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“In the recorded cosmic or Midgard concepts of the Indo-Europeans, man has his proper place in the great scheme of ordered life, but he is not enchained to it as are the oriental religions, with their star worship and priestly prophesies of the future — the study of entrails and the flight of birds, practised by the Babylonians, Etruscans and others. He appears in a trusting relationship with his God, whose nature itself is connected with the world order, and he joins with this God on a national scale in the struggle against all powers hostile to man and God, against chaos, against Utgard. The Indo-European recognises Midgard, the earth-space, as the field in which he may fulfil his destiny, cherishing life as a cultivator or farmer, where plants, animals and men are each called to grow and ripen into powerful forces asserting themselves within the timeless order. Guilt in man — not sin — arises wherever an individual defies or threatens this order and attempts through short-sighted obstinacy to oppose the divine universal order in life. For such a crime an individual incurs guilt. By such a crime, his people are threatened with the danger of decline and degeneration, and the world order with confusion and distortion.“

~   Hans F. K. Guenther,  The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans


It’s so funny because whenever the D. Gray Man fandom gets a wiff of something that is potential hiatus-relieving material, they go crazy.
And now it’s actually happening and we don’t even know what to do with ourselves. All the DGM blogs that I follow are reblogging the same things because we are just so pumped that it is coming back on July 17th.
I’m glad my dash is alive with the tears of the upcoming tragedy of this series.
May our boys survive this fucking series.

Picture take in Congo Free State: I have seen this picture being reblogged by so many people on the site without people knowing his name or what happened to him and his family. His name was Nsala from Wala in the Nsongo District. Congo Free State, what we now cal Democratic Republic of Congo was owned by King Leopold of Belgium, it was given to him at the Berlin Conference. The whole country was essentially turned into a slave plantation and one of the things people had to do was mine for rubber. If a person didn’t meet the rubber quota, them and their family would be severely punished and one of the punishments was mutilation… A Catholic priest quote a man called Tswambe, speaking of the hated state official Léon Fiévez “Rubber causes these torments; that’s why we no longer want to hear its name spoken. Soldiers made young men kill or rape their own mothers and sisters…The European officer in command ‘ordered us to cut off the heads of the men and hang them on the village palisades … and to hang the women and the children on the palisade in the form of a cross.” Nsala didn’t meet the rubber quota so as, punishment his wife, daughter and son were killed, cut up into pieces and boiled and only the remaining foot and hand of his five year old daughter was returned to him (according to accounts)

From 1885 to 1908 Belgians estimated that half of Congo’s population had halved and over 10 million people died (statistics vary from 12-22 million) the Belgians were not the only ones who contributed to this death toll and torture. Omani Arab and Swahili people (Waswahili) from Zanzibar were also responsible for the Congolese genocide. 

Ok Honestly...

In her first piece(s) on magic in America, JKR didn’t appreciate the significance of Native genocide/repression, slavery, segregation or racism in general in American history. There was absolutely NO mention of these historic events, nor how the magical world of the US dealt with them. The piece(s) were of a white, privileged narrative that excluded the struggles of American POC and crushed thousands of fans (myself included). Now with the extra details on the Ilvermorny school/its beginnings, the slap in the face is only more fierce. Here’s why:

To have the school be an establishment of a European witch is FUCKED. It only furthers the narrative of uncivilized Natives that needed the Europeans to establish order. Despite the fact that native tribes mostly stayed to themselves, I find it extremely hard to believe that magical peoples of each tribe wouldn’t have crossed paths, or established a school that magical children would attend. AT LEAST some sort of code/rules that the magical people of each tribe would have to abide by. Ilvermorney or the American school, should be a Native establishment, centered on Native forms of magic. Islot and her story should be secondary, and the use of European wands as well. Honestly there could’ve been a great story about Islot and James appealing to the Native council at said school about the helpfulness of the wands, and the use of establishing a class/classes on wand use and European magic. The school could’ve been a segway to differentiate between the turmoil of the No-maj world and the magical one–for example sending teachers to recruit witches and wizards born to African-American slaves, tensions between No-maj European settlers, slaves and Native tribes erupting into fights at school between witches & wizards of those backgrounds, and threatening an end to the school as a hub of peace, trust and learning. In attempt to hold the school together, MACUSA’s creation and the establishment of a split between the two worlds because, realistically, racial tensions would’ve caused the magical world to go underground way before the witch trials. Like, just sitting here I can imagine so many places this story, with JKR’s ideas and characters, could’ve gone in ways that weren’t insensitive to America’s history and the struggles that POC in this nation would’ve had to deal with, whether No-maj or not. American history DID NOT start with European arrival in North America, and I find it offensive to suggest that organized magical communication, governing, security and education did.

