parallels

But going backwards? Hence the reversed trailer.

So it starts with Isak.
- Evak depicted the complications of sexuality and Isak’s struggles.
-Aside from yousana/Evak mirrors, the clip today reminded me a lot of when Isak came out to his mother. It was a big, heartfelt moment in which Isak admitted something he denied, similar to Sana.
-They both received maternal support.
-Sana mirrors this but in terms of her religious background.

Then noora?
-Because one of noora’s struggles was accepting that people thought differently and the whole misunderstanding w Willhell and his creepy bro.
-It’s still an ongoing plot as well, which would nicely connect to Sana’s misunderstandings.

Then ends with Eva.
-she began to find her identity at the end.
-Which is a good way to end Sana’s journey in realizing both her identities solidified in her faith and Norwegian teenage girl.

I think it would be brilliant if Julie did this because it’s the last season. Its a subverted highlight of each of the main’s stories - stories that were seen as extremely relatable - but through the lens of a Muslim girl struggling to “fit in” (which would make for a subtle, but stronger, support in how Julie makes the argument that Sana can be part of both cultures imo). It would cleanly come full circle.

And it’s also why Julie is introducing so many subplots with Sana in the middle. Sana has always been there for the girls and Isak, now it’s her turn.

Eva is a story that repeats

Eva is a story that repeats”. 

Another note about “repeating”. There’s something I noticed while watching 3.0, so I looked up the character design sheets.


Looping, or repeating nonstop, mean’s that there’s no “end”. On the back of their Unit 13 plug suits are the Greek letters for “Alpha”. “Alpha” is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and means the “first”, or the “beginning” of something. Very fitting for Kaworu, the 1st Angel, which is why he has the symbol for the uppercase alpha I’m assuming. However, surely you’ve heard of “Alpha” and “Omega”; they’re typically paired together since “Alpha” is the beginning, and “Omega” is the last letter of the Greek alphabet and represents the “last” or “end” of a set. But oh? What’s this? Shinji doesn’t have an omega, he has a lowercase alpha. There is no “end”. It’s infinite. This is probably more to add on to the infinity and perfect being concept by sass-master-stevens and his shinji eve theory (http://sass-master-stevens.tumblr.com/post/71185226328/expulsion-from-eden-in-3-0-and-is-shinji-eve)


Another thing I’m pissed and intrigued about. Yup. You guessed it, 4.0. I think we all know about this, but just bringing it up because it’s frustrating.

When I saw this my jaw dropped. Because, you know, is that a REPEAT SIGN I see there? The musical sign to signal where to stop and go back to you REPEAT the music. This can mean many things. MANY things. But more importantly, I think it mostly attributes to the repetition of Evangelion the Kaworu time loop theory. It’s ironic because it’s called Evangelion FINAL…but then again, this sign can also mean an “end”, it’s quite an interesting title. 


But then I realized something. There’s a reason I brought up 4.0, I noticed something. Evangelion 4.0 is going to be the “end” right? well, it’ll probably be released in 2015 since movies take a few years and 3.0 was released in 2012…and as we all know…2015 is the year of the Shinji.

Oh my god, is Evangelion going to end THE YEAR IT “STARTS”? because that’d be just priceless. It’d really complete the whole infinite loop “repeat” thing they’ve got going on; I mean, come on, there’s so much of it, after all, kaworu is the “1st” Angel and becomes the “13th”, or the “Last” Angel, and we come full circle. one big loop. ahah. hahahah.

“I didn’t think that I, the First Angel, would fall to become the Thirteenth Angel…I guess this means that the beginning and the end are one and the same. I expected no less from the king of lilin-your father…”

Brace Yourselves Guys, It's About Skam S4E08 clip 6

Alright I’m going to need to discuss this clip in parts, but first I’d like to address some of the fandom about their extreme reactions.

Part 1: Fandom reacting to things.

Everyone is of course entitled to their opinions and their feelings and how they perceive things because freedom of speech is a thing that I fully support. That said, there’s a point where people start to take it too far and by that I mean they start attacking others, and that’s so many different shades of uncool, I can’t even find the words to articulate it. Your freedom of speech ends when it starts trespassing on others’. I get it, the season isn’t to your liking and not going the way you want, but to the majority of the watchers it’s going as one would expect from a last season that’s trying to tie everything up. Attacking Julie Andem and wishing her ill or threatening her (no matter how “harmless” it may seem) is a world of no. I can’t even begin to go there. Criticize her work all you want but don’t get personal because that’s such BS. Also try not ruining it for others because some, if not most of us, are actually enjoying this season. Discuss your dislikes, feel your feelings, but don’t try to ruin it for others. Of course this could be a small faction of the fandom that’s very vocal but what do I know.

