european glass

Americans about the french: Pretty classy. They smoke all the time… Wine.. Also they might be gay?
Europeans about the french: GIANT assholes. Eat baguettes for every single meal, like an asshole. If you pronounce “croissant” correctly fuck you

Scene of a group having fun on a beach probably somewhere in France, c. 1900′s/1910′s. By Raoul Berthelé.

Source: City Archives of Toulouse.

Africa | This young Fulani woman is making a deliberate show of her wealth at the weekly market in Jenné. Her nose ring, earings and neck pendant are gold, her bracelets silver and her necklace made of European glass beads. Many wealthy women of Jenné are financially independent of men; they inherit gold jewellery, and every woman has her own herd. Mali | ©Angela Fisher, Africa Adorned, 1984

It took 7 years to finish restoring and cleaning all the stained glass in Sainte-Chapelle. The restoration was finished on what marked the 800th anniversary of King Louis IX’s birth. He commissioned the chapel in the 13th century. 

Sainte-Chapelle, Paris, France