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So chalk these up as excellent examples of games fitting in the category of “technological impressive but super impractical.” Did you know there were (at least) two point-and-click adventure games on the Game Boy Color?

There’s The New Addams Family Series (loosely based on a short-lived late 90′s TV revival of The Addams Family):

And The Fish Files:

Both are surprisingly complex and feature some impressively detailed sprites (especially The Fish Files), though it also demonstrates why a point and click adventure game with this level of detail on a tiny Game Boy Color probably wasn’t a practical idea. The games were European exclusives, collaborations between Microids (the French company responsible for the Syberia series among other things) and 7th Sense (an ambitious Italian company that made several technically impressive showpieces/proof of concept roms for the GBC and GBA, but didn’t actually release anything besides these two games and a GBA combo cart with ports of Paperboy and Rampage.  

Interesting curiosities.
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