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Armor Garniture, Probably of King Henry VIII of England (reigned 1509–47)

This is the earliest dated armor from the royal workshops at Greenwich, which were established in 1515 by Henry VIII (reigned 1509–47) to produce armors for himself and his court. It is also the earliest surviving Greenwich garniture, an armor made with a series of exchange and reinforcing pieces by which it could be adapted for use in battle and in different forms of the tournament. Furthermore, the overall etching and gilding place it among the most richly decorated of all Greenwich armors. The design of the decoration is attributed to the German-born Swiss artist Hans Holbein the Younger (1497–1543), who worked at the English court from 1526 to 1528.

The surviving exchange elements of this armor are a reinforcing breastplate with lance rest for use in the field or in the mounted tournament with lances; a left-hand gauntlet reinforce, or manifer, also used in the tournament with lances; and a right-hand locking gauntlet for the mounted tournament with swords.

A highly unusual and innovative feature is the ventral plate, which was worn strapped to the chest beneath the breastplate in order to lessen the weight supported from the shoulders. A ventral plate is found on only one other armor, made in Greenwich in 1540 for Henry VIII.

This armor is believed to have been made for Henry VIII and presented by him to the French ambassador François de La Tour d’Auvergne, viscount of Turenne, who led a diplomatic mission to London in 1527. After the viscount’s death in 1532, the armor presumably passed to his friend Galiot de Genouilhac, grand master of artillery and grand ecuyer (master of the horse) of France, from whose descendants it came to The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I was watching European Bingo again and then:

Thomas says, “Deoxyribonucleic Acid” and then right just casually, blink and you’ll miss it: “You’re talking to a chemical engineer.”


First Gotha Raid on London is Deadliest Air Raid of War

A workman clears debris from the school in London where 16 four- to six-year-old children were killed by a German bomb.

June 13 1917, London–German Gotha bombers had attacked Britain in large numbers twice since late May.  Both times they had been bound for London, but had been forced back due to bad weather, dropping their bombs in Kent instead.  On the morning of June 13, twenty Gotha bombers left Ghent, and fourteen of them reached London.  Of the remaining six, two never left European airspace due to engine troubles, while four more dropped their bombs on Margate or Shoeburyness before reaching London and turned back early.

London was unused to daylight air raids, with Zeppelins mainly attacking by night.  The airplanes overhead were seen as a novelty; one British pilot on leave recalled that “everybody crowded out into the street to watch.  They didn’t take cover or dodge.”  As a result, once the shrapnel bombs began to fall at 11:40 AM, casualties were high.  Two bombs exploded at the Liverpool Street railway stations, killing sixteen.  In Poplar, a bomb hit a school, falling through two classrooms before detonating in a third; eighteen children were killed, most of them between the ages of 4 and 6.

London’s air defenses, geared around the Zeppelin threat, were ill-prepared for the Gothas, despite the previous raids in Kent.  Fighters scrambled, but none were able to reach the altitude of the Gothas before they moved out of range.  All twenty bombers involved in the raid made it back to occupied Belgium safely.  The 162 civilians killed by the bombing raid made it the most deadly raid by any type of aircraft during the war.

Today in 1916: Canadians Retake Ground at Mount Sorrel
Today in 1915: 1st Canadian Division Ditches Problematic Ross Rifles

Sources include: Arthur Banks, Atlas of the First World War.

Immigrants should be in your house -- right now

We’ve made a lot of strides in on-screen diversity in the last couple of years. However, one thing I need to see from TV right now, in this time when immigrants are being demonized just for existing – is more fucking immigrants. Look, I’m biased as fuck, because I grew up as a little immigrant kid, and you know you’re different from your friends, and that your family is different from your friends’ families, but you don’t know how to appreciate the gift of living and growing in two cultures yet. However, it’s honestly not about little kids seeing reflections of themselves on the TV screen right now – it’s about potato small-town midwesterners. whom the right wing has deemed “real Americans,” seeing immigrants on their screens as characters that they root for. 

I want immigrant characters on every show – characters whose cultural background is an important part of them, but isn’t necessarily part of their plot. I want to see immigrants who are naturalized citizens and immigrants who are undocumented. I want to see immigrants who have accents and immigrants who moved as children and speak with the same California burn or Southern drawl around them. I want to see refugees, years after they’ve calmly settled into their new communities, living their lives. 

I want to see first generation kids who were raised bicultural – Latinx characters like my coworkers, who speak perfect English and switch into perfect Spanish to share chisme; Chinese-American characters like the kids I went to school with, who visited their grandparents in China every break and went to Chinese school on weekends. I want to see first generation kids who don’t feel connected to their family’s culture at all – ones who feels sad about it, and ones who don’t. 

