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PSA: The “G” word (g*psy) is, in fact, a RACIAL SLUR.

When I refer to the “G” word, I’m referring to the word “gypsy.” And yes, that is a racial slur.

For years, it’s driven me nuts when privileged females refer to themselves as having “gypsy souls” or simply as a “gypsy.”

In fact, the word “gypsy” is a derogatory term for a group of people called the Romani or Roma.

According to The Oxford Dictionary, the definition of gypsy is as follows:

A member of a traveling people with dark skin and hair who speak Romany and traditionally live by seasonal work, itinerant trade and fortune-telling.

Originating in India, the Romani people took to a traveling lifestyle and made money through trades. They primarily settled in Eastern Europe, but they live all over the world today.

A six-minute MTV Decoded video explains how the Romani people were stuck with the racial slur. Apparently, Europeans incorrectly thought the group of people was from Egypt, so they gave them the nickname “gypsy,” and it’s stuck with them ever since.

In Europe, “gypsies” are typically stereotyped as thieves, criminals and low-class citizens, if even citizens at all. During the Holocaust, Hitler exterminated at least 250,000 Roma, but their persecution dates back to the Middle Ages.

Now, have you ever heard of the term gypped? Otherwise known as, to cheat or swindle? This comes from the declared “untrustworthiness” of the Romani people.

Right now, the Romani are treated as second-class citizens, especially in Europe, despite the fact that there are over 10 million Romani residing there.

France has deported tens of thousands of Roma people, Denmark and Sweden are looking to expel them and Italy declared a state of emergency. These European countries deny social services, housing and support segregation.

Even in the United States, where there are over one million American Roma, citizens of the descent hide their heritage in order to avoid hate crimes because they might be a “dirty gypsy who only travels around in caravans and tells fortunes.”

While many people of Romani background don’t always have dark features, it is still feared to reveal having a heritage of Roma descent. I mean, if Hitler still murdered Romani that fit his Aryan standard back during World War II, then it makes sense that Romani descendants are still terrified to talk about heritages.

So, if you ever use the word gypsy to describe your “free-spirit,” please choose a different word from the dictionary, because you are using a racial slur. You are a privileged person, not an oppressed group of people.

And if you ever catch a friend referring to themselves as having a “gypsy soul” or if you even see it on an Instagram, Tumblr, or Twitter bio, just let he or she know of their insensitivity and blatant racism.

Portrait of a group of Prussian soldiers said to be taken in Southern Jutland during the Second Schleswig War, 1864.

Source: Royal Library, Denmark.

I drew this for everyone over at @capndirosso‘s discord server! Ily so much, you’re all great people ^u^ I hope everyone is feeling a bit better today, and if you’re not, seeing Kyouko should help a bit! 


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  • ok so Phichit is holding the selfie stick which means that this was his idea and he somehow got even the most asocial skaters to pose for the photo 
  • Yuuri has his hand on Phichit’s shoulder 
  • Viktor has his hand on one of Yuuri’s shoulders 
  • Yurio claimed Yuuri’s other shoulder in order to lean on it and pose 
  • pretty much right besides Viktor is JJ doing his signature pose (someone call Joe Johnson) 
  • Minami is, of course, right behind Yuuri 
  • Leo is a little hard to see cause his outfit matches Minami’s hair color but him and Guang Hong are posing together 
  • Michele looks like Emil dragged him there as he is still kinda glaring at him, but at least Emil seems happy that he is there 
  • Otabek probably guessed that there wasn’t enough space so he simply crouched down to fit behind Guang Hong 
  • Chris and Georgi could also tell that they weren’t going to show that far back so they simply jumped into it
  • Seung-Gil, who never hangs out with anyone, didn’t bother to smile but he still looks less dragged in than Michele does though maybe he just didn’t want to be only one not involved cause that would look bad :P
  • if this is considered canon then I would expect this to be during the World’s tournament since that’s the only one all skaters can be apart of besides the Grand Prix series, cause otherwise Europe’s and Four Continents separates them in 2 groups (European and non-European)
  • that said some of them are wearing their FS outfits while some like Seung-Gil and Leo are wearing their SP one… ¿?

