Cassandra: Ok, from now on we’ll be using codenames. You may address me as “Eagle One”. Jake, codename “Been There, Done That”; Ezekiel is “Currently Doing That”; Eve is “It Happened Once Upon A Dream”; Flynn, codename “If I Had To Pick A Boss”. Jenkins is…”Eagle Two”

Jenkins: Oh, thank god


(Second photo is my favorite filter out of the ones in the previous post)

Edited the art and made it more awesome! It helped to have slept and not been a babbling nerd.
Props to alexa-eve for the amazing Siren!Bill design. Thanks so much for letting me draw this smol fish bby

credit to sammycarpenter for posting this!



  • seven days of fanfiction, fanart, gifs, headcanons, and whatever-the-heck-you-want-to-post-for-this-baby-angel
  • seven days of farkle nation posts by us and reasons why farkle should rule the world
  • starts: 6/30/15 - 7/7/15
  • founded by look-lucaya-trash and mrfriar

what we need YOU to do:

  • for seven days, post anything you want about farkle. it could be all the things i’ve listed above, or random text posts, memes, what eve r yo u wan t
  • ship everything. just write everything about your favorite ship with farkle. it could be– er, riarkle? markle? larkle? smarkle? anything. anything at all.
  • any artists out there? draw something!!
  • show appreciation for this child. every bit of it you have. share it with this precious, precious, precious child.


apologies: carter, aka mrfriar​, forgot to post this on 6/27!! the day he and nat was going to start this thing up!! so he!! is!! really!! sorry!! he literally cannot remember things for his life. just, he’s really sorry. especially to nat.


Mm yes sometimes I just really need a big fat chunk of lard to fuel my primal hunger and make sure I can survive the night and thrive into the next day. The best step to do first is to take the large chunk hunk of lard and rub it all over so that you will be able to get that silky smooth skin. Next you must consume the lard and geT creative to fully fuel that ultimate hunger raging inside of yourself. Yes. Perfect. Good.

cortenebrarum asked:

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   his body seems to harbor flames. a stomach riddled with scorch marks, a throat charred & coated in ash ; hardly anything seems to douse his screaming fever. but even in his weakened state, he manages to let a glimmering smile traipse across his face as a cool hand descends to grace his cheek. a short breath of relief escapes him as he ignores riku’s worried words with a sleepy murmur:

                       ❛  ah, your hand feels really nice. 

  it earns him a stifled chuckle. the master never shies from sora’s invincible nature. nothing fazes him — sora’s body could be battered & worn by countless battles, but the youth would stand tall, crimson spilling from his wounds.

      ❛  go back to sleep, sora. your fever’s still pretty high & you need plenty of rest. 

  a day is enough, & two is much too generous to spare out of battle. he’s been lonely, sleeping all day in hopes of getting better. it’s hard to coax his visitors to stay awhile, with kairi focused on her training & stubbornly tending to her short distance with lea tagging along at an even further distance.

   but riku tended to come close ( like now ). & perhaps it’s deluded temptation from his sickness, but he wants to thank his frequent caretaker. ocean eyes gently flutter open, a ghost mirage of riku appearing to him until the boy finally catches him in a glimpse of light. he reaches upwards, lithe fingers pawing at his vest, yearning to close the space between them. 

    a deep rose dyes his cheeks as their proximity is swiftly met, with sora’s arms wrapped around riku’s neck, drawing him closer. his heart melts as their lips meet, the action first stunted by bumping noses. it’s blissful being so close, it’s blissful to be so enticed by him ! a worn palm reaches to cup riku’s face, to bring sora closer to his heaven, but his hand is immediately caught, & his eyes flutter to wake themselves from their daydream. ( it surprises sora to see such a wonderful red on riku’s face. )

     ❛   s - sora..  you’re going to get me sick  ❜

dahlia-violet asked:

✘ Any unpopular opinions about your muse?

the mun’s interpretation

Any unpopular opinions about your muse? 

     soma and agni as a romantic ship ain’t even all that great?? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ like 90% of the comments i see regarding soma or agni respectively is how “perf!! X3″ they are for the other and like. yeah ok but why only ever focus on this when they’re such cool beans individually?? agni is talented af and also the sweetest st.bernard pup on planet earth??? actual angel?? soma is academically gifted and has the best character development in the entire series && a very noble soul once you look past the brattiness?? what a rad egg, right??? they don’t have to come as a set to be gr8. severus pls.