ev elyn

ALRIGHT so i finally finished going through all the applications and have made a master list of the CURRENT members for all who applied thus far, now this list is veeeery long so it will be under a read more, now you do not have to follow everyone back, but please do take the time to follow SOME new people from your fellow network (maybe those with similar interests or a url that catches your eye) 

**applications will close on 6/19/15, and this list will be updated then!**

so welcome my friends! it is finally time to get this wonderful network underway! you may now post to the network tag #thepandom, and your content will be reblogged to the network blog 

here are some things you may do now that the network has officially started

  • make an introduction post and post it to the #tag (you could include stuff about yourself, what music you like, your social links, anything you want)
  • support other members content (browse the tag and spread some love with some likes/reblogs
  • follow fellow members
  • interact with your squad (you could host a tinychat, play so cards against humanity, whatever you want, just post it to the tag and ask your fellow members to join you) also here are some links to what may be fun for you to try out: tinychat (video chat, watch videos, and regular type chat) cards against humanity online, rabbit (watch netflix & youtube with others + there’s video chat and regular chat) chatstep (create a chatroom with no signup for up to 50 people)
  • post to the network tag (selfies, text posts, art, whatever really)



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