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What to watch in russian language?

It’s a very good question! Thank you, Tiff!
So, russian television mostly is an adaptation of some European and American tv shows, serials and films. But! There are some really good stuff, that I would like to mention.
*it’s important that I chose shows, serials and films that *I* like, because you can easily find all this popular&well-known stuff on internet, but I want to show something that is worth watching in only my opinion:)


Иван Ургант
And yes, everyone chooses it. But there are reasons why! 1 - it’s funny, 2 - you can watch it on YouTube for free (it updates everyday, so all series are fresh), 3 - it’s a very good version of Jimmy Fallon.

StandUp на ТНТ
So, it’s standup on TNT. Everything is clear, I think. It’s funny and it’s a good practice of intermediate+ level (I watch English standups all the time :D)
And pay attention to the site of the channel “ТНТ”, there are the most interesting things for teens (in my opinion)
You also can watch Танцы на ТНТ, Импровизация, Comedy Club, Где логика? etc. You can find anything you want.

Уральские пельмени
Old comedians with kind jokes about russian reality. It’s not THAT funny, but one of that things that you can watch to improve Russian language and understanding of our culture:)


It’s a serial on TNT again. But it’s a good one, I mean picture and idea, just find it on internet and watch:)

Закон каменных джунглей ZKD
It’s TNT production again :) It’s about some “bad” teens, maybe something like British “skins”.

It’s something like idea of “Sherlock”, but the main character is a snuff-taker, he breathes in and finds important information. Maybe you will like it!:)


I can’t help you with films. I, and the most part of russians, don’t watch our films. It’s not interesting, it’s awkward, clumsy. I can’t help you with it.
I don’t know any good modern russian film.

> If it is too difficult for you, try to watch cartoons
> if you have watched all of this, try to find films of not-russian production but with Russian voiceover
> remember of YouTube, there are a lot of Russian people:)

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Hi! Do you know if there are any free Catalan TV shows that have the subtitles in Catalan, so someone could keep track of the words as they watch (helps me practice a lot more if I can see the words)? I know TV3 has a Youtoube channel and I've been watching El Sopar but there aren't that many episodes of it, and some of TV3's other shows are in Catalan but don't have subtitles. (No problem if not, or if you don't have time or energy to check-- you probably get a lot of asks and are busy.)


I always have energy for helping someone learn Catalan 😉

TV3 a la carta has all the programmes emitted on TV3 (Catalonia’s public TV channel) and its affilliated channels (33 for documentaries, Súper3 for childen and Esport3 for sports) and all or at least most of them have subtitles in Catalan.

Some that I would recommend:

  • Merlí: the teenage drama everyone’s obsessed on. It’s about a philosophy teacher in a high school that makes the students think outside the box with some strange methods, and the events on the students’ lives have to do with the teachings of different philosophers.
  • Polseres vermelles: the show that everyone was obssses on some years ago. Follows the lives of a group of young people from age 8 to 17 who are interns in a hospital for different reasons, their friendships, loves, the same problems as every other kid, and their motivation to live.
  • Trinxeres: two friends walk all the last front of the Spanish Civil War in Catalonia talking to survivors and restoring the memory of those who died.
  • Afers Exteriors: journalist Miquel Calçada travels the world to speak to locals and Catalans abroad about the experience of immigration and the situation of the different countries.
  • 30 minuts: 30 minutes-long documentaries about different topics
  • 60 minuts: same as above but last for 1 hour
  • Catalunya Experience: each episode, different people from around the world come to Catalonia and the programme shows them different places or aspects of our culture.
  • El Cor de la Ciutat: a soap opera
  • Kubala, Moreno i Manchón: detectives
  • Plats Bruts: this is a very funny sitcom, but you proably need very good level of Catalan to understand it well
  • El Crac: another sitcom made by the same man who did Plats Bruts, makes fun of the lives of actors and the theatre world
  • El Lloc dels Fets: short documentaries about historical events that happenend in different places of Catalonia, explained in situ.

I hope you like them!

Class trivia: Dorothea Ames’ surname is from French âme, “soul.”

Combining this with her first name’s Greek meaning (“gift of God”) yields the sentence “Souls [are] a gift from God.”

This is a reference to medieval folklore, in which, while human beings had souls, other non-Christian creatures (such as elves and demons) did not.

I wonder: does Dorothea Ames have a soul?

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OMG how annoying the international fans: the clip is too short, Tarjei deserves better, we want merchandise, we made the show great... Their entitlement is so out of place!

Omfg yes. I’m so sick of seeing people complain about the show, and Norwegians too. #sanadeservesbetter like???? ITS A MUSLIM GIRL AS A MAIN CHARACTER IN AN EUROPEAN TV SHOW. She’s not stereotyped, she’s strong she’s amazing and she’s independent but also have a soft side. They’re showing her religion and her relationship to her religion in an amazing way, and are educating non Muslims so much. And people say she ‘deserves better’ because??? The episode should have been 40 minutes?

You know why skam is so amazing? Because it doesn’t have filler episodes or even scenes. WHY are people so hung up in 18 minutes? That right there is 18 minutes of quality content okay. And that’s not even mentioning all the bitching about literally everything else. Ugh I’m so sick of negative people. I wanna see more love and positivity and support!!!

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hello, random question but do you know any other good european tv shows? I just saw the anon about les revenants which i'll be looking at soon (thank you to your anon!) (the French one though, I'm not sure about the US one, is that one any good)?

hiii! uuuuh i dont:/ but if anyone has any recs?

One thing I love about In The Flesh, or most british/european TV shows in general as opposed to american shows, is that it’s not all perfectly high gloss. They live in normal houses and wear normal clothes. Not every single person on screen is super beautiful and sexy and dressed to the nines all day even though they’re just chilling on the couch.

Kieren’s parents look like parents. They aren’t some supermodel version of your mum and dad. Sue wears horrible mum clothes and no makeup. Steven has his grannish jeans.

Basically everyone in Roarton wears the most hideous clothes ever but that’s how people from a small village look like.

Simon is the sexy mysterious love interest but he doesn’t look like an Abercrombie model.

It’s more real, more tangible. It’s closer to what you actually see in your everyday life. They don’t sell you some idealised version of your life just one slightly more adventurous.