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To be honest, I’m not comfortable with how many historical blogs here uncritically use the term POC or white in eras before the 1500s, after which European imperialism started to give birth to the modern concept of whiteness. It is inherently ahistorical to talk about certain Roman citizens being “POC” when the lines drawn were a bit more like Northern Europeans/Mediterraneans, rather than Europe/Africa. The North-South Europe divide still exists today, but it was even more pronounced in the Roman era when the Northerners were seen as savages and uncivilised people to be conquered. 

It’s also an American term and classification outside the Americas sees whiteness differently + has other dimensions like ethnicity. 

I’m inclined to see imposing modern race categories on eras before they exist as not only anachronistic but also something one should not do precisely because it is an inherent perpetuation of the European colonial worldview. Where whiteness is default, which isn’t much use in eras where many non-European civilisations were the most powerful political entities. Not to mention I think it dichotomises multi-ethnic empires that had both Europeans and non-Europeans in a manner akin to the “one-drop rule”. 

the city is not easy

comin back from school isn’t as easy as before

goin from a bubble world of kindness and a taste of privilege and liberty to the slums of the inner city, the so called “capitol of the world”


the more i am educated on history the more sensitive i have become to oppression

being in the city makes me feel like a smoke detector at a campfire

everything i see

from white cops

to black cops

fast food joints

underground slaveships aka subway trains

homeless people

disrespectful ignorance

and the straight up poverty of everything in the Bronx

where no one really trusts you

and where you could get jumped in broad daylight

it’s like damn we’ve been fuckd up for a long time

for it to come to all this

and this is not even how bad it can get

this is paradise compared to whats goin on in Mexico, Haiti, the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iraq, most of Africa, Palestine, etc…

but it’s all the same injustice under different categories perpetuated by the same kind of ppl

whitewashed by a European mindset of war, violence, ego, hatred, and jealousy

i’m glad i’m realizing all of this now instead of never.

houdinibeanie  asked:

can you please explain the role/existence of slavery in African communities before the slave trade? My bad if I'm phrasing this question wrong. I'm just curious about this b/c I always here people trying to legitimize the Western slave trade by saying that we enslaved our own people before the slave trade started, and I don't know enough to engage in a meaningful discourse. Can you point me in the direction of some information or links explaining this? thanks in advance!!

there is a difference between slavery and indentured servitude.

the latter deals only with a small portion of the population, and the time of labor is limited. it is also less brutal. in African communities, there were indentured servants, but they were able to enter the society once they finished their terms. that kind of slavery has lasted for millenia, even in golden ages.

the former however is exclusive to Europeans and means that the society and economy depends on slavery for it to function meaning that slavery is systematic and fundamental to the survival of the dominant society. so, the majority of people are enslaved. the enslaved also do not have the privilege or promise of entering the dominant society, so they are forever marginalized. also, slavery lasts as long as the person lives, and is much more brutal.

slavery is more vicious, more evil, and has both physical and mental repurcussions. the first known record of indentured servitude was in KMT (Ancient Egypt) actually, where Kemetians would take European invaders in as indentured servants. BUT! they were always allowed an entry into Kemetic society.

i think (tho someone can correct me if this is wrong) that Arabs were the first to systematically enslave and trade African people, and then Europeans came in and basically globalized the industry.

that is the key to the difference. that Europeans systemized and globalized the enslavement of African people and decimated entire populations to the point of genocide of entire African communities, all of which gave rise to the system of capitalism that we live in today.

That was not the case in ancient African communities. African people did not torture servants, nor did they target a specific ethnic group, make them inferior and less than human, create a racial hierarchy, objectify them, and then exploit them as slaves. Europeans did that.

u can find more info on this in African Origins of Civilization by Cheikh Anta Diop

also read Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust: Slavery and the Rise of European Capitalism by John Henrik Clarke


Dr. John Henrik Clarke - “We live in a European-conceived intellectual universe’

Eurocentric insanity

i’m convinced that the European mind is detrimental to social progress and peace (see two cradle theory by Cheikh Anta Diop)

it’s fuckin shit up for everyone

got ppl fallin for the most shallow swindles

you point to the stars all ppl see is the tip of your finger (–African proverb)

we strugglin between love and hate, the ego and the true self

dealin wit some root chakra muhfuckas

wit no education

ignorance kills the soul

it alienates you from the source, the one

with wisdom comes responsibility

why are we afraid to learn? to be responsible? to live healthy lives for ourselves and each other?

why do we tolerate bullshit?

we got demons walkin in human form, eatin away at people’s energy, and we havent been able to detect that. most of us have been desensitized

but some of us know the truth, some of us understand why, and have found their path. that’s what gives me hope

educate the ignorant. each one teach one



Marimba Ani - European Quest for World Dominance

Marimba Ani, author of “Yurugu” talks about the European perception of reality and their quest for world dominance… Critique of European thought and behaviour

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In the past haven't all countries have been countries of destruction then? Pre-colonial time American, there has certainly been war among the natives. In Africa, tribes fight among each other. In Asia, civil war constantly occur. To say that's just an European-mind set seems to be just showing a negative bias toward Europeans.

in ancient times, wars in Africa were fought out of necessity, for defense. Diplomacy was always first exercised. war was the last resort. Asians faced similar environmental anxiety as the Europeans did, so they are more likely to exercise ideals of materialism, nomadic travel, objectivity, etc.

you havent seen my blog then. i indeed do have a negative bias against the European mind because the European mind is against my survival. it’s against everyone’s survival. im tryna survive in a world dominated by Eurocentric ideals and concepts which destroy everything. the eurocentric mind is parasitic.

see Two-Cradle theory by Cheik Anta Diop.

so today at job training....

ima be workin at a summer day camp in the Bronx

the summer theme is “Build your Dream” so architecture and design is the main focus

in the mornin the youth are gonna be doin math and readin stuff, uno cuz there seems to be a racial gap in reading and math scores for some weird coughracist reason >_> <_<

so i ask one of the teachers (white woman) what she’s teaching. she’s teaching these Black and Brown youth designs from the following:

  1. cathedrals
  2. Ancient Roman city
  3. castles during Medieval times

granted she said these were given to her by the DOE. but um, i don’t see anythin here from Africa, or Latin America, or anywhere in the “Third” world. essentially, nothing will reflect the culture of these Black and Latino youth. typical miseducation.

this is gonna be a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng summer

nok-ind  asked:

The thing is Europeans are the Pink non-melinated Africans. The very fact that they are what they are is perhaps as a result of the conditioning they had in Europe particularly during the major Ice age. The very fact they forgot that history makes me think about the conditions that's created that loss.

yes yes.

actually though*, every living thing has melanin. nothing can exist without melanin. white ppl jus have a lot LESS melanin, which will condition their psychology and physiology as well as their consciousness into a form that is sub-optimal in an African setting of reality.

peaceshine3 replied to your post: And you knw what even disgusts me even more, is the crying out and screaming of the person in Blackface. They know it is a painful history and sooooo wrong ( understatement) but they continue and SMILE. It reminds me of when I visited Ghana, and went to the Elmina Slave Castle, you could actually smell the blood, feces and sweat of where they kept the Ghanaians captured for months and it was more than 300 years later.. then to come and see this shit from Sweden. DISGUSTING.

We really need to see the uncivilized nature we are dealing with. The more we study the more acts like these will be of no surprise, but just a confirmation. I understand peoples outrage, but if you know history, this is typical of a people that are childlike in nature.

indeed. see: European worldview.