european stadium tour

Rolling Stones set for 13-date European stadium tour

The Rolling Stones are to embark on a European stadium tour later this year.

The veteran rock group will play 13 gigs across nine countries, including France, Germany and Spain, on the Stones – No Filter tour.

It comes after the four-piece followed last year’s tour of South America with a historical performance in Havana, Cuba.

Rolling Stones (Andy Butterton/PA)

Kicking off in Hamburg on September 9, the tour promises state-of-the-art set design and includes a date in the medieval city of Lucca, Italy, which recently celebrated its 500th anniversary and has never been used for a major live music event.

Sir Mick Jagger said: “I’m so excited to be touring Europe this autumn and returning to some familiar places and some we’ve never done before.”

The nicest things he did for people were usually the quietest – he was very shy when confronted with emotional gratitude from those he cared about. When the LOVESEXY European tour schedule conflicted with my son Tristan’s annual Summer visit, Prince suggested that we bring the 14 year old on tour with us.

Can you imagine a back-to-school “show and tell” where students tell the class how they spent their summers? “I toured European stadiums with Prince.” Yeah, right, Tristan. Sure you did. I think he had to bring his class the tour book with his Dad’s name to prove he wasn’t tripping.

Then there was an expensive designer sweater that Prince once wore to an event while we were in Nice, France, shooting Under The Cherry Moon. [My wife] Gwen fell in love with it and complimented Prince.

A few days later we were on set and Prince pulled Gwen aside and sent her on errand. “Go to my villa and look on the dresser for a box.” Thinking she was fetching something he needed Gwen did as instructed. What she found was the sweater, nicely wrapped with her name on the box.

Then, in 1990 I had a medical issue that required surgery and a month or two of treatments. Basically two months away from work. There were no pesty, anxious “how’s he doin’” calls day after day. BUT there were full paychecks every Friday and NEVER a call asking, “when can he come back to work?” THAT is the Prince I remember.

- Alan Leeds, Okay Player (2016)