eurovision opening

im watching the swedish competition to decide who is going to represent us on eurovision and the hosts just said “Ladies, gentlemen and non-binary folks, welcome!”

on a public service channel

for all our faults, sometimes being swedish is quite nice too


Eurovision winners performing the opening act at the Eurovision Song Contest

2017 Eurovision Wishlist

- Verka host

- opening act “it’s me jamala” 

- UK get left hand side 

- Sergey and Polina sing duet and win

- San Marino qualify again

- The Hardkiss represent Ukraine and slay

- Germany doesn’t come last

- Ruth Lorenzo returns and slays harder than before

- Have the big 5 actually perform their songs in the semis

- appearances from Ruslana, Ani Lorak, Zlata etc

- France get top 5 

- Switzerland doesn’t come last in the semi 

- Ireland qualifies

- Poli Genova returns with another banger 

- Keep the dark lord Christer Bjorkman’s voting system but shorten interval acts and extend voting to have jury 8 and 10 announces too