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So, Crocodile isn't that overprotective, but what about Ace, Kidd, Shanks, and Luffy?

Sure thing :3


  • Very protective
  • Probably does the same thing as Luffy and put his hat on them as a sign of comfort
  • if his S/O is injured by someone, he’s going to kick their ass before coming back to them
  • However, if they’re so injured they could be dying, then he’ll see that they get medical help before hunting the perpetrator down.
  • Gets like 100x more protective after that
  • Is kind of an angry protective if they got into trouble while he wasn’t there but then will hug it out.
  • they wont get him to let go of them for hours. 
  • If they’re being threatened, he always sort of tugs them behind him so he’s half in front of them. 


  • Very similar to Crocodile really
  • Will allow his S/O to hid in his coat but won’t put it around them, like Crocodile
  • Similarly, he expects them to be able to fight their own battles.
  • If they’re being threatened, he slings an arm really cockily over their shoulder and interacts with the person threatening them
  • Most likely to throw his S/O under the bus when it comes to a fight
  • “C’mon, fight them, you can handle it!”
  • Isn’t likely to be drawn to a weak S/O anyway.
  • one of the most sadistic should his S/O get seriously hurt though.


  • He’s quite protective too but he won’t get involved unless he needs to
  • He really will put his coat over his S/O; will be more likely to do it if it’s raining or if they’re injured
  • Also allows them to hide in his coat and encourages it because he thinks it’s cute
  • But if he needs to fight, they will be in Beckman’s arms while Shanks sorts them out
  • We all know that if his S/O gets insulted or threatened, the perpetrator will have their asses kicked. No question.
  • Among the least likely to kill someone who insulted/threatened his S/O. Actually injuring them however might generate a different response :P


  • Like Shanks, he’s hella protective but won’t get involved unless he needs to
  • Puts his hat on their head not only for protection but also for comfort.
  • It shows he’s dead serious about this :P
  • If his S/O is injured, it won’t only be him fighting for them. The others would fight for their captain’s S/O with Zoro being like a bodyguard
  • The perpetrator would be absolutely decimated by Luffy. Even more so if his S/O was knocking on death’s door on account of those injuries.
  • If they’re not injured, then his protectiveness is limited to cuddles and just making sure they’re alright. 

I asked my mom to tell me her first impression about these characters

and ummm here’s what it turned out….

honestly i don’t know which one is the funniest 



Flaminions wish you a very happy and merry holidays from the bottom of their pink heart ♥

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Do you have any hcs on Ace, Zoro, Law, Sanji, and Kid on how life would be with their newborn baby? Thank you!



  • a fucking natural at this
  • knows what his baby needs whenever it needs it
  • his baby would just…calm down right after being placed in his arms, what the hell Ace, tell us your secret
  • makes grimaces at his baby and tries to get them to giggle or smile
  • he’s just on cloud nine with this kid, marvels at everything they do and shows them around everywhere
  • Ace it’s ok Newgate, Dadan, Garp, Luffy, Sabo, Marco and Makino all fucking love your baby, but now keep it cool


  • where the fuck is the turn off button?
  • yells after his crewmates when he has no idea what to do which is all the time in different tones, octaves and emotions, mostly he yells after Robin, Brook, Sanji, Jinbe and Chopper so they can help him figure shit out
  • he probably set their crib right next to him and watches his baby like a guard dog whenever they’re sleeping, his hands right by his katanas when he hears as much as ‘suspicious’ footsteps
  • it surprised him that he enjoys feeding them with the bottle 


  • *footage of Law banging his head against his desk as his baby starts screaming*
  • “Now Cora-san’s fruit would really come in handy…”
  • he knows how to wash a baby, or feed it or change it or hold it, that’s all no problem but he has hard time figuring out what the baby wants 
  • reads bedtime stories about gross diseases for his ecstatic baby and loves cuddling with them
  • he’d be secretly really proud because his kid would be a really handsome little boy or pretty little girl


  • *luckiest swirly browed fool on planet fucking earth*
  • HE TOTALLY would get one of those babyslings or backpacks so he can keep his nugget close to him at all times while he can still focus on cooking and everything
  • has already spend too much money on cute prince or princess costumes before it was born
  • *Nami’s voice* “Sanji you’re spoiling your kid too much..already”
  • he just loves them so much, he spends every minute kissing their feet, hands, nose, ears, mouth


  • shit, shit, shit
  • he has no fucking idea what he does 24/7 and his crewmates ain’t helpful because they don’t really know shit about babies either
  • he does kind of like the bath times tho, because he’s not afraid to get messy and all
  • would probably brutally beat up anybody that looks at his kid the wrong way
  • calls his baby “lil’ asskicker”
  • he loves it when the baby balls up their tiny hands to fists, like they’re ready to fight