Kalon Mosque - Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Kalon Mosque is an Islamic complex located in Bukhara. At its centre is Kalon Minaret, meaning “Great Minaret”. At the time of its construction in 1127, the minaret was most likely the tallest building in Asia, standing at 45.6m high. The mosque itself can accommodate 10,000 worshipers at one time, and is adorned with great, blue tiled domes, in addition to 288 smaller domes. 


Great Britain - Edinburgh, Cambridge, Manchester, Jedburgh, Edinburgh, Falkland, Lincoln, Oxford, Cambridge, London

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Fic ideas and miscellany from my European travels

a.k.a. the stuff I couldn’t put on the blog my parents were reading.

  • There’s a chain of stores in the UK called Poundland. 
    • “Would you like me to take you to Poundland, Arthur?" 
    • "Mr. Eames…" 
    • "It’s a discount store. Did you think I meant – oh, you filthy boy!”

  • In Edinburgh there is a famous hill named "Arthur’s Seat.” This needs to be worked into every fic from now on.

  • Eames is an artist in Florence; Arthur is the bus driver he falls in love with because of how skillfully he navigates the narrow streets.
    • “Oh my god, you just hit a tourist!" 
    • "I NUDGED him. He didn’t even fall down.”

The Dublin airport bathrooms sell vibrating cock rings. Right below… toffee? I don’t know why there’s an ellipsis after the word “toffee.” Is the toffee having an existential crisis?

And finally…

A wiener fountain!


Photo Album: Malbork Castle, overlooking the Nogat River, is the largest castle (by surface area) in the world and the largest red brick castle in Europe. It served as the headquarters of the Teutonic Order in Eastern Europe and is a classic example of the brick gothic Ordensburg fortress. It was completed by the Order in 1308. In 1945 during a World War II combat in the area, more than 50% of the castle was destroyed. Most of the castle as seen nowadays has been reconstructed and renovated during an ongoing restoration process that had started in 1960s, with focus on bringing the castle back to its original medieval shape. The Malbork Castle remains the largest brick building by area in Europe.

Get Jealous & “Enjoy” John John Florence’s European Travels

Nixon surfer, John John Florence, just released a video of European journeys entitled Enjoy. We asked co-creator and master lensman, Blake Vincent Kueny, why he chose the three songs in the video:

The first song, “De Temp En Temps” sung by Josephine Baker, was chosen to capture the essence of France as glamorized by pop culture. It’s hard not to be cliche with somewhere as popular as France. So, finding this one was actually a fun process, I did a bunch of research on the history of French music and found a list of French artists who are credited as the icons of early French music. From there, I just went through their discography and found something that I thought fit the visuals we had captured. 

As for the rest of the songs, “Transaction” by SS-Say and “Whatever Happened to the Million Head Collide?” by Pond, I just have an ongoing folder of music that I have reserved for these pieces. Then once I know what the vibe of the piece is going to be, I group select tracks into a playlist. I’ll have 3 songs for each part—Intro, Surfing 1, & Surfing 2—that I love and then I have John pick which one’s he likes best. It’s a great collaborative process. I must add that Spotify has been a huge help in finding and organizing songs.

To discover more about Aussie, ex-Tame Impala psych-rockers, Pond, check out their Facebook. And now, Enjoy:

Enjoy from John John Florence on Vimeo.

Trolltunga - Hordaland, Norway 

Hovering 700 metres above lake Ringedalsvatnet, Trolltunga, or The Troll’s Tongue, has become an incredibly popular destination for thrill seekers. The uniquely shaped cliff was formed 10,000 years ago, and is the result of erosion. While at times risky (the hike should not be attempted in winter), the trail up to Trolltunga is scenic, passing through the forest, and by a series of blue lakes and fjords. 

Delicious Budapest

Budapest was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t know much about Budapest and its food culture but by the time I left I fell in love with the city, its people and its food.

The hot chocolate, thick enough to use a spoon to scoop the chocolate, the coffee, strong yet sweet and the best thick cut chips I have had ever, and finally the wine amazing.

Beef Goulash at the famous Vasarcsarnok, Central Market

3 coarse meal at one of the oldest restaurants in Budapest, Karpatia Etterem.

Pork Knuckle

Baked chicken with caramelized fruit

Dessert time

Afternoon tea at the “best cafe in the world” New York Cafe

Hot chocolate with fresh chilli, creamy and very spicy

Ice cream sundaes

Huge loaves of the freshest bread plus a huge variety

One of the best burgers I have ever had

Lunch time in the beautiful castle district at Fortuna Utca 21, 21 Restaurant

Chicken soup

Duck stuffed ravioli with pumpkin and mushroom

Roasted breast of duck with nut gnocchi

and dessert….

Fish n chips time in Budapest..strange concept but one of the freshest seafood experiences and the home of my now favourite thick cut hot The Big Fish

Dear Future Wife...#601

I’m sitting on a terrace by a river. It’s literally one of the most romantic settings I’ve ever been in my life. Alone. On a work trip. On a Sunday. Top this all off? There’s an epic violinist in town and playing in an outdoor park venue just across the way, so I can hear it all. I kid you not, they’re playing “Can’t Help Falling In Love” right now. I can hear the crowd singing along.

What I wouldn’t give to have you here. What I wouldn’t give to hold your hand and pull you closer because it’s starting to get cool. And you’re always cold to begin with. I have to bring you back here. This place is beautiful and historic and adorable and everyone is nice.

Couples walk by, hand in hand. They glance at me alone at this table. I can feel their judgement. Don’t worry about me, strangers. My girl is back home. And we’re cuter than you. I guarantee it.

St Trudpert’s Abbey - Staufen im Breisgau, Germany

St Trudperts is a former Benedictine monastery at the foot of the Black Forest. The church features crosses from the 13th century, and the library houses texts from the early 12th century, although there is evidence that the Abbey was established much earlier than that. After being abandoned numerous times due to various wars, the Abbey is now run by the Sisters of St Joseph of Saint-Marc, who have greatly restored the building.