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How about more with Steve's long lost cousin? Do we get to see him actually go to Thanksgiving dinner at Joe's house?

Steve wasn’t sure what to expect. Joe was quiet and calm. Like you when you’re not raising hell. Sam had said after he first met Joe. But he didn’t know his wife and children or other relatives.

“I’m prepping them.” Joe said. “Don’t worr–oh, oh -aww.” Joe was more of a Yankees fan, but they watched the Giants together when they could.  Even when Steve was overseas.

“That should’ve been a flag.” Steve agreed. He’d found a bar that was playing the game. He had one more day before he was due back in New York and he figured he’d spend it enjoying himself.

“Yeah. -And before you ask, just bring yourself. I’ll see you next week?”

“Yeah, I’m back tomorrow.”

“Enjoy the rest of your super hush-hush trip.”


So here he was, standing just inside the door of Joe’s home with about a dozen relatives staring at him and trying not to.

It was a little blue-eyed, curly-haired girl (Joe’s youngest, he thought) that broke the tension, doubt curving her tiny mouth: “You gotta lot less wrinkles ‘n I thought.”

After that, it was a rush of introductions and laughter (and food, they had an incredible spread).  Later on, with Joe’s youngest (Sarah, he was delighted to discover) dozing in his lap, they looked through photo albums, catching him up on the family he’d missed.

Cecelia, Joe’s wife, held up her phone. “And all the photos I took today I’m going to add in, too, you know. You need to be in these albums too, Steve.”

Steve smiled, and felt full in a way that didn’t have anything to do with the five servings he’d had.

why. have i never. listened to an exo album. like. up until now i’ve only bopped to the title songs. which were much appreciated. buT THE WAR??? when d.o. asked “what’s the situation?” i jUmPeD out of my skin like what is the situation kyungsoo??? that i’m currently on the floor bc of exo’s talent?? maybe.

Just finished listening to the album and the EX’ACT era is still honestly my favourite but speaking from an objective point of view, I still so proud of my boys and I’m just so thankful that they worked so hard on this. They’ve all come so far and improved soooo much. I only wished Sehun got more lines (I N J U S T I C E ) but seems like he has loads of dance breaks in the song. 

Love you forever and always boys we r one saranghaja  :((((((((