• Aries: Krios, Titan of Stars and Constellations
  • Taurus: Rhea, wife of Cronus and Queen of Heaven
  • Gemini: Mnemosyne, Titan of Language and Memory
  • Cancer: Phoebe, Titan of the Moon and Prophetic Wisdom
  • Leo: Hyperion, Titan of the Sun and Light
  • Virgo: Tethys, Titan of Fresh Water
  • Libra: Themis, Titan of Rules, Law, and Justice
  • Scorpio: Cronus, Titan of Time, the Cosmos, and Destruction
  • Sagittarius: Iapetus, Titan of Morality
  • Capricorn: Coeus, Titan of Intelligence and Rationality
  • Aquarius: Euryphaessa, Titan of the Sky
  • Pisces: Okeanos, Titan of the Oceans
Signs as Greek Titans
  • Aries: Krios (Titan God of the Stars)
  • Taurus: Rheia (Titan Goddess of Motherhood)
  • Gemini: Mnemosine (Titan Goddess of Memories)
  • Cancer: Phoibe (Titan Goddess of Radiance)
  • Leo: Hyperion (Titan God of the Light)
  • Virgo: Tethys (Titan Goddess of Nurturing)
  • Libra: Themis (Titan Goddess of the Law)
  • Scorpio: Kronos (Titan God of Time)
  • Sagittarius: Iapetus (Titan God of Death)
  • Capricorn: Koios (Titan God of Intelligence)
  • Aquarius: Euryphaessa (Titan Goddess of the Sky)
  • Pisces: Oceanus (Titan God of the Oceans)


Goddess of the moon

According to the poet Hesiod, Selene was the daughter of Hyperion and Theia, sister of Helios, the Sun and Eos the Dawn. Other sources claim she was the child of Pallas and Euryphaessa. Selene, the eternally beautiful goddess of the Moon, was usually represented as a woman with the moon, often in crescent form on her head and driving a chariot pulled by two white horses. At night, she rose from the ocean and with her chariot and rode through the sky.