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Singing Czech actors 10/XY:

Jan Brožek in tv series Vinaři (The Winemakers) S01E02 from 2014. 

Warning: it´s slightly NSFW-ish. To put this unexpected musical scene in the middle of a comedy series about Moravian villagers in some context, the character lost a bet, he had to make a striptease at a certain event, and he decided to do it with a bang, in the style of the famous scene from Miloš Forman´s Hair (1979).

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Hi! Do you know if there are any free Catalan TV shows that have the subtitles in Catalan, so someone could keep track of the words as they watch (helps me practice a lot more if I can see the words)? I know TV3 has a Youtoube channel and I've been watching El Sopar but there aren't that many episodes of it, and some of TV3's other shows are in Catalan but don't have subtitles. (No problem if not, or if you don't have time or energy to check-- you probably get a lot of asks and are busy.)


I always have energy for helping someone learn Catalan 😉

TV3 a la carta has all the programmes emitted on TV3 (Catalonia’s public TV channel) and its affilliated channels (33 for documentaries, Súper3 for childen and Esport3 for sports) and all or at least most of them have subtitles in Catalan.

Some that I would recommend:

  • Merlí: the teenage drama everyone’s obsessed on. It’s about a philosophy teacher in a high school that makes the students think outside the box with some strange methods, and the events on the students’ lives have to do with the teachings of different philosophers.
  • Polseres vermelles: the show that everyone was obssses on some years ago. Follows the lives of a group of young people from age 8 to 17 who are interns in a hospital for different reasons, their friendships, loves, the same problems as every other kid, and their motivation to live.
  • Trinxeres: two friends walk all the last front of the Spanish Civil War in Catalonia talking to survivors and restoring the memory of those who died.
  • Afers Exteriors: journalist Miquel Calçada travels the world to speak to locals and Catalans abroad about the experience of immigration and the situation of the different countries.
  • 30 minuts: 30 minutes-long documentaries about different topics
  • 60 minuts: same as above but last for 1 hour
  • Catalunya Experience: each episode, different people from around the world come to Catalonia and the programme shows them different places or aspects of our culture.
  • El Cor de la Ciutat: a soap opera
  • Kubala, Moreno i Manchón: detectives
  • Plats Bruts: this is a very funny sitcom, but you proably need very good level of Catalan to understand it well
  • El Crac: another sitcom made by the same man who did Plats Bruts, makes fun of the lives of actors and the theatre world
  • El Lloc dels Fets: short documentaries about historical events that happenend in different places of Catalonia, explained in situ.

I hope you like them!

Class trivia: Dorothea Ames’ surname is from French âme, “soul.”

Combining this with her first name’s Greek meaning (“gift of God”) yields the sentence “Souls [are] a gift from God.”

This is a reference to medieval folklore, in which, while human beings had souls, other non-Christian creatures (such as elves and demons) did not.

I wonder: does Dorothea Ames have a soul?

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OMG how annoying the international fans: the clip is too short, Tarjei deserves better, we want merchandise, we made the show great... Their entitlement is so out of place!

Omfg yes. I’m so sick of seeing people complain about the show, and Norwegians too. #sanadeservesbetter like???? ITS A MUSLIM GIRL AS A MAIN CHARACTER IN AN EUROPEAN TV SHOW. She’s not stereotyped, she’s strong she’s amazing and she’s independent but also have a soft side. They’re showing her religion and her relationship to her religion in an amazing way, and are educating non Muslims so much. And people say she ‘deserves better’ because??? The episode should have been 40 minutes?

You know why skam is so amazing? Because it doesn’t have filler episodes or even scenes. WHY are people so hung up in 18 minutes? That right there is 18 minutes of quality content okay. And that’s not even mentioning all the bitching about literally everything else. Ugh I’m so sick of negative people. I wanna see more love and positivity and support!!!

Depeche mode are a bright, young electro-pop band who hail from Basildon, Essex. Their hit singles on the Mute label, Dreaming of Me, New Life, Just Can’t Get Enough and See You have changed forever the doomy, one-dimensional image of synthesised pop music in England.
Depeche Mode are very young - none of them is over 21. They came together while at different schools in Basildon. Originally a threesome; Andy Fletcher, Martin Gore and Vince Clarke, they featured two guitars and a synthesiser. Then Dave Gahan joined as singer. They discovered a new title while flicking through a French clothing magazine - Depeche Mode (Fast Fashion), it sounded good, only now the guitars and single synthesiser didn’t. They ditched the strings and all three instrumentalists began playing synths.
Their demo tapes stirred little to no interest with the big London record companies, but while supporting Fad Gadget at the Bridge House, Canning Town they met Daniel Miller, founder of Mute Records. He was impressed from the first song, signed them and issued the debut single, Dreaming Of Me.
Then came a year of dazzling achievement. Despite tempting offers from the major record companies Depeche Mode stuck with Daniel Miller and Mute Records. Dreaming Of Me made the lower reaches of the charts, New Life rose to 11 and then the third single, Just Can’t Get Enough cracked the top 10.
Speak & Spell was the title of Depeche Mode’s first album. Released in November, it quickly made its way ro the top 10 of the album charts. Then came a short tour of England and parts of Europe when they ‘proved themselves to be the most dancable pop band on the market’.
It was during this time that Vince Clarke realised that he preferred the studio to the road, and left to follow his own creative career, as Yazoo, still with Mute Records. The remaining three Modes returned to the studio to record their new single, See You, written by Martin Gore. It was hailed as the best music the band had made to date and reached their biggest chart position, at number 6.
In late January 1982 Depeche Mode’s first concerts at the Ritz in New York introduced Alan Wilder on synthesiser and additional vocals. Returning to England, a very successful British tour in February ended with two sold out concerts at the Hammersmith Odeom in London.
Following a European tour, including TV and radio appearances, Depeche Mode released their fifth single, The Meaning Of Love written by Martin Gore, it reached number 12 in the British charts.
Depeche Mode completed a highly successful two-week tour of the US and Canada before returning to work on their second LP, A Broken Frame. Their sixth single Leave In Silence marked a 'more experienced, softly stated rhythm’, 'a wonderful deserted love song’ (NME). Their LP, A Broken Frame reached number 8 in the charts. It contains ten tracks written by Martin Gore and was produced by Depeche Mode and Daniel Miller of Mute Records.
A sell-out of Britain and Ireland during October 1982 was followed by another European tour during November and early December before the Modes returned to England for several Christmas and New Year television appearances.
Depeche Mode remain a major influence in the electro-music field.

Als ich nach Deutschland kam, sprach ich nur Englisch - aber weil die deutsche Sprache inzwischen so viele englische Wörter hat, spreche ich jetzt fließend Deutsch!
—  Rudi Carrell, (1934-2006), Dutch entertainer and tv host, who lived and worked in Germany for decades. Along with other Dutch entertainers like Johannes Heesters or Linda de Mol, he was very successful and probably the most famous Dutchman in Germany. He had his own “Rudi Carrell Show”, which ran from the 60′s to the 90′s. He also sang and acted in several movies.

1st trailer of “Astroboy Reboot” european animated tv series by Shibuya Productions and Caribara studio.


Women in their multitudes

is something that needs to be seen more than

men in their multitudes.

–– Graeme Manson [x]|[x]