4 days Bankgok, Tokyo, Dubai

After years in Japan I learned to appreciate every single minute of travel, and sometimes my trips have a slightly crazy schedule. So here is a mini guide what to do in a very short time and have a fabulous trip. 

Bangkok (noon till evening)

For a bit of local arty / fashion experience try: It’s Happened to be a Closet, all fashion people go to this shop / atelier / restaurant. There is a manicure room, a foot massage parlor, DIY ateliers to make your own jewelry, and a fantastic European style restaurant (order anything with truffles and you will not be disappointed), there is a store, bakery and enough colors to make your energy levels really high.

124/1 Soi Sukhumvit 23 | Khlong Toei Nuea (they do not have a website, it is a best kept local secret)



Just nearby there are three most amazing interior furniture shops, even of you travel light you should check them for inspiration. Run by the same owner each shop has a very distinguished look and feel, and there is a lot to see there in a tiny 2 floor space. Each shop is a bit of a tiny fabulous apartment, the one where you really want to meet the owner. They are all next to each other and have these beautiful names: Incredible, Eligible, and Unforgettable.



Check them out at: 116/6 Sukhumvit 23, Sukhumvit Road, North Klongtoey, Wattana, Bangkok 10110.


At My Little Box and Pommery event 

Catching Pokemons across Japanese capital is the most fun.

Quick gateway to Enoshima in summer


After Tokyo, Dubai came next, despite summer heat there are always many new restaurants and places to visit. It changes everyday.


A shisha bar and Chanel baboosh

Finding street art in Dubai is a real treasure hunt as messages are hidden across construction sites everywhere. And after dinner at night a walk by the beach is a bliss.



Hello fellow European Armys ^^, 

I’d like to ask anyone who’s interested to join the group order of these adorable taekook dolls. 

Here’s the link to the GO on twitter, it is organized by twitter user @kissthepanda 

And the deadline is 6 February

I hope a lot will join, so the EMS fees will be lower for everyone, especially since theres never a lot of european group orders and even if there is one, there’s never a lot of participation. That’s the reason why I made this post.

Pls help reblogging the post even if you can’t join! I would really appreciate it ^^

Wild European Hamster - Cricetus cricetus

The European (or Common) Hamster is a close relative to the Golden Hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) of Turkey and Syria, which was the only species able to be successfully domesticated, at first. Unlike the golden hamster, the European hamster is considered a significant pest of cropland, though in many areas, they’re also considered endangered species, due to aggressive eradication efforts.

Like most members of their sub-order (Cricetinae), European hamsters have cheek-pouches, which extend down to their shoulders. They hoard food in times of plenty, and unlike squirrels and many other rodents of the Americas, actually keep track of where they bury or store their surpluses.

Wild Life of the World. Richard Lydekker, 1916.

I’m so so so sad that I live in a country that authors don’t come to. I want to meet them and tell them how much their books have changed my life, but I can’t afford going to another European country in order to do that. And I’m so sad about this. 


The New Audi SQ7 TDI

The first units of the new Audi SQ7 TDI will appear on the market from summer 2016. With 320 kW (435 hp) of power and 900 Nm (663.8 lb-ft) of torque at its disposal, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in a mere 4.8 seconds, using on average 7.2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers (32.7 US mpg). European customers can order the Audi SQ7 TDI from mid-May.