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Minecraft server opening again!

*the build in the picture was made by ptrudeau on the server

Hello everyone! I am reopening the request to join my minecraft server! We need more european players as the server is quite dead in the day time!

HOW TO JOIN THE SERVER: (send an ask please, this is easier for me to see)

  1. You must be a simblr
  2. You must be following me
  3. You need to be active on the server (at least a few times a week)

- Fill this:

  • Age:
  • Timezone:
  • Gender:
  • Minecraft username:

- Read the rules:


- The server is 100% survival there is no commands at all! Please be aware of that and don’t come on the server to ask me to change anything, I won’t!

- Version 1.11.2


- DON’T STEAL! We will know (thanks to plugins) and ban you instantly

- No racism, homophobia or any kind of intolerant speech (this will get you banned from the server)

- If you break any block, please replace it (if a creeper explodes on a structure, try to rebuild it as it was!)

- Do not build your house in the spawning area! The spawning area is meant for shops and other communities builds

- Don’t leave random blocks on the ground!


- If you want to build your base, please do it quite far from the spawn area! You can make your house anywhere you want in the world :) (travel trough nether is quite fast, if you don’t know how to, ask someone online ! )

- You can travel trough the nether to find the perfect place to build your house/base!


You can sell your stuff for diamonds, iron, gold redstone, whatever you need!

- Do not make things too expensive! Don’t make people pay 10 diamonds for a stack of wood! Try to have some good sense

- Build your shop in the spawning area and nowhere else!

- Try to make a nice build not just a dirt house! (You don’t have to be a god at building, just something more than a dirt house) If the server looks beautiful that will be nicer to play on :)

- Place button on the ground where you want to build your shop and put a sign with your name on it so people won’t take that space to build their own shops!


- If you take food from the community garden, please replant everything!

- To prove to me that you’ve read the rules please add: lama in the message you sending me that is the code to enter the server if it isn’t added t oyour message, you won’t be added to the whitelist!

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You are a delight, I wish my connection wasn't shitty going into European servers so i could try to meet you in match but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe one day!

I actually don’t even play in EU that much! I also play in Americas and Australian servers mostly <:

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Hey!!! Just wanted to ask what your rank in ovw is? :0 Also what your level is

I’m playing ovw just for fun with friends and I’m not the competition kind of person, so I’m only on level 157 I think. :’D Also I’m mostly on the European server.

@tethrasing and it sucks that it has to be like that. in one way i’m glad i play on console bc no one on the european servers go to team chat, ever. and even if they did, i wouldn’t join. shitty messages are bad enough. but it has happened to me where i’m in a group and there’s been new people and they would try to tell me how to play certain heroes (not necessarily in a rude way but definitely not in a “i wanna be nice and try to give you some tips on how to improve if that’s ok” kinda way either) and i know for a fact they wouldn’t have done that if i weren’t a girl. it’s fucking great 👍

honestly, with how involved everyone is on the internet these days, it’s gotten to the point where i feel like people need to be taught how to conduct themselves online. like parents telling the kids, teachers at schools blablabla etc. sexual harassment or any kind of harassment isn’t okay just bc you’re talking to someone you’ll likely never meet.

Goddamn I can’t believe me trying to make a modern au erupted into Global Pancake Discourse on the Les Mis server

Europeans are wrong
Crepes are crepes and not pancakes, ENGLAND
Making a pancake in an oven defeats the entire purpose of a PANcake SWEDEN
Crepes are basically tortillas so therefore should not be classified in the pan-friend bread category, which PROPER pancakes fall into

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Just a thing bc I saw u were having problems with friend requests not showing up. They do that if u r playing on different servers. I suppose u r on the European server and if someone on the American or Asian server sends u a friend request, you can't see it in game

Ooohhhh yeah I’m on a European server

Do you ever wonder how relevant Time zones are among players of tome? I know that most mmos have several servers. European server, us server etc
But Tome seems to have a single server for all players. Like. Wow? That’s amazing. Or did nylocke choose to play on the us server? Is he having some sort of reputation or history at European servers? I must know.


The emotionless girl in maid’s attire: Coppelia’s Profile:

  • Race: Human
  • Class: Cleric
  • Level: 90
  • HP: 9626
  • MP: 8587

Lacking in emotions and expressions, this machine-like Cleric resembles a doll. She has accompanied Kanami ever since she was picked up in Ville des Fleurs and now serves as Kanami’s faithful attendant. She is modest and devoted, but she can handle enemies with the shields that she carries into battle. What will her friends think about the fact that she’s a machine? On this journey, what will this girl feel?

Item 1: <White Steel Shield>
A high Production-class pavise that had special metals incorporated into it, such as mithril and <Sunshine Augite> in order to collect sunlight. Along with increasing the amount of HP restored by <Heal>, it also boosts the effectiveness of light magic.

Item 2: <Noblewoman’s Apron Dress>
Production-class heavy armor reminiscent of maid attire. It was designed with many small sections of sheet metal, keeping flexibility and mobility in mind without detracting from the wearer’s figure or losing any defense.
(TL note: The actual name of the equip is “Koutetsu Apron Dress”, but I didn’t think it would make sense for a character from the European server to have a Japanese-named equip, especially if she was a bot that only gathered from one location.)

Item 3: <Trunk of Saierika>
Although it has a much larger capacity than <Dazaneg’s Magic Bag>, this trunk severely limits movement. Even though she’s not suitable for carrying it, Coppelia puts all the supplies for the journey in it and carries it nonchalantly anyways.
(TL note: The original name in katakana was “—Trunk”, the most half-assed name I have ever seen. “Saierika” was added from its name in kanji.)


Me with Onee-san after helping me sweep through the Sinestral Manor. (Thank you~!) I have officially quit the European servers of TERA as well. My reason being that I see no more future there with the horrible management and I have tolerated enough. However, my interest in TERA is gradually dying so I am taking it slow in the North American servers, having no plans to rush to 60.


Desimp has always seemed like a really good sorcerer. I also like that his character isn’t super small, it’s interesting.

He really knows his combos well, and his cds. Everything he casts is mostly more than efficient for the situation. Carries out cc and damage very well.

Very fun to watch his videos. Always interested in players from different servers, especially ones from different countries.

Now he plays a sin, i do see that he has the control down for sin, and he knows how to burst well. I’m not sure how geared his sin is, but I do think he’s a better sorcerer than sin.

When I watch PvP videos I try to see it from the victim’s point of view and what they could have done to avoid dying and maybe defeat the person. One of the few people that I ever found to fully overwhelm and crush their opponents is Feel. I pretty much determine if the victim is a PvPer (good/bad) at all. Then I can judge how the person in the video is doing.

With Desimp, he does fight a lot of… casuals per say. Though the way he compensates, like Uhiwi, he fights large numbers. He does do well versus those large numbers though.

I would like to see Desimp vs Simca, unless I’ve just missed the video =P.