anonymous asked:

Name two demons, two humans, and two angels you actually tolerate. Double dog dare you.


“Take that dare and fuckin’ choke on it. I tolerate plenty of demons and do more than just tolerate ‘em, I actually like ‘em. Rowan and Salome are top of the leaderboard, if you must know. The two lucky humans would have to be Adelaide and Josephine, as they’re just too much fun. Angels? You think I tolerate any of the bloody angels? Oh, well, I adore Phoebe. Such a spitfire. Tolerate Eve too, if that’s the word you want.”


@azxkaban and @neptcnes tagged me in the summer selfie thing and here i am,,, in the summer,,, being a meme,,

i tag @ev-hime @maeiaroberts @shhadowhunter @cityofchestpains and every person i follow and who r comfortable with posting ur qt faces

seamusharper  asked:

eve for the pokemon thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You would think Eve would have something beautiful and dainty but no, Eve would have a legion of Stantlers because:  

  • They both use their antlers to alter reality
  • Stantlers are assholes
  • Eve is also an asshole

Other possibilities would be Purugly, Liepard, or Meowstic… he likes cats. 

Eve ( @ravencourtmemories) tagged me: list ten things you love, and tag ten people

1) driving around with Chris late at night
2) the way the ocean makes me feel, but especially the way the Pacific makes me feel
3) Jordan’s nose
4) Kev’s tummy
5) cuddles (and general affectionate contact)
6) genuinely good people, especially when we have different beliefs or values but that doesn’t make them bigoted or cruel
7) when it feels like your bed is cradling you
8) the peak of a new obsession
9) doing nothing but marathonning a tv show all day
10) being passionate about a paper idea and buzzing to write it

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