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and the top of my favorite ship is…. LAWLU!!!!!!!!!

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i’ve been thingking this for a month, KidLaw is SUPER SEXY!!!!!!



btw, i still blame @zororgasm ‘s AWESOME fic i tell you, for her fluff fiction instead of love this ship from NOW ON

anonymous asked:

So, I volunteer with a bunch of kids and whenever I walk in they get super excited and yell Ms. (Name)! And they swarm me. So, how would Ace, Shanks, Law, and Kidd act if they followed their s/o to a daycare or classroom and saw this?

This is the cutest thing I’ve ever read and this request alone is making me revive this entire blog LET’S DIVE RIGHT IN


-at first, ace’s s/o would be uneasy about bringing him bc ace has quite an influence on kids and his s/o doesn’t want to end up having children swinging from the ceiling 
-”me? a bad influence? pffft”
-basically ace begs his s/o to let him go and his s/o finally gives in
-ace’s s/o walks in and the kids go CRAZY and swarm them and the kids are all saying things like “i missed you!” and “look what i drew!” and ace would just stand there grinning like an idiot bc GOD this has got to be the cutest thing he has ever seen 
-as ace walks in literally none of the kids notice him bc they’re too absorbed with telling his s/o about everything on their minds 
-that ONE kid who goes “WHO ARE YOU”
-after that day he begs his s/o to take him back every day bc he wants to see all the kids swarm his s/o again
-”you’re a child magnet” 


-shanks would ask to go after he listens to his s/o tell multiple stories about how great the kids are
-when his s/o walks into the class and gets swarmed, shanks gets a little #spooked bc he’s never seen this many children in one room before
-”drowning in children is the way i’d want to go out”
-he just kinda stands in the doorway and chuckles to himself as he watches his s/o try to respond to all the commotion
-at some point just for shits and giggles he tells the kids that his s/o is an EXPERT storyteller and the kids go WILD and demand that his s/o tells them stories instead of doing productive things 
-s/o glares at shanks for that 
-his s/o gets revenge by telling all the kids that shanks is a superhero rip


-tbh law would rather die than go sit in a class full of kids 
-but he goes anyway bc he loves his s/o and he knows it’d make his s/o happy
-when his s/o walks in the classroom law almost leaves the building bc of all the high-pitched kiddie yelling
-he lingers out in the hall but he watches through the doorway and he starts to find the situation quite endearing 
-the one kid that goes “THERE’S A CREEPY GUY STANDING OUT THERE”
-his s/o would pull law into the class and have him mingle a bit
-every question is about his tattoos 
-law freaks out a bit bc of all the child attention but he looks at how his s/o is talking to the kids and he kinda chills out a bit bc damn that’s pretty nice and cute he’s in love with such a gentle soul


-”if you think im gonna go be in a room of children you’re wrong”
-”fuck” “you can’t swear in front of kids” “frick”
-the swarm happens and kid is just bamboozled and bewildered
-he straight up thinks his s/o is gonna die 
-the children are hugging his s/o’s legs and such and kid’s about to throw some hands until he sees his s/o laughing
-that shuts him down real quick he’s never seen anything so precious as much as he hates to think of anything as precious 

WOO hope you enjoy it!! Hopefully I’ll start being more active on here once again lmaoooo

Title: The Grand Line High School (The Deciding Match)

Author: Ice and translated by me!

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