my two cents on this “Italians are black” nonsense: 
ok, let’s assume that you’re right, we do have black skin. It isn’t true, since most of us are white as a sheet, but there are people that become fairly dark with a bit of sunbathing. But yeah, let’s say we Italians do have black skin. That still doesn’t make us black, and why is that? Because we are Italians. I would never consider European people black or white, because we don’t think that way. Being dark or white skinned doesn’t matter, what it matters to us is where you’re from.
I’m not saying we’re not racist, Italians are pretty racist, but in a very different way from Americans: if someone dark skinned is born in Italy, we mostly don’t care because they’re Italian in our eyes, racism begins when someone from outside comes to our country, and skin colour doesn’t matter, in fact Italians have something against Russian and Romanian people (who are super white) just because they’re not the same ethnicity. 
So, the bottom line is: stop putting us European in two giant groups of whiteness and blackness because it works for you but it doesn’t work for us! I’m Italian, I’m not black or white. My culture is Italian, not “white culture” or “black culture”. So please stop.

To other white people.

Can this be the year we stop saying “Why isn’t there a white history month?”

We don’t need one. As evidenced by the injustice around us, we live in a society that caters to us. The Euro-American experience is perceived as the be all and end all of American experience.

Secondly, white people already have history months according to their respective cultures. There’s a Polish history month, an Irish history month, a Greek history month, etc. These things are all great, as they convey the struggles and achievements these cultures made in contribution to American society. That being said, those groups are still privileged in American society. There are many European groups, but “White” isn’t a culture. We don’t need a “White Entertainment Network”, because American TV already caters to white people. 

Just stop. Really..just, stop.

Germany Economic Facts

- Germany is the most populous country of the European Union
- Ethnic groups: German 91.5%, Turkish 2.4%, other 6.1% (made up largely of Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, other European); Danish minority in the north, Sorbian (Slavic) minority in the east
- population is well educated with modern and cosmopolitan views
- fair amount of plurality in the lifestyles and diversity in the cultures
- demographic challenges such as aging population, immigration issues, depleting incomes due to world economic crisis
- the business culture in Germany is unique in the world
- engineers and managers are given higher appreciation than accountants and lawyers; the people on the job have good academics and technical proficiency
- hierarchy is prominent in almost every organization and most of the power is vested in the hands of top level senior managers
- roles and responsibilities are strictly defined and the business processes are very well defined
- people tend to be less social in the working environment and separate work life and personal life
- teamwork could probably be best described as a group of individuals working to a specific leader towards a recognizable goal
- one of the qualities of Germans is that they put facts ahead of emotions and hence behave very objectively
- they have a direct communication style  
- German industry is very diversified and in many sectors it is a global leader
- Germany’s greatest strength is its automobile industry
- the country committed itself to developing renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power
- infrastructural facilities are very strong in Germany which facilitates the growth of any business in the country
- it has one of the world’s most technologically advanced telecommunications systems
- the broadcasting media, especially TV and radio, is deeply penetrated as more than 90% of homes have cable TV, which provides ample opportunities for effective business promotions and marketing
- internet population is 20.416 million which is 5th-largest in the world despite a population of only about 80 million
- well-developed transportation systems in terms of airways, railways, roadways, ports etc.

Source: A YUM brand/Taco Bell Market Analysis info sheet on Germany

Okay but. Whitestone as this melange of Standard High Fantasy (so, like, late medieval England) and Eastern European tradition. A group of settles from the south winds their way through the mountains to this valley and builds a home within the vale, under the protection of their god but all alone. Because it’s hard, traveling south from this new town, trying to navigate the narrow mountain roads rife with danger and death, so they lose contact with a good deal of the rest of the continent.

But the sea is narrow between the Alabaster Sierras and the lands of Wildmount, far more easily traversed than the mountains, and the young city finds itself often in contact with its eastern neighbors. At first they share small things: trade grains for furs, wood for fine cloth dyed in the Wildmount styles, stone for luxury goods, etc. Wildmount cuisine slowly bleeds into Whitestone food. Wildmount fashion––thick furs, and caps to keep your ears warm during the long snowy winter, and heavy boots––become popular in Whitestone. Wildmount architects are consulted about the building of Whitestone castle, because they have experience building among the mountains (and because it’s the fashion, of course). Wildmount folklore and superstition gets mixed up with stories from the south and become new and unique as children raised on both go on to recount those same myths and legends to their own children.

