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Hey, can I ask for a sceneario where the s/o of Kidd, Killer, and Doffy do a surprise tickle attack on them and how they react? Please?

Of course my dear! I hope you like!

You snuck up behind kid, you readied yourself as you prepared to attack. Kid, the unknowing victim, sat on the bed, flipping through a map. you got ready and prepared to pounce. You finally jumped to him and aimed for his sides. “HAHAHAH! IVE GOT YOU NOW!” You yelled victoriously. You laughed and slowly came to the realization that kid wasn’t laughing. You tried to tickle him again but he looked down at you with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. He instant retaliated and tickled you back! You writhed and giggled as kid’s attack continued. “S-stop! Ha!” You giggled playfully. “Never.” he growled back, continuing his small attack.

Killer patted your head and stood up to look out the ship’s window in your shared room. He looked at birds flying overhead, unknowing to him, a funny idea popped into you head. You snuck up behind your boyfriend and readied yourself. Then in a blink of an eye, you started tickling killer’s open sides. killer flinched in shock at your tickle attack. He smiled and looked down at you, he turned around and instantly returned the tickle attack! You giggled and tried to tickle him harder. Killer’s attack became too much and you giggled so hard. Soon killer had the upper hand. You were crying with laughter when killer finally let you go.

Doflamingo frowned at the letters before him. Something from Kaido, a complaint from Caesar. His grumpiness became contagious as you watched him from the door way, sifting through paperwork and sighing at the stress at hand. Then a brilliant idea popped into your mind, you smirked as you neared the tall man. You prepared your hands and dove to his open sides you poked and tickled. Doffy dropped the letter in his hands and a smirk instantly found its way onto his face. Victory! Suddenly you lost control of your hands. “Clever, however it’s time for payback my dear!” Doflamingo said with a smirk. He instantly started tickling you back. You laughed and giggled until tears streamed down your face. Then Doflamingo had enough of his revenge and patted your head, bringing you to his lap, forgetting the paperwork.


Hello, everyone! I won’t beat around the bush here. Yep, that’s the first six pages of my very first LawLu doujin! There are only three more days left before pre-orders open for its English version. I’m very excited! And nervous, too!

For those who are interested, here’s a link to my FaQ and a link to a quick reference for pre-order date and time. I included a timezone converter reference for your convenience.

Reblogs are always welcome and your support is very much appreciated. I’m also open to feedback so don’t be shy to send me a message anytime. I don’t bite. :3


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Could I please ask for some headcanons with a love triangle between Kidd, Killer, and their s/o?

As you wish! I hope you like!

Kid/killer love triangle-
• kid and killer won’t make it a competition, or at least They’ll try.
• kid feels really competitive some times.
• kid is a little rough around you, but killer is more of a gentleman.
• they perfectly balance each other out.
• during battle they’ll both protect you no matter what, don’t expect to do much fighting.
• they both hold your hands in public. Like they both take on of your hands, they don’t care who sees.
• (you guys wear matching shirts) (though it would take some persuasion for kid to wear it)
• killer plans all the dates, kid just shows up.
• but just know. kid and killer are best friends, they’re not gonna let someone get between their friendship, but they still care about their