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Dear SK’s music industry,

as far as I know, South Korea’s education system is one of the most productive and efficient systems in the world. South Korea nearly the highest educated nation worldwide. That being said, I’m extremely sure you are aware that this is a continent

This is Europe.

Not a state, not a country…this is a continent.

When you constantly skip it while scheduling your world tours, may I ask, what’s going on in your mind? I know you know what and where is Europe. I know you know there are plenty of people ready to attend your concerts…..You cannot seriously tell me it’s because you don’t like it. We got everything you want! Just choose one country!






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It’s very telling that white supremacists are afraid of “brown hordes” invading and taking over where they live, claiming that they will not respect the local culture and actively try to suppress it while oppressing the locals…because that’s exactly what white Americans and Europeans did to the places they conquered. 

Americans moving into Texas were absolutely offended that the majority there was Catholic, they thought Spanish was an inferior language, and they seceded because they wanted to own slaves and it was forbidden under Mexican law. 

Americans moving west into indigenous territories literally relocated entire families rather than live alongside people they viewed as dirty savages. They punished them for speaking their own language, for engaging in their own cultural practices, and stole their children in an attempt to kill their connections as a community.

Americans moving into Hawai’i faked goodwill in order to corner a lucrative market, and then staged a coup to overthrow the queen and claim the islands as their own solely to protect their own interests. Teaching of the native language and customs was suppressed. 

Europeans moving into Africa and the Middle East took extra care to stoke ethnic and religious tension among the locals to keep them from uniting against them. Europeans imported the Christian blood libel to Syria and Egypt to fuel antisemitic violence against the Jews living there; the local people were literally segregated into second class social tiers, good enough to serve whites drinks but not good enough to be allowed into the social clubs built in their own cities and towns; if their art and everyday objects weren’t destroyed in an attempt to “civlise” them, or to demonise them as savages, then it was stolen as curiosities for European amusement. 

White supremacists idolise the hell out of Japan yet forget that the shogunate was rightfully suspicious of the intentions of the Europeans who came claiming to want to trade–and expelled all the foreign missionaries, leaving only a few representatives of the Dutch West Indies company allowed to commerce there. 

TLDR; white supremacists are afraid of people coming to live in Europe and the states because they are projecting hard.     

depeche mode announcing UK winter tour

depeche mode announcing UK winter tour when i have no money

Magnus Scheving is an amazing freak of nature

Think about it.  Most people who become champions in a sport train in that sport starting when they are very little, and spend pretty much their whole life doing it. 

Magnus didn’t start doing aerobics until he was twenty, and before then knew absolutely nothing about it. But still, he mastered it in three years and became a national champion, a two-time european champion, and placed 2nd in the world championship (If I remember correctly), all while probably competing against men who have been doing it since they were kids.

Magnus is really an amazing athlete