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G-Eazy & Grace performing “You Don’t Own Me” on The TODAY Show (July 28, 2015)

A promotional photo of Ian as the devious Michael Spearpoint In the BBC series “The Gravy Train”, a sarcastic painting of the former European Economic Community and its bureaucracy. Ian delivers here many of the best lines with withering, dry humour typically british. It would be great that this series be aired again at the present moment because of the Brexit background.

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Hey can I ask where you watch RuPaul?

I watched seasons from 2 to 7 on italian netflix, while i watched all stars 1, all stars 2 and s8 on streaming!

i’m watching season 8 here: (it doesn’t have s1 and s2 and the all stars seasons)

i watched all stars 1 here: and on the same website i watched all stars 2

apparently on the same website there are also s1&s2. i didn’t watch s1 and i have no plans of doing it, but season 2 is amazing and one of my faves EVER, it’s so full of drama i didn’t mind it was old. also there are some of my fave queens, so !!!!

i highly suggest to give it a try! it’s addicting. you don’t have to watch all of them in order or all of them at all tbh. except for all stars seasons that are seasons with queens eliminated from the previous seasons. also s9 airs the 24th!!! idk on which american channel tho


1st trailer of “Astroboy Reboot” european animated tv series by Shibuya Productions and Caribara studio.


March 30th : A bit of a change of scenery.

I’m home for two weeks for Easter break and have taken over my brother’s old bedroom for a while. I love the natural light in here.

Working on an essay for my European Film and Television class. I love Scandinavian television so I’m really excited that I get to write a whole essay on it! I’m going to focus on Bron and Forbrydelsen and their US adaptations (The Killing US is my fave show of all time tbh), while mentioning other Danish/Swedish crime noir and how a lot of the globally successful Scandinavian television shows feature female leads (I only realised this a few minutes ago but I think it’s so interesting!) One of my lecturers has written an entire book about Swedish crime fiction (pictured) so I hope I don’t screw this up! I’ve done a plan, aiming for the minimum word limit because I tend to overwrite a little, and I’ve also done a quick guide to Harvard referencing at the bottom. I only have to do Harvard referencing for my film class, my literature classes use something entirely different, and since my film module last semester was all practical work, I haven’t used Harvard in over a year so I’m pretty rusty!

Als ich nach Deutschland kam, sprach ich nur Englisch - aber weil die deutsche Sprache inzwischen so viele englische Wörter hat, spreche ich jetzt fließend Deutsch!
—  Rudi Carrell, (1934-2006), Dutch entertainer and tv host, who lived and worked in Germany for decades. Along with other Dutch entertainers like Johannes Heesters or Linda de Mol, he was very successful and probably the most famous Dutchman in Germany. He had his own “Rudi Carrell Show”, which ran from the 60′s to the 90′s. He also sang and acted in several movies.
'Strike Back' movie in development |

Strike Back could be coming, well, back — and bigger than ever.

Left Bank Pictures is developing a feature film based on the cult hit Cinemax action series, EW has learned exclusively.

While still very much at an early stage, the London-based production company has a deal to develop the film with European pay TV giant Sky.

We’re hearing stars Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester would likely reprise their roles if the film is greenlit.  

Producers are also in early talks with getting Strike Back’s U.S. distributor and production partner Cinemax on board too, but no deal has yet been struck on that front.

If everything goes according to plan, the film would shoot in South America in 2016, with the hope of developing Strike Back into a theatrical franchise.

Strike Back finished its fifth and final season in July. Strike Back follows the adventures of a secretive branch of the British Defense Intelligence service who take on high risk missions around the globe and is based on a novel of the same name by former Special Air Service soldier Chris Ryan.

The move comes on the heels of Bill Clinton revealing that Strike Back is among his favorite TV series during a recent interview, saying he “adores” the show.



MEOW SULTAN “cat scandal”: Is the cat depicted in the hands of Safiye Sultan, caused controversy among viewers and the media. Persian cat is mistake,since in those days the Persian cats have not lived in the palaces.But,some people think, this is not Persian,but Turkish Angora cat.Explaining it to that Padishahs loved to give cats to their mothers,wives,daughters and Safiye Sultan’s cat was a gift from a son. Although there is a version that is a gift of Elizabeth I. And in general,Safiye Sultan’s style (too european) in the tv show will be a small tribute to the historical relations of the two women.