MYTHOLOGY MEME || Demi-Gods (¼) Melusine

In European folklore, Melusine is a female spirit or fairy of rivers and lakes. Her legend seems to have originated in what are now Normandie and Bretagne in France and spread to Poitou and the Netherlands. In many stories about her, she said to have been cursed to take the form of a mermaid or a half-snake woman during certain situations.

She generally marries a human nobleman (known variously as Raimond or Siegfried) and has children with him, but often refuses to allow him to watch her bathing or refuses to attend church. In the former situation, her husband breaks her rule once and sees that Melusine has the tail of a fish or a snake. She is furious and turns into a dragon and flies away. In the latter version of the story, she is forced to attend church, but as soon as she sets foot inside, she turns into a snake, fish, or dragon and flies away. The latter version of the tale is probably the origin of the variant of her story that casts her as a daughter of the Devil.

Many European noble families during the Middle Ages claimed descent from her. They included the House of Lusignan, the House of Plantagenet, and the House of Luxembourg.

Stream for Baku tomorrow!

I found a stream for the UK broadcast on BT Sport tomorrow, starting at 6 AM UK time / 7 AM Central European time / 1 AM EST / 10 PM PST

click here

it should work, let me know if it doesn’t because then I’ll need a new stream too, haha…. oh and it’s worldwide, no need for a proxy or VPN! Happy watching.

EDIT: not 100% sure anymore if it’s gonna be on BT Sport 1 or 2 (TV listings are very confusing), but if the link above is showing another discipline when you try to watch tomorrow, just try the Baku YouTube stream


This dragon tail is made of standard aluminum scales, with a blue anodized aluminum underbelly. It’s my standard length of 35 inches long, and that’s mostly it. Classic and simple. But at the request of the commissioner, it does have an engraving on the scales on the underside, right below the belt loops where it’s attached. (The tail was commissioned as a gift.)

And I guess as an added bonus, the photo with the engraving gives a good shot of the belt loop attachments. There are two straps (made of stainless steel in a European 6-in-1 pattern) that your belt threads through, and if you want to make sure the tail stays well in place when you’re wearing it, in between the two loops on the tail you can also thread the belt through the belt loop in the center of the back of your pants.

If you like these tails I make, how about checking out this page with information about them? (My commission queue is currently kind of deep, though. I’m working as fast as I can.)

The NASA Village

Today in the NASA Village… Through the Prism of Language.

Dr. Hansen has been my Russian language instructor for the past 10 years.

”As a Russian/English language instructor at NASA, I’m proud to help my astronaut and cosmonaut students build these bridges – one brick, one word, one grammar rule, one step a time.”  

Why is it so important for astronauts to learn Russian? The first module Zarya (Sunrise, a joint Russian-US endeavor), was launched on November 20, 1998 from a Russian rocket. Two weeks later, the United States launched the second module “Unity,” aboard a Shuttle, and the two were joined by astronauts using the Canadian robotic arm of the Shuttle. The first crew arrived in November 2000.  

Since then, 4 Russian modules and 6 additional US modules, 1 European module and 2 Japanese modules, have been added to build the station into the masterpiece it is today.  Due to all the coordination that had to take place at the beginning of this vast enterprise, the expedition 1 crew were quoted as speaking “Runglish”. The International Space Station is one world’s best examples of pioneering science and research despite political affiliations. In order to ensure that the crews can operate as one, the Russian crews learn English and the US crews learn Russian. European and Japanese crews have the distinct disadvantages of having to know both of these languages as well as their own. Personally, language was more difficult than learning orbital mechanics! I tell the new guys, the first 10 years was the hardest, but most of them are way more talented than I am.

Training in Russia is performed in Russian, while training in Colonge, Tskuba (near Tokyo), Montreal, or Houston is conducted in English. It is critical that in an emergency situation, the entire crew is functioning as one. In some cases, that means knowing mutually your own/your crew mates well enough to understand their language capabilities and compensating such that communication is always clear. I think that is where “Runglish” came from. Beyond safety, however, another main reason that we need to understand each other’s language is the ability to reach out to each other, with our words and with our minds, to better learn each other’s cultures, and ways of thinking.  

