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“To Feel More Intelligent”

In which Eve attempts to help make his brother “smarter”

… What do you mean this isn’t how it happened?


DIY Two-Piece Lace Dress Part 1: The Top by ItsJMomo

Link: https://youtu.be/i4yDSaBneOA


Gaming Nostalgia: Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine - Covers

This concludes the gaming nostalgia series for January 2015. I hope you have enjoyed this nostalgia trip back to some of the best days in gaming. I will bring this series back soon.

If you’d like to view more of my Gaming Nostalgia series head here

<3 TheOmegaNerd


“Somebody told me that ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ came out 30 years ago today, and I had to throw it into the set. #whitneyhouston inspired me tremendously when I was a young girl, and her tragedy is something that deeply affected me. I loved her. I think about the lyrics to this song and how alone she might have actually felt deep down, and it breaks my heart. We felt so much love in this room in Buenos Aires tonight, my favorite show on the tour so far. It is truly amazing what music can do. We are one. ❤️ (sorry for the washy stage audio. I promise I’ll record it someday) -love, Amy
(Ps thank you @jen_majura AND @ttmccord for recording it, the fact that you both were makes me tear up a little!)😘😘😘”


the one and true eurovision song…well close enough