I want to see immigrants whose families left their mother countries to escape religious oppression or to seek economic opportunity, immigrants who came to the US for school and stayed for love, immigrants who liked the idea of America’s wide-open skies, immigrants here from want and from necessity. I want, selfishly, for once in my life, to see something represent that a hell of a lot more Russian and Eastern-European immigrants are engineers (many of whom are here on H1-B visas…) and doctors than trafficked sex-workers, assassins, and mobsters. 

I grew up in one of the most diverse places in this country, surrounded by families living every possible version of the immigrant experience, including my own. Immigration is only one story in a life full of them. If more people who find themselves swayed by right wing, nativist rhetoric could see more immigrant stories that aren’t about immigration, but the ordinary, extraordinary American life that comes after, they wouldn’t be so afraid. 

Demand immigrant representation in all your media – it literally doesn’t have to change anything about the story, but it does add depth to characters AND help to humanize a vast, diverse group of people who apparently terrify a lot of U.S. voters. 

White Genocide or White Suicide?

I’m consistent with this message throughout my blog: Women should behave like adults, as men are required to do. This means holding women accountable for their choices, refusing to allow them to deflect their responsibilities and obligations on to others and rejecting any attempt to peddle conspiracy theories like ‘patriarchy’ to explain why women can’t compete with men in certain arenas.

I treat everyone the same way, including white people. There is not a white genocide. Yes, I understand there are very specific, detailed plans to replace the white populations of Europe with ‘blended’ populations of brown and black people, but that’s not the biggest problem. White genocide is the equivalent of patriarchy theory. It’s an attempt to deflect the blame onto a secondary issue, to disguise the fact that what is really happening is white suicide.

Whites are killing themselves. I absolutely and unequivocally assert that white, Western, European existence is the best thing that could ever have happened to us all. They have invented and produced 99.99% of the modern world. Every other culture in the world piggybacks on the success of white European culture. All medicine, engineering, technology and theoretical knowledge of the universe arose from white European cultures. The reason cultural appropriation tends to only involve clothing and hair styles is because that is pretty much all it can involve. There is nothing of note to appropriate from any other culture. Yet the suicidal shame of being white is widespread.

The most intelligent, progressive, accomplished and evolved societies the planet has ever produced are refusing to have children. They are dying. Not from genocide. From suicide. It’s tempting to lay the blame for that at women’s feet, but men are accountable here, too. Feminism was the ideology that laid the framework for this mass suicide to happen, for certain. A group of bitter, angry, high testosterone women decided to convince other women that a life filled with children and caretaking and homemaking responsibilities was slavery. They sold naive women on the myth that labor market participation would be so much more fulfilling.

Yet women have never been more miserable pretending to be men in the workplace, but instead of returning en masse to marriage and the home, women are doubling down, refusing to have children and miring themselves deeper in misery. The happiest women in the world are the Dutch, who do not work or only work part time. The most fulfilled women in the world are conservative women with four or more children. By attempting to appease the irrational and utterly contradictory demands of feminists and being so concerned about being seen as problematic, men have aided and abetted this suicide of future life. Given the freedom to make choices that will deliver maximum happiness, women make precisely the choices that make them miserable.

The massive imports of migrants into Europe is happening for one reason only: because the native population is in dramatic decline and it needs filling. If the native population isn’t going to produce the consumers and producers global business interests demand, then the globalists will import people who breed like fucking rats. Which is precisely what is happening. Calling it #WhiteGenocide is an excuse. White people are simply becoming too ashamed of themselves and too busy apologizing and focused on everyone else to realize that they’re committing suicide. White women are refusing to have children. White men are allowing this to happen. What are the solutions? 

We could go full on Handmaid’s Tale, and Germany just might do that. Or we could begin with some sensible restrictions on abortion, incentivize the most intelligent and educated citizens to have children and lots of them, and restore the legitimacy of being a wife and mother. I’m open to suggestions. I also would like to listen to rational arguments for why I am wrong. 

A horseman rides near a pontoon bridge spanning the Potomac River in Berlin (now Brunswick), Maryland, 1861.

Pontoon bridges have been in use since ancient times and have been used to great advantage in many battles throughout history.The spelling “ponton” in English dates from at least 1870.

The use continued in references found in U.S. patents during the 1890s. It continued to be spelled in that fashion through World War II, when temporary floating bridges were used extensively throughout the European theatre. U.S. combat engineers commonly pronounced the word “ponton” rather than “pontoon” and U.S. military manuals spelled it using a single ‘o’.The original word was derived from Old French ponton, from Latin ponto (“ferryboat”), from pons (“bridge”).