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Professor Irwin

Pairing: Ashton Irwin & (y/n)
Rating: Smut ;)
Words: 2,000+ 
Request: No
Summary: (Y/n) is a straight A student who receives her first C from Professor Irwin, and they manage to work out a way to fix her grade. I really like this one so I hope you guys enjoy it! Merry Christmas Eve!

I was only four weeks into my senior year of college and I was already feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work I had to accomplish. Being a history major meant having paper after paper to write with tons of research in between. Not only that but with my plans to go to law school immediately following graduation I had to maintain my 4.0 GPA, which meant making sure every paper was beyond perfection.

My success in college definitely came with its consequences, I missed out on a lot of the social aspect of college, but I tried not to let it bother me, being a defense attorney was my dream, and that was one goal I wasn’t going to let out of my sight. Having a boyfriend would only take my attention away from chasing my dream.

But, still I often found myself envious of the girls in my classes who spent their nights going on bar crawls and discussing all of the hot guys they met. Even my mum told me I needed to get out more, which was embarrassing.

Luckily my best friend Allie was always down to go out, and I accompanied her a few times but I just felt out of place, and I couldn’t relax like everyone else did since I knew I had books to be reading and papers that had to be edited as soon as I returned back to my apartment.

My apartment was another source of my problems, I lived alone because I didn’t need any social distractions, my mum was always on me about that as well.

I arrived ten minutes early to my World War One class as I did for all of my classes. I sat at a desk in the second row that was not directly in the center, I wanted to avoid being the center attention if at all possible, and got my laptop out.

The other students filed in chatting loudly with one another being that professor Irwin was late as always.

Allie came strolling in a minute after class was intended to start holding a Starbucks Frappuccino and sat in the seat next to mine making her seat the center of the classroom.

“Hey (y/n)! We get our papers back today right?”

“Yeah, that’s what he said. But who knows, he’s not even here.”

“I really hope he’s an easy grader, I’m sure he will be he seems very laid back. My paper was total bullshit.”

I let out a small laugh at Allie’s nonchalantness, but really I couldn’t fathom how she could just put little to no effort, and no pride at all into her work.

“Good morning everyone!” Professor Irwin came in chipper as always with a stack of papers in his hand, which immediately caught everyone’s attention.

“Holy shit he looks fine today.” Allie remarked beside me sending me a wink. I had to agree, Professor Irwin was definitely more attractive than any other professor I’ve had in the past, hell he was even more attractive than half of the students.

“I have your papers, would you prefer them now or at the end of class?”

“Now!” Allie cheered loudly along with a couple of the other students.

“Very well then.” He walked up and down the rows calling out names and I tapped my pen anxiously waiting for my name to be called. By my senior year I’ve had pretty much every history professor on campus, but this was his first year teaching, and that made me nervous.

“(Y/n) (Y/l/n).” I raised my hand before he dropped the paper on my desk. I took it by both hands and looked at the number in red pen and my mouth dropped. I had to close my eyes to make sure I was reading it correctly. A 76%. Never in my life have I gotten a C.

I looked over at Allie who was obviously not pleased with her grade either.
“What did you get?” she asked with irritation flooding her voice.

“A 76 percent.”

“That’s better than mine, I got a 50 percent, can you believe that? This idiot failed me.”

“I’ve never gotten a C before.” I said quietly more to myself than to her.

“Who cares? At least that’s passing!”

Professor Irwin started class lecturing us on Woodrow Wilson’s fourteen points, which was what I had wrote my essay on and I could feel my blood boil. Everything he was saying was what I had put into my essay, so how could I have earned only a C?

Class dragged by and at the end Allie and I both made a beeline towards his office down the hall. Allie demanded she go in first before she forgot everything she wanted to say, so I took a seat and impatiently waited.

“I know you are new here Professor Irwin, but this isn’t how this department runs. First year teachers need to prove themselves, that means they have to pass their students.” I heard Allie sass Professor Irwin through the door and my palms began to sweat. After that he shut the door and I wasn’t able to hear anymore.

Shortly after Allie came out fuming and looked down at me before saying “Good luck. He’s a real douchebag.”

“Excuse me?” I said softly before stepping into his office.
“(Y/n), come in. I wasn’t expecting to see you here.”
His office was in impeccable condition, everything was organized and it even looked like his books were color-coded. I glanced around the room to see he had a few personal items scattered around. One photo caught my eye; it was a picture of him with some blonde girl that I could only hope to be his sister. They seemed to be at a bar in the photo drinking out of beer mugs. He caught my eyes looking over the photo and he let out a small laugh.

