another summer.. another year.. thank u for stickin w me thru my highs and lows i love all of u so much… tumblr is such a huge part of my life and one of the only constants ive known these past few years and i am so grateful for an outlet and a welcoming community esp my non kpop mutuals like .. how do u put up with me.. u are a blessing.. we are one.. 

under the cut is every1 i follow.. all 252 of u.. thank u ily

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Hi guys! I decided to change my url to sssavitri from zeymars. It’s my like alternate name I was given before I was born, so thats what it means. I made this in honor of that. Thank you for following me and I love all of youg blogs!  Sorry if I forget anyone, just message me if I did. (bold are my friends or my absolute favorite blogs


@23guavas  @4rth0e @4rocklee  @18nth @1aries  @2lalisa @4sky @5starkutti @2gold4you @6ths @3gerardpique @1hamtaro

@alyucma @anmnesias @an9elito @argentinianho @antiscorpio @arihrih

@badgaltiki @brownzeaux @busanz @borntosucc @bittoosharma @brownwitchbitch @barcamarc @bengaliho @bigmoneyneymar @blasiangemini @blvesehun @baristaliam

@clitt @carles-puyol @ccaribbean @chutneyhoe @crierbaby @carribbeanhoe @colombiangirlfriend

@desi-licious @diyaanat @dipbrowpomade @deepikas @drakeshabiba @drakesideheaux @dominicanhoe @desizayn

@ekvillains @exothicc @europre @ezramllers @exomonstermv @exoarekingsofmusic @egyptianbaby @exomoonlightmp3 @explicitneymar

@flamealchemst @foolsharold @fuckkyliejenner @fruitofcolor @fxsangel @fckinproblemz @finnicki @foryoubybts @francisolachowskii


@gablaugrana @goneputa @guardadios @guatemalanbaby @gfr1end @goddessdeluxe @griezmvnn

@hhyugas @hotdadzayn @hoesehun @hispanlc @hoeactivist @hectorbaellerins

@imliterallyexhausted @indianbabee @icdcffee @iniestas @itscatalinablr

@jaehyunswife @jungkookstolgf @jikooksgf @joansmaalls @jayseanvevo  @junglekid @justinbaemar @jontargaryin @jiminswce @jiminovadevojka

@kimjonginenthusiast @kaisgirlfriend @kingmorata

@lilacgurl @liquidhighlight @luvemeharder @lardvibes @litchigoddess

@mixtapeyoongi @masalababe @mashallahwallahi @mazullah @moodyscorpio94 @marsbin @modernrenaissances @magicesc @mjimin @mexicanqxeen @moneiy @mzungos @malikaofhearts @mexicanheaux @messisballondor @mangomousie

@nathnadrian @notur-z @neymar-drake @naymarsjr @neyessibff @neyali @nurseries @neelamemoji @neymarsvo

@oilyho @odallisque

@pcysbabygrl @pyaara @princess-habibti @pritxc @paulobdybala @pettyqueen @princeney @persianho

@ricecrackers @rimanandi @reyneymar @rosebudoil


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@yonnces @yasa-world @yeheted

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blogs that aren’t mutuals

@ackreeits @heart2big @ladki @overblush @saltfishandbake @shittiestblogger @sridevi @yassmines

hello there! sooo i just reached 1k followers thank you all so much ily 💖💖💖 i decided to make another follow forever to celebrate. these are all mutuals because tbh if i would include all blogs i like i’d never get this done 💫💫

anyways thank you for sticking with my stupid blog and i hope you’re having an awesome day i love you a lot 🌸💕✌️😚

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