euros 14

First haul pic ever!!!!!
Okay this is my lifts tht I’ve taken since new year!! So yes some of the foundations are used etc, plus it looks really messy, but whatever, hope you enjoy

Healthy mix: 14 euro
Concealer: 12 euro
L#real true match foundation x2 :30
Rimm€l stay matte powder: 6
Rimm€l loose powder: 10
NY× liquid suede x2: 18
Ny× soft matte lip cream x3: 24
NY× lip lingerie: 9
NY× lip liner: 8
Sl€€k eau lala liner x 2: 14
NY× blending brushes x2: 24
Sl€€k matte me x2: 14
So su lashes x3: 18
Ardell lashes x2 (one not pictured) 15
Kiss double lash PAck (one used) 11
Eyelure lashes x2: 20
Prim@rk lashes: 2.50
Du# glue: 6.50
Racer back converters: 2.50
Brow pencil: 1.50
Lip liner: 1.50
Catric€ highkighter: 3.50
Prim@rk foundation x3: 15
Colour correcting pens: 7
Ess€nce lipliners x6: 9
Ess€nce mascara: 3
Prim@rk panties 1

Wow I honestly had no idea it was that much like wow what?? In 3 months of picking up one or two things!?

14/04/16 | “One must have the courage to say it. If Karim Benzema was called Jean-Claude and was born in Brest (rich (white) people town), we wouldn’t talk that much of this affair. His problem is that his name is Karim. It’s deplorable, but it’s like that. In some people’s eyes, he is paying for his origins. It still will be a century before this kind of prejudice disappears.” - Guy Roux [Very Famous Former French Player and Coach]

@ tourists in paris :

here’s some advice

  • see those authentic cafés with checkered tablecloth and well-dressed waiters? it’s a scam. always check the prices before sitting down – and if they try to force you to order something, just get up and leave, don’t stay because you feel bad
  • if it’s a bistro-style restaurant, look at the price of the burgers and tartare steak to judge. a burger should be under 14 euros a steak tartare under 16. my favorite is rue de l’arbre sec (ask for the gratin dauphinois)
  • water is always free in restaurants, so don’t order that expensive bottle of wine. if you want to drink some, buy it at a monoprix at a lower price and go drink it on the banks of the seine ; and buy muscat because it’s better than red wine okay
  • don’t hold the bar in the metro if you can lean again the doors, you’ll have more balance, less germs and you can keep your belongings safe by trapping them against you and the door
  • if you’re site-seeing, you’re gonna take the metro 1 and it’s full of thieves. hide your valued objects on the bottom of your bag and put it at your feet. the thieves are likely to be children who will circle around you, so stay aware of them
  • you’ll get a more aesthetic picture of the eiffel tower from the pont neuf, alongside a nice view of the seine and you can actually sit there, it’s perf
  • bus stations can be tricky to find but it’s the best transport cause you can actually see the outside ; take the bus 29 if you want to see pretty buildings, the opera and the galeries lafayette
  • you’re surely gonna go see the beaubourg museum : take a break at the bakery 50m away called Topaze and eat a st. honoré there (also i saw mika eat next to it once so it’s a historical landmark)
  • eat the baguette if it’s hot, just do it
  • the RER station may be called “Châtelet les Halles” but it’s actually two different stations, you’ll be arriving at les halles and you’ll have to walk to reach châtelet and take other metros and you will get lost (don’t worry, everybody does)

Prints of the punkrocker came in!
Please email me with your adress info if you’re interested in purchasing a print to
A4: 10 euro/11 dollar/8 pounds + shipping costs
A3: 18 euro/19,50 dollar/14 pounds + shipping costs

So I was shopping, Im thinking; nice, I needed a box, and this one’s only 14,50 euros.

But then I opened it and just…

“Sir, there’s some stones in here.” “Yeah, they belong to the box.” “All of them? For 14,50?” “Yep. Inclusive.”

So man. Mother of…

You’re telling me all of this is inclusive.

So yeah this is basically my current stone collection now and it literally doubled. (Not in stone types but ah well.)

I’m definitely going to sell and give some away. Without a doubt.

So I have to stop watching now as I’m super busy with uni work, but my thoughts on the first three EFs:


- Also FUCK YES PAVS I hope Valentina is choking on fried chicken somewhere 


- Honorary mention for Alla you came close bb keep trying

- I spent most of the UB final yelling fUCK FUCK FUCK

- Happy for Becky but ffs I really wanted Aliya to do it curse you Russians CURSE YOU

- Also beam is basically the worst apparatus to watch ever it makes my heart stop and my mouth go dry

- But yay Masha bringing it home for the Russians and Lari being flawless and Aliya hanging around in 3rd like “yo I’m Aliya Mustafina don’t you know I can’t leave an event final without a medal it’s written into law”