“That’s my sister and I a couple months ago. What can I help you with?”

For whatever reason that instantly calmed my nervous.
I cleared my throat to ease the sexual frustration I was beginning to feel. I may have been a dedicated student who missed out on social situations, but I was not a virgin by any means.

“Uh yeah. I’m a little confused as to why I did so poorly on my paper.”

“Take a seat, let me have a look.” He gestured for me to sit in the chair across from his desk and I nodded while smoothing my plaid skirt before taking a seat. He however did not sit but stood at the edge of his desk to support himself while he crossed his ankles. With his arms folded across his chest he looked down at me, and I hated to admit that I was a little intimidated.

“Everything you said in class I have in my paper.” I said as I handed him my harshly graded assignment.

“You have a couple of grammatical errors I see right off the bat.” He said bluntly before flipping through the pages.

“Professor Irwin, I’ve already applied to law school, I can’t get these kinds of grades.”

“A C is passing, you realize that right?”

“No. It’s not. Not for me anyway.”

“I’ll tell you what, since I like you…”

“You what…” I stuttered. I felt a blush creep up onto my cheeks and my heart started to flutter. Was I imaging this?

“I said… I um… I like you.” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously and I let out a nervous chuckle.

“What’s that suppose to mean?”

“You come into class everyday in your preppy little outfits, you always look so perfect, so confident, you’re really beautiful (Y/n). I’m not that much older than you, so yeah I find you attractive just like every other male around our age.” As much as I tried to disguise it I could feel the heat creep up onto my cheeks blushing right into his compliment.

“I like you too Professor Irwin.” I whispered but it was the go ahead he needed to loosen up his stance.
“Please, call me Ashton.”

“Well, Ashton. Is there anyway I can get a better grade on my assignment?” I flirted back, yes, I really did need a better grade, but now I was falling into a state of lust where my judgment was clouded with nothing more than wanting to see him out of his clothes.

“You tell me.”

With that I got up from my seat and ran my fingers along his jawline, I leaned in to lightly suck on the sensitive crook in his neck before pulling away and taking my place back in my seat.

“We could…” I shrugged and Ashton quickly caught on, and I saw the bulge in his pants emerge.

Ashton kneeled down in front of my chair and looked up at me with a smirk, slowly he ran his fingers up from my knee to over my skirt. Trailing his fingers along the hem of my skirt he brought his hand down underneath my skirt to trace over the outline of my lace panties, earning a low moan from me.

“Mmm, baby how long have you wanted me to do this?” he sweetly asked before his fingers brushed my panties to the side before taking his thumb and rubbing slow circles into my clit. My reflexes kicked in and my hands went to his hair lightly tugging at his golden curly locks.
“Would you be mad if I said this is what I think about in class?” I asked while innocently batting my eyelashes.

“Naughty girl. You will definitely be punished for that.” With that he slipped a finger into my slit causing my hips to thrust in his direction. Maybe it was because I knew this was so wrong and it was my inner rebel screaming for more, but his touch sent my heart fluttering in my chest, my skin was a few degrees warmer than normal, and I felt my mouth going dry at the sight of him in front of me.
“Mmm, so wet for me already and I have only just begun.”

“Ash-“ I panted as he entered another finger into my center curling them up professionally and hitting my sensitive spot with each stroke. He quickly withdrew his fingers from me and brought his hand up to my lips, I gave him a confused look, which made him smirk. “Taste yourself baby girl.”

Doing as he said I opened my mouth and allowed him to put his two fingers into my mouth and lightly sucked each of them clean. “Mmm, you’re so hot. I can’t wait any longer.”

“I want you inside of me.” I moaned out not even realizing what I was doing. I was entering a lust filled state that was completely clouding my judgment.

“Whatever you want baby girl.” He lifted me off the chair I was sitting on and gently placed me on his desk. I automatically reached down to unzip his dress pants and pulled them down to his ankles.

“Patience love.” He said with a small chuckle. But how could I be patient when someone as gorgeous as him was standing in front of me ready to fuck me until I could no longer walk?

He grabbed my panties and tugged them down so they slid off my ankles and he reached down to pick them up and put them on his desk. I gave him a questioning look, was he really going to keep my underwear? He answered me with a shrug, “I like these.”

