I didn’t realize that there are only 41 #DaysToGo till the #2013 #EurovisionSongContest in #Malmö #Sweden

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UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH German music! I’m so happy I’m getting into it…it’s amazingggg <3 


Taking in some #brazillianculture #europeanmusic #musicislife #formusiciansonly #beautifulmelody (at Portland Community College-Rock Crk)

The Misfortunes of being an American who Loves European Music

If it is not already apparent from this blog, I love European music!  Almost everything I listen to is European (I also listen to some Korean, Brazilian, Uruguayan, and Argentine Music which I will talk about eventually, promise!). But living in America, most people can’t relate.  I have a few friends who listen to some European music but no where to the obsession levels that I have.  Most of those I introduced to the wonders of European music!  

Loving European music and living in America isn’t the most convenient arrangement…

1. My favorite singers and bands never come to the US.  Which is understandable but still. When I was in Europe I looked to see if I could see anyone while I was there.  You’d think living in the UK for 4 months and traveling to the continent 4x that someone, anyone I knew of would be having a concert that I could go to.  Nope… Unfortunately they either weren’t touring or it was not a good time (school and stuff…blah). (Just some of the bands/artist I really really want to see are Alexander Rybak, Aleksander With, Gaute Ormåsen, Lena, La Oreja de Van Gogh, Donkeyboy, Loreen, Emmelie de Forest, and Jamie Cullum.) 

2. When they do come to the US they go to NYC.  The US is huge!  NY is a long, long, long way from where I live.  It would end up costing hundreds of dollars for me to fly to NY not to mention finding a place to sleep and feeding myself and the price of the concert itself.  I might as well go to Europe (ok not really but do you get my point?)  I’m a full time student! I can’t just drop everything and go half way across the country. Though I have thought about it quite seriously before, I’m not going to lie.  If someone came to Texas I would go. That is do-able (though Texas is quite big as well I’d go!).  

3. I’m sick of seeing “This content is not available in your country.”  There are so many songs that I can’t get on iTunes, Spotify, or even Youtube because they’re blocked!!! Why? I don’t understand!  For example the Donkeyboy single that came out recently.  It was released everywhere except the US and Canada.  I just don’t understand!

4. I never hear my favorite songs on the radio or in passing.  Which in some ways I guess is good because I can’t really complain about it being overplayed.  If I get sick of it because I’ve been listening to it too much that’s my fault.  But it’s also nice to know that other people know and love the songs that I do.  I always got overly excited when I was in Europe and heard one of my favorite songs.  For example I was in a pub in Oxford and heard Euphoria and I got so excited (that was also the first time I heard one of my songs being played in public).  I also would see the music video played in restaurants in Spain and I got really excited then too.  I also got excited when I heard Lena’s Stardust and Roman Lob’s Standing Still on the radio while I was in Germany.  I also saw Lena posters everywhere because her album had just come out the month before.  Needless to say I got too excited. 

5. People think you’re weird for listening to strange foreign music.  When people ask “what kind of music do you listen to?” it’s hard to give an answer.  I mean I listen to some euro-rock, euro-pop, jazz, swing, norwegian folk, spanish celtic rock and really a bit of everything.  People aren’t always content when you say “I listen to a bit of everything”. So I usually just say “mostly european”.  You get a variety of responses from “oh…cool…what’s that like?” to “do you know [insert band name or artist]? I have a friend who listens to them” to “that’s un-american”. I even think the Europeans I’ve met thought it was weird that I listened to so much european music… 

Well those are just some reasons that I need to move to Europe.  Haha! 

In short it’s not really that misfortune-ous. It’s just inconvenient… (I still need to move to Europe)

I may not be in #Sweden nor a #Swede for that matter but the power of the Internet makes it easier to watch their shows from another side of the globe.


The 2014 #Melodifestivalen season starts in a few hours and will be kicking off in #Malmö at #MalmöArena. Predicting that #YOHIO (To The End), #LinusSvenning (Bröder), and #HelenaPaparizou (Survivor) will go to either to the Final or the Second Chance Round.

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There needs to be a song that makes you cry, it can be one that makes you smile, dance, sing, jump and move. It’s a tune inexplicable. Choose any song and the sound travels :) #music #musica #brazilianmusic #latinmusic #americanmusic #caribbeanmusic #europeanmusic #popmusic #pop #calypso #sertanejo #samba #pagode #funk #forro #eletro #carimbo #mixedmusic


Brainstorm - A day before tomorow

Fairytales, Obsessions, and More: An Introduction to European Music

Growing up in Small Town, USA I didn’t have much exposure to world music.  Somehow I made the shift from that to listening to international music almost exclusively.  It all started when I developed an obsession with Norway.  Why Norway? Short answer: I don’t really know.  It just happened one day (like one day hardly knowing anything about Norway and the next I was completely obsessed).  (I got the name for this blog from the Norwegian word for music, musikk).  Well whenever I have an obsession there is no hiding it.  It didn’t take long for my friends and family to discover my obsession.  When Norway won Eurovision in 2009 with Fairytale by Alexander Rybak, a couple of my friends who knew I would be interested (and rightly so) showed me the song. From then I then I started listening to that song, then to Alexander Rybak, and then to other Eurovision songs, and to other artist.  Well long story short it wasn’t too long until I was listening to mostly European music.  Since then I have listened to many songs, bands, and artist from all over Europe, Latin America, and Asia.  I love music from all over the world but my first and true love is European music, particularly Scandinavian music.  

I have been telling my friends that I wanted to make a music blog for a while now.  I decided to just do it.  I will be talking about some of my favorite songs, artist, albums, bands, etc.  Basically I will talk about everything related to European music that I can.  Not only European music but I will occasionally write on some of my favorite songs from Asia and Latin America (though I won’t be as up to date). 

Some of my favorite European bands and singers include…

Alexander Rybak (Norway)

Gaute Ormåsen (Norway)

Kurt Nilsen (Norway)

Aleksander With (Norway)

Donkeyboy (Norway)

Loreen (Sweden)

Eric Saade (Sweden)

Emmelie de Forest (Denmark)

A Friend in London (Denmark)  

Lena (Germany)

La Oreja de Van Gogh (Spain)

Getter Jaani (Estonia) 

Emin (Azerbaijan)

and more. Oh so many more…

So keep reading if you are interested in the amazing world of European music!  Thanks! 

[05.17.12] #Denmark Won! the #EurovisionSongContest See you next year in Denmark or most likely in Copenhagen… quite upsetting with the points got by #Sweden #Finland #Germany #Ireland and #Spain who got fewer votes than I expected even though they have great songs… I’m glad for #Malta and #Italy who got higher points.. Sweden gave the best Eurovision Song Contest ever!

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