And time passes, and technology improves, and by the time Whitestone returns to the rest of Tal’dorei, a city of trade and culture know for the pale stone with magical properties cut from its quarries, it is neither of Tal’dorei nor Wildmount, but something in between, entirely its own.

also: Russian-influenced Briarwoods


I know some of you are scared.
BTS are becoming so popular, it’s a worldwide thing, everything will be bigger and bigger and I know, it can be scary.
Maybe you miss the times, months or even years ago, when you were the only person in your city to know and listen to their music and now you feel weird, ‘cause now it’s not just “your” thing anymore and you feel a bit jealous.
It’s normal, it’s ok.
But I’m writing this post to say that everything will be alright.

I’ll talk about my favourite european group to do an example.
They were famous just in their country at first, then in Europe and, after releasing some albums and going on tour twice, they became famous all around the world. They had the opportunity to see many countries, they performed in many different locations, met more and more fans and grew up both in their private life and in their professionality. They got to the point their latest album was totally produced by themselves, because they have talent, creativity and beautiful messages to spread to the world and this allowed them to make good music.
But there are negative consequences too, of course. They had some problems with oppressive fans, they were heavily stalkered to the point the main members of the group moved to LA to have a more comfortable life. They had both sentimental and economical problems in their private lives too.
But now they’re touring happily around the world because they overcame all this. They do what they love, their fanbase is averagely older now and problems like “oppressive fans” are much easier to solve.

I needed this example to say that probably BTS will live the same process, which I lived for my favourite european group as a fan.
I can say it with confidence for two reasons:

- BTS are talented. They have so many ideas and messages to spread to the world, they are already amazing artists and they can do even better than this, they can reach a very important level of professionality (and they already did A LOT of things to make their curriculum rich) and they will surely have the right people around them to collaborate with.

- BTS have ARMYS. I’m talking about the korean fans especially, but also those international ARMYs that have been following them for a long time when not many other people did. Whatever will happen throughout their career, BTS will always have us.

I know, there will be people who will claim to be true armys even if they aren’t, fans who will create problems somehow, but it’s already happened and it will always happen for every big fandom of every popular music artist.
But BTS are strong, talented, they’re not alone. They are ready to conquer the world.

And if we keep loving and supporting them, following the rules of fine living, everything will be alright. ♡


European School - Group of Women as Allegories of the Four Seasons [18th century] by Gandalf
Via Flickr:
In this enchanting painting a group of six women, one a generation older than the others, are pictured at half-length, close to the picture plane and to each other, some with arms around the others and all looking straight at the viewer. Cupid climbs over the shoulder of the woman at far right, leading the viewer to initially believe that she represents Venus, in which case the fire she holds her hand over could represent a flaming heart.

Upon closer inspection, however, four of the women appear to represent allegories of the seasons. The one on the far left holding grapes is Autumn; the woman next to her, holding wheat, is summer; Spring is the woman to the right of centre, holding flowers; and the woman on the right, rather than representing Venus, would be Winter, wrapped in a warmer cloak than the others and holding her hand over a fire for warmth. This theory then shifts Venus to be the woman at centre of the painting, gracefully holding the golden apple awarded to her by Paris.

The older woman standing behind Venus, however, remains a mystery, as does the artist of this beautifully preserved, unlined painting. Likely from the early to mid-18th century, an attribution and even a location has eluded scholars. While many believe the picture to be French, it has also been suggested that it is Viennese or German. Louis de Silvestre, the French artist who worked at the court in Dresden in the first half of the 18th century, is a name that has been suggested, though scholars have yet to come to a consensus.

[Sotheby’s, New York - Oil on unlined canvas, 86.5 x 125.3 cm]

European kpop fans problem
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Kpop group :</b> we'll be having a world tour<p/><b>Fans around the world :</b> omg omg omgggg yeah<p/><b>Kpop group :</b> in USA and asia<p/><b>American fans :</b> omg gotta buy tickets<p/><b>Asian fans :</b> ㅋㅋㅋ ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ<p/><b>European fans :</b> mom!?!<p/><b></b> "Yeah?!"<p/><b></b> We are moving!<p/></p><p/></p>
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Ravina the Witch, from the supremely talented visual artist Junko Mizuno, is a dark, fantastical illustrated tale featuring talking animals, giant birds and dancing mushrooms. When Ravina is given a magic wand by a mysterious old woman, she turns from a lonely girl living in a dump… into a witch?

JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS Vol. 4: Enter the Stingers

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