His fully erect member was standing at full attention and begging to be addressed. He grabbed in his hand before moving it slowly up and down my wet entrance.
“Ready?” he asked and when I nodded he trusted himself into me leaving my breath to hitch in my throat at the unexpected force.

His harsh kisses were on the sensitive crook of my neck and my head was lolling from side to side as he nipped the skin and licked the purple marks when he was finished. All the while he kept pushing himself into me with an even and steady pace.

He brought his hand up to carefully caress my breast and spent time pinching my nipple, the sensation of everything he was doing had be unraveling. From the moans escaping my lips he must have known that I wouldn’t last long.
“Baby girl, as much as your moans are turning me on, you have to keep it down.”

“Ashton, I-“ but before I could get out what I wanted to say he brought his hand down to begin rubbing my clit in circles. “Fuck Ashton!” I cried as I let my face fall into the crook of his neck, I bit on his shoulder in the hopes of muffling my cries but instead I was just a moaning mess sending vibrations into his skin.
“Tell me what you want.”
“I want-“ another moan escaped from my lips before I could finish. Ashton sent a smack to my ass as I failed to tell him what I wanted and I was surprised by how much the sensation turned me on.

“You like being naughty huh? I said, tell me what you want.”

“I want you to make me cum.” I said before tugging on his now sweaty curls.

Another smack was sent to my ass and I clutched his biceps digging my nails into his skin. I was unraveling on his desk and my toes were beginning to curl as his thrusts became sloppier inside of me.
“Who made you feel this good?” he looked up with dark lust filled eyes and it took all I had to keep from screaming.

“You did- oh god.” My head flew back as my orgasm rocked my body.
“Holy shit you’re so fucking sexy.” He moaned as I felt him fill my insides. My things continued to shake as my orgasm ran its course.
“That was incredible.” Ashton said with a smile as he pulled out of me. He left a quick kiss to my lips before retrieving his clothes off of the floor and began to dress himself.
Slowly I got off of his desk but my legs felt like Jell-O and I had to clutch onto the side of the desk for support.

“Was I too rough?” Ashton asked with a voice full of concern.
“No, you were great. I’m just recovering.” I smiled up at him sweetly. He kissed my temple before pulling me into a hug. “I’ve wanted to do that for quite some time now. It was even more than I expected it would be.”

“I couldn’t agree more, however, the issue with my paper still stands.”
With a brief chuckle Ashton pulled away from me and rubbed his scruffy chin before deciding on how he would resolve the issue at hand.

“I’ll tell you what (Y/n), fix your errors on your paper and bring it back next week and I’ll re-evaluate it.”

“Wait, we just had sex and now you’re going to make me re-write my paper for a better grade?”

“This offer is for your benefit, as was the sex.” He said crossing his arms and leaning back against his desk with a smug grin shown across his face.

“Don’t be so arrogant Professor Irwin.” I said with a quick wink before I left his office.

The Signs Celebrating New Year’s Eve

Aries: Drinks four glasses of champagne; breaks Gemini’s noisemaker in half and gives it back

Taurus: Has seconds and thirds from almost every tray of hors d’oeuvres

Gemini: Obnoxiously blowing the noisemaker in everyone’s ears; gets into a fight with Aries after they break it because wtf am I supposed to do now??

Cancer: Sees Libra’s hat and wants to copy them, so they go out to buy one, then cry when they get back because the party’s already over

Leo: The host of the party; tells everyone to look at the TV when they see Aquarius and Sagittarius waving

Virgo: Gives Pisces apple cider because they should never come into contact with alcohol…ever

Libra: Is wearing a flickering New Year’s Eve hat; attracts a significant amount of attention, especially from Pisces

Scorpio: Secretly takes pictures of Pisces and Libra and stores them in a safe place

Sagittarius: Got bored of the party; took Aquarius and went to celebrate in Times Square instead

Capricorn: Temporarily wonders where Sagittarius and Aquarius went; ends up having to break up the fight between Aries and Gemini

Aquarius: Is in Times Square with Sagittarius, jumping up and down wildly while waving to the signs through the camera

Pisces: Somehow manages to get drunk off of apple cider; kisses Libra once the countdown finishes


Christmas Eve, I was asked four times if I had a boyfriend and each time I said no.
Jokingly, they ask “what do you like girls?”
And I laughed nervously alongside them.

Here’s to the kids that can’t/don’t know how to come out to their families, the ones that are mis-gendered, called their birth names, or make their family believe they’re straight; I love you and I hope your Christmas went somewhat well.