The point is, let people enjoy things, especially since this is the last season. Can we end it on a good note please? Can we not ruin every single good show we have with incessant attacks on cast members or producers?

Part 2: The girl squad

Obviously they’ve had a talk offscreen and worked some things out, maybe not everything, we may still get more clips of Sana talking with each girl like we saw her clearing the air with Noora in this clip, but I honestly believe that all is resolved and they’ve worked things out by now. Everyone was so pissed at the girl squad before Thursdays clip and then everyone was excited after the girls showed up for Sana. Obviously Julie wants these reactions, she wants us involved and to feel how Sana does. But remember real life is complicated and miscommunication happens a lot in real life too and I’m speaking from experience. I felt this season dealt with friendship very realistically. Wether it was the backstabbing PMS or quick forgiveness from the girl squad, or talks with best buds, those things happen, usually over McDonald’s :p. Isn’t it more fun to watch them getting along no matter what the situation. I felt it was very realistic and maybe a bit idealistic, but it’s a TV show that shows us how it can be if we want it to be, if we don’t hold grudges and forgive easily, real life can be like that too and it would be amazing.

Part 3: Ballon squad and Boy squad

Come on guys have you met Elias? Of course he’s going to fix things and be friendly, like come on he’s Sana’s brother and she looks up to him for a reason. He’s a great character and I wish he had his own season because I would so love a season of Elias, he’s so pure hearted I felt like he was a very unique TV character we never get to see, but exists in real life a lot. The way he’s protective of Sana but still wanting her to be independent, the way he trusts her and doesn’t try to limit her in any way especially since he’s the older brother. Their relationship was amazing to watch and if there’s one thing this season nailed is familial relationships because it was a breath of fresh air. Especially since they’re Muslim. They showed the reality of a lot of Muslim households. So of course things were going to be resolved between the boy squads, especially since all of them are actually great guys who had a misunderstanding because Isac punched Mikael because he was jealous over Even. Misunderstandings happen people and they also get resolved swiftly if explained. How awesome were the dancing parts? And the cake part? And the gift part? Those are my fave scenes because everyone is happy and having fun.

Part 4: The uproar over Noora and William

What exactly where you guys expecting? This has been 2 seasons in the making, Noora had scenes in season 3 yet no one complained this vocally. Noora and William are what first made this show so popular in Norway and then it spread to the rest of the world after Evak, but we wouldn’t have found out about Skam at all if season 2 wasn’t so popular to begin with. To everyone complaining, did we actually watch the same series? Season 2 was all about their love, they can’t just completely make William disappear because he is part of the show and a very important part. Let’s also not forget that we only got Nooras account on what happened and she doesn’t always see things the way they happen. She lied a lot in season 2 so I’m going to give William the benefit of the doubt until I hear his side. I do want a resolution to their love story because I actually loved season 2 and I love Noora and I want to know what’s going on with her and what’s going on with Eva and girl Chris and of course Sana, but since we can see everything from Sanas point of view I still want to know about the rest of the girl squad. Just because Sana is the main doesn’t mean we can’t get any information about anyone else. Plus let’s be realistic Sana can’t have sex scenes or kiss scenes and this show is also about romantic drama, and previous seasons featured a lot of sex or make out scenes, so we had to get it in another way. Plus I felt this season was very true to Sana as a person because we finally saw how she sees things and how she thinks and feels. She was always mysterious in previous seasons only dropping knowledge to help the mains in tight spots. I felt like so far this has been a great season for Sana especially considering its the last season. Julie gave you a badass Muslim WoC who also has feelings and emotions and who isnt perfect, which is amazing in my opinion. And I feel this season has been great if a little slow at times because I will always want more of Sana. I will also always want more of Noora and Eva and girl Chris and Isak and Even and Elias and everyone basically. My point is that we don’t know how William is now, how his character is. Yes he started as a fuckboy but he changed and I think Noora is still a little bit prejudiced and he’s still a little bit prideful. But we just saw how he literally got on a plane and came to see Noora when he thought she reached out. I always thought their relationship was a bit like pride and prejudice and maybe that’s why people loved their love story.