My Expedition 5 Insignia- representing the partnership of the U.S. and Russia

As Elena demonstrates through her passion about her subject, learning another’s language is not just about learning the right words.

“Learning languages is certainly much more than memorizing words and wading through the jungle of grammar, trying to figure out what participles are and how exactly they could be used. In fact, it is a painstaking, meticulous, and – to be truthful – never-ending job of building bridges of mutual understanding between individuals and nations. It is through the prism of languages that we learn who we are, how we perceive ourselves and others, why we can be so similar and so different. These processes do much to promote our learning of how to become one family of human beings on the planet Earth. For those advancing the frontier of human presence in the Universe, everything begins with their ability to communicate with each other on-board their space vehicles.”

Get to know Elena in this interview we recorded for Tumblr!

Why Russian?

Why do you love your job?

How long have you known Peggy?

What does International Co-operation mean to you?

Next time on the NASA Village… Robotic Arms.

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Rosetta orbiter less than 500 kilometers from Comet 67P following penultimate trajectory burn

The Rosetta comet chaser is currently less than 500 kilometers (300 miles) from its target destination, Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko following today’s (Aug. 3) successful completion of the spacecraft’s critically important penultimate trajectory burn, just three days before its history making arrival at the comet on Aug. 6.

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) 1.3 Billion euro Rosetta spacecraft is now under three days away from becoming Earth’s first probe ever to rendezvous with and enter orbit around a comet after a decade long hunt of 6.4 billion kilometers (4 Billion miles) through interplanetary space. The gap is narrowing with each passing second.

In November 2014, the Rosetta mothership will attempt another historic first when it deploys the Philae science lander from an altitude of just 1 or 2 kilometers for the first ever attempt to land on a comet’s nucleus. The lander will fire harpoons to anchor itself to the 4 kilometer wide (2.5 mile) comet’s surface.

Together, Rosetta and Philae will investigate how the pristine frozen comet composed of ice and rock is transformed by the warmth of the Sun. They will also search for organic molecules, nucleic acids and amino acids, the building blocks for life as we know it.

Image credits: ESA/Rosetta/NAVCAM

Happy 113th Real Madrid:

- Santillana, who is Real Madrid’s fourth-highest all-time top goalscorer, retired from football      in 1988 at the age of 36. 
- Santiago Bernabeu was Madrid’s club president for almost 35yrs: 6 European Cups 16 La       Liga 6 Copas del Rey 1 Intercontinental Cup 
- Zidane retired after the 2006 World Cup at the age of 34, having spent the last five seasons   of his career at Real Madrid. 
- Del Bosque spent 30 years in total at Real Madrid (first team and reserve team). He won        nine trophies as a player and seven as a coach.
- Benzema has scored two goals or more on 25 occasions for Real Madrid. 
 - Madrid’s longest-standing player is Iker, who has won 18 trophies for the club. Gento holds     the Real Madrid record with 23 titles. 
- Munoz is the club’s longest-serving coach, totalling 15 years and 604 competitive matches.      He won 14 titles during that span. 
- Between 1961-80, Los Blancos were so dominant in Spain that they won 14 La Liga titles      in 20 seasons. Between 1961-90, Madrid won 19. 
- Real Madrid’s biggest victory in any competition was against Barca as Los Blancos beat      them 11-1 in a Copa del Rey 1942/43. 
- Real’s biggest defeat in La Liga was against Espanyol when they lost 8-1 in 1929-30. 
- Cristiano Ronaldo’s 46 goals in La Liga in 2011-12 is the highest by any Madrid player in        La Liga.
- The exact time was 44:36 when Zidane scored his left-footed volley for Madrid in the 2002       Champions League final. 
- Ferenc Puskas was almost 39 when he played his last season for Real Madrid in the 1965/66 campaign. 
- Despite spending much of his time on the bench, Isco made more appearances (53) than       any other Madrid player in 2013/14. 
- Florentino Perez is 67 years old but turns 68 on March 8, his birthday just two days after       Real Madrid’s anniversary. 
- Mourinho won 128 of his 178 games to record a 71.91% ratio in his three seasons in charge   at Real Madrid.Ancelotti has 77.23% so far. 
- Real Madrid have a slight edge in the Clasico, with 92 wins in official matches to                 Barcelona’s 88 victories. 
- Raul played 741 times for Madrid, but Iker has featured 711 times for Los Blancos and is still    only 33. 
- Madrid have scored 113 goals in all competitions so far this term. Their highest total came in    2013-14, when they netted 160. 
- Figo was the 15th player to switch directly from Barca to Los Blancos. The first was Alfonso    Albeniz. 


Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stefano dies aged 88

Considered one of the greatest footballers of all time, Di Stefano won five European Cups in a row, scoring in each final between 1956 and 1960, and was also named European player of the year twice.

Top photo: Alfredo Di Stefano back heels Manchester United out of the European Cup as Real Madrid went on to win 6-1 at Old Trafford on 2 October 1959 - Photo Allsport / Hulton Archive

Bottom photo: Spanish footballer Alfredo di Stefano, one of the world’s greatest forwards, spinning a ball on one finger during Spain’s team practice at Roehampton in preparation for their match against England at Wembley - Photo by Terry Disney/Central Press/Getty Images

See more pictures here

Antibiotic resistance is a major threat to public health, yet 1/6 of Europeans are not aware that the misuse of antibiotics makes them less effective. Few new antibiotics have been discovered in recent years, leading to the urgent need to discover, research, and develop new antibiotics.

European Antibiotic Awareness Day takes place on 18 November each year to promote the prudent use of antibiotics and help to keep them effective for future generations.

In preparation for European Antibiotic Awareness Day this year, we have put together a collection of articles from our journals and books for you to read online until 18 February 2016. 

Image: Photo by frolicsomepl. CC0 Public domain via Pixabay.
Americans more likely to be Shot by Toddler than by Terrorist

Take the questions stumping Europeans in the Obama years (which 1.6 million Americans residing in Europe regularly find thrown our way). At the absolute top of the list: “Why would anyone oppose national health care?” European and other industrialized countries have had some form of national health care since the 1930s or 1940s, Germany since 1880. Some versions, as in France and Great Britain, have devolved into two-tier public and private systems. Yet even the privileged who pay for a faster track would not begrudge their fellow citizens government-funded comprehensive health care. That so many Americans do strikes Europeans as baffling, if not frankly brutal.

In the Scandinavian countries, long considered to be the most socially advanced in the world, a national (physical and mental) health program, funded by the state, is a big part — but only a part — of a more general social welfare system. In Norway, where I live, all citizens also have an equal right to education (state subsidized preschool from age one, and free schools from age six through specialty training or university education and beyond), unemployment benefits, job-placement and paid retraining services, paid parental leave, old age pensions, and more. These benefits are not merely an emergency “safety net”; that is, charitable payments grudgingly bestowed upon the needy. They are universal: equally available to all citizens as human rights encouraging social harmony — or as our own U.S. constitution would put it, “domestic tranquility.” It’s no wonder that, for many years, international evaluators have ranked Norway as the best place to grow old, to be a woman, and to raise a child. The title of “best” or “happiest” place to live on Earth comes down to a neighborly contest among Norway and the other Nordic social democracies, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland.

In Norway, all benefits are paid for mainly by high taxation. Compared to the mind-numbing enigma of the U.S. tax code, Norway’s is remarkably straightforward, taxing income from labor and pensions progressively, so that those with higher incomes pay more. The tax department does the calculations, sends an annual bill, and taxpayers, though free to dispute the sum, willingly pay up, knowing what they and their children get in return. And because government policies effectively redistribute wealth and tend to narrow the country’s slim income gap, most Norwegians sail pretty comfortably in the same boat. (Think about that!)

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hockey edit meme

I´ve been seeing a lot of those hockey meme things and I thought I would do one on my own. I got my inspo from this and this mostly. My list is a little shorter than most bc I´m a picky person and doesn’t have as many faves as most people but oh well. 

10 players

9 bromances 

8 rookies

7 european players

6 goalies

5 teams

4 moments

3 national teams

2 jerseys

1 legend