I finally know what ethnicity I am! I got my dna test results! 😱 I’m adopted so I was told different things growing up. I’ve never met my biological family, all I know is that my biological mom and her family were from Vietnam. They came to America when my mom started high school, she got pregnant by my biological dad, they didn’t stay together, and she couldn’t keep me. I have pictures of her, but nothing about my dad. I’ve been told that he was Hispanic (so many people think I’m Hispanic, even growing up), or that he was white, or that he was 100% Asian. But now I know he must have been a hapa, half Vietnamese and half European! Here are my results (also put raw dna data from 23andme into gedmatch. Results aren’t 100% but close!):
- 76% Asian
• 46% Southeast Asian (Vietnamese/Kinh/Lahu)
• 30% East Asian (Chinese/Han/Lahu)
• 0.1% South Asian (Indian)
- 23.9% European
• 22.9% Northwestern European (15.9% Irish & British, 6% French, 1% Scandinavian)
• 0.1% Southern European (Italian)
Basically I am more than half Asian and a quarter Caucasian. Most Vietnamese people have Chinese in them because of when part of Vietnam was part of China. Kinh people are the ethnic group of present day Vietnam and Han people are the ethnic group of present day China. Gedmatch kept showing “Lahu” and “Yunnan” so I did some research on Lahu people. They are an ethnic group in China that live in the Yunnan province. Some have traveled to Thailand, Laos, the US, and Vietnam. Their culture is super interesting and I’m going to research more on them. For the European I’m pretty surprised that I’m Irish & British (they put them together because they are genetically the same but on gedmatch both Irish and British showed up for me, but more Irish). I always thought I’d be just French. Then I have the tiny bit of Indian, Scandinavian, and Italian from my ancestors many many maaany years ago. Even though it doesn’t really count to my ethnicity, it’s still cool to know I had ancestors who were those ethnicities. Ugh all this is so fucking interesting! See my next post for Jake’s results. 😀 We were really surprised with his!


This dragon tail is made of standard aluminum scales, with a blue anodized aluminum underbelly. It’s my standard length of 35 inches long, and that’s mostly it. Classic and simple. But at the request of the commissioner, it does have an engraving on the scales on the underside, right below the belt loops where it’s attached. (The tail was commissioned as a gift.)

And I guess as an added bonus, the photo with the engraving gives a good shot of the belt loop attachments. There are two straps (made of stainless steel in a European 6-in-1 pattern) that your belt threads through, and if you want to make sure the tail stays well in place when you’re wearing it, in between the two loops on the tail you can also thread the belt through the belt loop in the center of the back of your pants.

If you like these tails I make, how about checking out this page with information about them? (My commission queue is currently kind of deep, though. I’m working as fast as I can.)