And btw I don’t think Noora got as much screen time as people think she did, let’s not forget that Sana feels closest to Noora out of all the other girls in the beginning, other than girl Chris of course, I felt Noora was important to the story because she was part of the miscommunication with Yousef. We got an unconventional love triangle that wasn’t really a love triangle. Also Noora got a lot of screen time in season 1 and I don’t see people complaining and her sole purpose in season 1 was to be the new friend. She got way more screen time than she did in season 4.

I’m all for finding out what’s going on and that’s why I usually reserve judgment on clips because I know in the next clip everything might turn upside down and some things might become clear. But I felt that this post needed to be out there because of all the hateful posts I’ve come across. Just a little bit of critical thinking and some positivity for whoever wants to read it.

I love you all because tumblr introduced me to Skam and I love this show so much and I love reading fans analysis, it’s what makes this more enjoyable for me. I love sharing my love of TV shows and movies with you guys because you understand what it’s like and you’re all awesome people.

adamworu replied to your post:we should be talking more about the spear of…

what exactly about it? yes it’s very interesting

I was thinking about before Q came out, everyone thought that the unnamed spear was a re-edition of the longinus spear or the new spear was in fact Lilith’s broken spear that somehow SEELE managed to found and repair but the theory of being a new type of spear with different powers became strong and then it was finally confirmed that the spear was in fact a new one and the name of it was Spear of Cassius. but lately I’ve been thinking about the names of the spears because there are two important persons in history who are related to the spears shown in rebuild. Gaius Cassius Longinus and Saint Longinus.
Saint Longinus who is referred to be a legendary and mystical figure of Christian history as the name given in medieval and some modern Christian traditions to the Roman soldier who pierced Jesus in his side with a lance, the “Holy Lance” (lancea, as related in the Latin Vulgate Bible- AKA Spear of Longinus) while he was on the Cross. and there’s Gaius Cassius Longinus who was a Roman senator, a leading instigator of the plot to kill Julius Caesar, what I want to say with that is that in historical culture Longinius is considerate a saint and Gaius Cassius-Longinus is considered a traitor. So… what does it mean that in order to fix the world, according to Kaworu’s plan you need two spears which represents two opposite values? I believe that Kaworu/Mark 06 had the spear of cassius to represent that Kaworu is a traitor to his angel nature and seele, because he obviously wants Shinji to live in happiness and give hope to the lilin but to the lilin Shinji is a traitor because he started third impact.
But I fucking lose my shit everytime I see the central dogma scene, you know, Lilith’s corpse it’s very damaged on the sides, Mark 06 pierced itself with a longinus spear, stopping the impact but where the fuck the spear of cassius go? I mean it’s pretty obvious that Kaworu and the viewer found out that Gendo managed to trick Mark 06 with the spears, like you know, I think that once Kaworu with Mark 06 pierced Eva 01 an amount of time happened, not that much but enough to make Gendo create a replica of a cassius spear with the nature of a longinus one and then Mark 06 somehow gets the spears and make its way to the central dogma and here’s when you have many possibilities to think but here’s I believe what really happened: mark 06 is not piloted by a dummy plug system and it’s really piloted by the kaworu we saw at the end of 2.0, so finally having the two spears is able to make Shinji happy but when he finds out that the spear of cassius is in fact a longinus one, he kills lilith and himself (not literally killed, but left on pause everything that was going on in central dogma) in order to stop the impact and that leads to QKaworu, who seems to be more human than an angel and the soul who is transferred to QKaworu maybe is not the Adam one but it’s a Kaworu Nagisa soul and that’s why his devotion for Shinji it’s always there, and that’s why he doesn’t really remember what happened with Mark 06 and once shinji pulls out the spears,Kaworu becomes the 13th angel because his adam Soul has returned to his body.
I mean Kaworu is phisically and emotionally hurt when this is happening

Then, Eva 13 is screaming

Something begins to take form

Is that an embryo?

Is that an eye- wait is that an Adam’s embryo? but this is the only angel embryo that we’ve seen this far that resembles the most of a human embryo, so it could be Kaworu’s fetus+Adam’s soul embryo.

 and then eva 13 ates it and after this scene Mari says that Eva 13 is one of the Adams.

impact has begun.

this is the final scene that we see Kaworu being emotionally devastated just a seconds  before his angel form is manifested on his neck.

and after that you no longer see Kaworu being scared, in fact we see a Kaworu with we are very familiarized, being peacefully, not afraid of death and talking in a very philosophical way, now he’s back being Adam/Kaworu, and in his final speech we can see the mixture of his two souls, the one part being almost cold (compared to his former reactions) to a crying Shinji while he’s explaining what is happening

and the other one apologizing for not being able to bring Shinji his happiness and his finals words stating that they will meet again.

