This. fucking. woman.

Okay, first of all I’ll say that I approached this woman that i’ve admired for quite some time by opening with ‘i love you’ whilst my voice cracked, which here’s a tip; don’t do that! 'hello’ is a safer way to go and gives off a much better impression, trust me! *hits head against wall*

Anyway, I had absolutely no idea she would be at sitc so it was an absolute pleasure to meet this lovely lady out of the blue. She is one of the most welcoming, friendly and warming person I probably met all weekend, she let me join her circle of friends which meant a lot and she made me feel so incredibly comfortable to the point where I may or may not i definitely may have gotten a little emotional about not meeting someone that weekend that meant a shit load to me, and straight away gave her support and ugh, I tell ya what mate, it meant the world to me to feel that comfortable around someone and to feel like you’ve made a friend so quick with somebody who you’re only familiar with on the internet and have only sat with for about roughly 5 minutes woah.

We chatted, got selfies and shared about 5 hugs, gahh it was great idk what else to say, ily nix it was beyond lovely to meet you ^_^ <3


AaaAaAaaagghgh Okay, I’ll start with the fact that I made friends with some extremely lovely people waiting in the queue, and it was the first thing I said when I met her I was like ‘IT’S THANKS TO YOUR QUEUE I MADE FRIENDS’ hahaha

But aaaah this is the second year I’ve met her and it’s an absolute pleasure everytime, i’m glad this year I actually had the confidence to have a proper conversation with her, we spoke about the Becoming Youtube panel in which she was on and how it’s amazing to have her speak on behalf of the majority of female content creators/filmmakers which was amazing to watch and take in everything valuable thing she said (bravo x100 btw)

But ah it was fab to just have a chat, and upon writing 'butts’ beautifully in my book last year, I challenged her to see if she could out-do herself, of course this was proven when she handed me my book back with 'TURDS TURDS TURDS’ written over the page, which deserves to be framed right to this day.

she complimented my t-shirt and lipstick which made me all ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ then we hugged and said our farewells. 

ugh it was just beyond great to meet to meet you again Shawna, thanks for being so lovely <3