‘Them eyes are gorgeous girl 
No demise 
I got to raise it again 
Them eyes are gorgeous 
I must advance’


‘In life, you will find yourself upon many a pilgrimage unaware; the fridge late at night or the pub in the early morning, a part of your body subconsciously ordering you what to do… It wasn’t Shakespeare that brought me back. But I have been here many a time; a parting before a new beginning, the end after a great story. I have never fought and hope never to.’

'We few, we happy few, we band of brothers’

William Shakespeare


‘A permanent mark resides amongst us all; etched upon our hearts, desires and cherished memories' 


‘I dropped a bread stick on an long haired Italian guy just as the barge he was stood on crept under a Venetian bridge, time stood still as I anticipated and hypothesized the monster that would inevitably appear on the other side, it was like Pooh sticks with a more dangerous outcome.’