nd well, then his physical body dies and maybe his Adam soul too, because when shinji is being ejected from eva 13, he sees this (I chose the pre-production version because it shows in detail the facial expression and the emotions):
Kaworu being sad because Shinji is suffering, but in the other hand…Kaworu Nagisa’s soul is still alive.

so…maybe the whole cassius-and-longinus-spears trick wasn’t that bad after all, we probably will never know what would have happened if Shinji and Kaworu had collected the two opposite spears, but after this, there’s a small possibility that kaworu can live in the mess of a world that is going to be 3.0+1.0 as being Kaworu Nagisa, and not the vessel of Adam’s soul, and so, Kaworu is allowed to live in a world where Rei and Asuka lives too and that makes Shinji finally happy.

PS: I belive the purpose of Eva 13 is to make a point that what happens if someone lives with two different souls and the key to live in peace with two souls is having good synchrony and being able to manage your feelings otherwise one soul will take power of the other, for example Kaworu in rebuild it’s very explicit that his Kaworu Nagisa soul is more powerful than the Adam one and he’s very anxious to make Shinji happy but his Adam’s soul exist too, so he seems to be in an inner war. Consequence of this is that Kaworu speared eva 01 as soon as he can, then managed to recover the now fake Cassius spear and rushed his way to the dogma. And I think that in central dogma Kaworu had this big inner was between his souls and some fucked up stuff happened, but finally made up his mind and decides to go for the spears and order to make Shinji happy only to realize that the Cassius Spear was a Longinus one and finally his Adam soul gets suck in Mark 06. And that’s pretty much what happens with Kaworu and Shinji inside Eva 13, they had this perfect synchrony and their souls seem to be equally balanced but when Kaworu notices that something is off with the spears is when Shinji loses his shit and their synchrony fails and Shinji’s soul becomes more powerful than Kaworu’s.

"Repeating" and Kaworu Time Loop

Okay, here’s my own compilation of Kaworu Time Loop evidence.Yes, yes, a lot of us already know the time loop theory, but here’s the case for those that don’t know. I think it’s pretty solid.

First of all, let’s get the obvious out of the way.

Okay, so this is pretty much the backbone of the theory that everybody knows, recognizes, and acknowledges. He says “this time”, and that speaks for itself.


There’s also that scene from 2.0

Kaworu emerges from one of these coffins on the moon. What’s more interesting is that there’s several of them and that some of the previous coffins have already been opened.  


The Rebuilds already tend to parallel to the original, but there’s also this

I really was born to meet you”, he says that as if he’s reflecting on that, confirming that, as if he had said that once before, oh wait:

I might have been born to meet you”

Yeah, I thought so.


Furthermore, we also have Kaworu towards the beginning of the movie after Asuka’s fight.

Once more, technically he’s never actually met Shinji-kun, but he’s so eager. 


The piano scene. Shinji asks how to get better at playing piano.

Well obviously, as Kaworu said, it’s practice, but he elaborates:

I felt that this was very important. This scene itself was very important and iconic in the movie, and of all things Kaworu can say, he elaborates so profoundly (as he does with everything). I don’t think he’s simply talking only about playing piano. Pretty much every single utterance from his mouth throughout the whole movie reveals more and more about his character since he’s so ethereal and mysterious. This speaks leaps and bounds.


We also have some even more solid evidence. There’s a translation of an interview with Akira Ishida (who is Kaworu’s voice actor) which you can read (http://17th-angel.tumblr.com/post/36791631446/akira-ishidas-interview-on-kaworu-from-evangelion-3-0), but Anno told Ishida things about the plot of eva so that he could effectively voice Kaworu’s scenes. Ishida remarked about how he had to keep things secret and such, but he says some pretty interesting things too:

he says “cycles”. Kaworu Time Loop anyone?

Hope this helps people who are out of the know, and this also helps us re-establish some information.

Stabbing the spears

It’s 2am my time and I’m sure most people are asleep, but hey it’s Evangelion meta time!

In this, I’m going to be going into detail talking about a couple points relating to Unit 13 stabbing herself during the climax of 3.0 and Kaworu’s involvement with doing do. 

All of this is theory, so please feel free to respond in kind.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any links explaining shinji a fear of misato and asuka like "not the fantasy women he had considered them"




here are some genereal ones about the characters relationships with shinji. honestly that is strangely specific so it makes me think that possibly you have read one somewhere before and you are trying to find it again. if another perrson has seen/has this analysis go ahead and send in a link so we can reblog the post. 

-admin unit01