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I went to a film festival in South Korea called Pusan last year.  Obviously the karaoke in South Korea is amazing.  And I found my inner B.B. King that night.  Stand By Me.  Never been able to sing it.  For whatever reason in front of the European Film Commission - rock star.  R&B came out of me.  I don’t know why, it just happened.

Set of postcards I made for Shanghai Comic Con, less than two weeks away!

8 species of cats in Starfleet uniforms from various periods in Startrek history. Because of the international nature of Starfleet, I picked cats from each continent/region of the Earth (sans Australia, since it doesn’t have native cats)

Pallas Cat - Central Asia

Tiger - Indian Subcontinent

Asian Golden Cat - East Asia

Serval - Subsaharan Africa

Caracal - North Africa and Middle East

Jaguarundi - South America

Bobcat - North America

European Wild Cat - Europe

Come see me at Shanghai Comic Con on November 5-6! I will be Artist Alley table 38!

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View of the Milky Way over the telescopes of the European Southern Observatory I believe, in the high desert of Chile

“PS this totally happened and I am in no way lying.”

A dress fitting at the fashion house of the Sorelle Fontana in Rome,  1953

The Fontanas were 3 Italian sisters and designers: Zoe, Micol and Giovanna. They set up their atelier in Rome in the Via Liguria in 1943. Six years later Linda Christian selected one of their dresses for her wedding to Tyrone Power in Rome, 1949. After that they were asked to design dresses for Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and many other Hollywood and European stars and other famous people.

for sniccolo

Il materiale di origine: J. Davidson / Lupita Nyong'o, John Boyega, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Gary Fisher, Oscar Isaac and Peter Mayhew attend the European premiere of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at Leicester Square in London, England. (16th December, 2015)

And here is the full photo including Space Mom…❤️

every year on hallowe'en, scotty has a ghost tour of engineering, and it’s awful and so over the top - scotty’s dressed as a stereotypical jack the ripper with an oversized cape and too big hat and there’s blood trailing behind him where “the monster got him” (even though everyone can see him dropping fake blood under his cape.) the engineers pretend to be dead or undead, and the whole thing ends with keenser in a sheet suspended from a pipe and wailing while scotty screams dramatically. (until one year things actually start getting really out of hand with keenser levitating and things been thrown around. when scotty finally has the nerve to go back down to engineering, he finds out he has an engineer who’s telekinetic and just wanted to help. his tours get a lot scarier from then on.)