Part 3 and the best part of course because I actually got to visit my bff Holly which was the best thing ever you should all feel incredibly jealous bc I got to spend time in the vicinity of her fabulous hair and self and that is incredibly special even though I’m super far away she’s the best friend I could ask for and I am really really lucky! Had the best time! :>


Adventures in Europe part one!

Over 5 weeks I visited over 10 different countries and countless cities, it was a whole lot of fun! I probably wouldn’t go on a tour again though because the accommodation was often questionable, I got sick heaps o times cause of party people and having to travel together in a small cramped bus every day, and a lot of the people were dicks, but the locations were amazing and I am so glad I did it!

Race conditions

Funny, for how much time we spend training for the ‘perfect’ race, it doesn’t seem to come around that often. Weather sucks, rabbiting doesn’t go as planned, there are too many runners, or too few. This week, it was not enough running. I had drastically cut training to rest an inflamed plantar.  But I realize that the whole, imperfect season prepares athletes for those types of circumstances. I actually prefer that something be a bit off on race day. It helps me forget about time and go back to pure grit and competition. It lets the mental toughness and heart shine through. Unleashes the ’“big, bad motherf*cker." 

Music help! Before USAs, Tommy (he was there as our PT, mental coach, everything) and I decided I needed more hardcore music. I got into on a folk kick, because it would calm me and remind me of good friends from college. But at one point, I just need the animal to come out. This was the playlist I created after that conversation. But looking for more ideas going forward. What’s a great song for confidence?? Something that makes you think, “I’m a boss.”