You think you’ve got all this love to give, that you’re these decent dudes who just want a princess of their own.  And you’ll treasure her and worship her and never hurt her and ugh.  You get my point.  But I never get why you think that should happen.  Because you noticed that the prettiest, smartest girl in your class is in fact the prettiest, smartest girl in your class?  Good job, you, that doesn’t tell me why she should care.

I was going to wait until winter, but since everyone else seems to be doing this, and since I have the feeling I’m not going to have as much time for Tumblr as I’d like for the rest of this semester…here’s my follow forever! You all are some of the best, smartest, funniest, kindest people I have ever known, and no matter how we met and what fandoms we share, everyone on this list (and quite a few people not on it!) is a beautiful tropical fish who has changed my life for the better and I wish you all the happiness in the world.

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Ye who the light pursue,
                             This story is for you,
                                                              Who seek to find a way
                                    Unto the clearer day.
If on the darkness past
                 One backward look ye cast,
 Your W E A K and wandering eyes
Have lost the matchless prize.
giaro giarratana as orpheus | indiya marie as eurydice | (x)

Anonymous said: which ship: dante x beatrice or orpheus x eurydice?

eurydices replied to your post: updates on my tv progress: I didn’t watch any…

gilmore girls is basically the perfect autumn/winter show it makes my heart so happy

i knowwww it makes me so happy and excited for the season but at the same time i’m sad that i decided to start it so early because i just want to watch it all in one sitting so i can’t take my time to watch it and i’ll be done with it before the right time even comes and i have no comfort food in the house this is a show to watch with comfort food what a bad timing



i’m heading back to university pretty soon, and i’ll be busy pretty much 24/7 with the titanic amount of stuff i’ve taken on this year.

my askbox will remain open if you want to chat, and i’ll probably come crawling back eventually - there are so many of you i want to keep in contact with! - but in the meantime…

i’ve made some great friends on here, and the temptation to stay and reblog pretty graphics forever is strong, but i’m bowing out. it’s time.

can i beg of you, if we do talk, to send me a quick message via inbox with a preferred method of contact? e.g. your twitter, email, or just to specify i should drop by your tumblr askbox every so often to see how you’re doing.

much love to every single one of you. it’s been an absolute blast.

♥ happy birthday to beth! ♥

beth is one of the biggest sweethearts i know and it’s basically a huge privilege to follow her and be her friend b/c she’s so supremely great and sweet and kind and hilarious and wonderful (anyone who is lucky enough to talk to her can attest to that) and i majorly hope she has the greatest day ever and the best year ily beth



You’re one of the greatest people I’ve ever met here and I’m glad you still talk to me after all this time I’ve been annoying you. You’re too cute AND YOU CAN BRAID YOUR HAIR LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS. Thank you for your advices and for introducing me to amazing things like morning glories, marina and the diamonds, lbd and fma. I hope you eat lots and lots of food (save me some cake) and get lots of love (or presents) because you deserve it and much more!! Enjoy your day and I hope all your wishes and dreams come true, never stop believing in them! ALL THE HAPPINES OF THE WORLD TO YOU *HUGS* ILYYYY <33333

batgrrrls asked:

top 3 allydia moments, superheroes *u*

~~~~allydia moments~~~~

01. all of motel california bc of super sleuthing, “i believe you”, roommates, shower sex, sleeping next to each other on the bus oh god i bet they held hands, etc etc.

02. picking out paint colors, matching tattoos, “easy on the physicality sweetheart” protective-girlfriend-lydia hearts in my eyes

03. every time lydia decides she want to dress allison

04. car shenanigans

05. allison shows off her archery to lydia

06. lydia waits in allison’s room and proceeds to show off her latin skills

07. everything, every moment ever



01. OH GOD BATGIRL (stephanie brown, cassandra cain, babs)

02. hawkeye (kate bishop)

03. huntress but omg so many others too i feel like it’s weird that none of these are your typical batman superman green arrow or just any male ever i also like black widow kate kane wonderwoman black canary