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Comuta-Car and Comuta-Van. 1979. A range of electric vehicles which had begun life in 1974 as the CitiCar, made by the Vanguard-Sebring company in Florida. After the original company was dissolved the assets were sold to Frank Flower a New Jersey  businessman. He re-engineered vehicles and obtained a government contract to build 500 electric postal vans for the USPS. The contract was canceled due to problems with the vans and some of the unused postal Comuta-Vans were sold to the public. The company was wound up after Flower’s death

Cybertronians are more different than we think

To understand where I’m going, you needs to know I’m currently buying an electric car. 100% electric, not an hybrid. And you would be surprised by the amount of “what??” I used while learning about EV (electric vehicle).

And to bring hear differences to Cybertronians wasn’t hard, because they certainly don’t use fossil fuel!

Are you aware EV don’t have a radiator? They don’t overheat! They produce so little heat, in fact, a heat pump or a resistor (like a toaster) is required to heat the passengers!

Which to bring to the second difference: no grill! No need of a radiator means no need for air to reach the inside of the hood.

The third one, they’re soooooo silent. All you hear is the small rocks being moved around by the tires. It’s a bit scary when they drive right by you and you don’t realize a car is coming before its right next to you. So silent, in fact, the car comes with a chime gently telling you the motor is on. Because there’s no starting noise, no “vroooom”, nothing. Noise-wise, there’s no difference between off and on.

I wouldn’t be surprised they don’t have breaks. No, that’s not a typo. It’s quite technical, but some EV have such efficient system, people had breaks problem… Because they never use them.

Oh, and if you’re a fan of the stick shift, well, sorry… There’s no transmission in an EV. From 0 km/h to cruising on the highway, no need to change a gear. EV comes only with D R N P.

As for the torque and the power, I tried the Hyundai Ionic. Oh my! There’s power in that one, something I wasn’t expecting at all! I’ve always think they were sluggish. They’re definitively not!

Knowing Cybertronians uses a fuel thousand times more efficient than gasoline, it it’s not hard to imagine they share a lot of those differences I just mentioned. In my mind, it makes them more aliens. Can you imagine Optimus moving around almost perfectly silent?








Arrival Royal Mail Van, 2017. Royal Mail has revealed a new all-electric autonomous-capable van that will go into service this week. Sourced from UK-based light commercial automaker, Arrival, the vans have a range of 100 miles. An initial fleet of 9 electric vans in three different sizes – 3.5-tonne (pictured), 6.0-tonne and 7.0-tonne – will be supplied to Royal Mail as part of a trial with the rollout limited to London and surrounding areas

The Fayton, inspired by the natural (horse) and human (carriage) components of the phaeton horse-drawn buggy of the 19th century, is a project aimed at providing comfortable transportation with a minimal carbon footprint. The EV’s most noticeable features are its transparent body and large glass canopy that provides a 360 degree view outside. The sunroof is made of four glass pieces that, when open, fold back and resemble a horses mane.

Designer: Utkan Kiziltug