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The Significance of the Peach in Greshami Culture

Consider the peach. It’s delicious. It’s covered in fine fuzz. It’s generally yellow and red or pink. Inside it, around a porous pit, is an edible and popular fruit-flesh that can be consumed raw, or cooked into pie and cobbler, and so on.

But to the Greshami, the peach is far more than a fruit. It’s even more than a way of life. To the Greshami, the peach is God.

From the dawn of Greshami culture as recorded in their history (which is written entirely on leather-tanned peach skins), the peach has been revered as the sole source of food for the Greshami people. Limited in trade by their isolation (until recently, see below), the Greshami developed over ages to subsist solely on the peach. Peaches, like potatoes, contain nearly every protein and mineral necessary for human development, with the exception of fatty acids, which the Greshami ingest in minimal portions from the fatty air that surrounds their region.

As the sole food, the peach has long been revered as their god. That they follow the peach harvest with the utmost solemnity is a given, but the more curious nature of the Greshami is how they’ve incorporated this godly fruit into the rest of their culture:

When the Greshami are born, they are taken from their mothers and immediately given a peach from which to suckle. That peach nectar is the always the first flavor to touch their lips, and in their last rites, it is administered again as they die in the same manner. Their mantra, recited each morning and night, and upon the onset of death, translates roughly as “From the Peach we came and to the Peach we go, for the Peach is life, and life is Peachy.”

The linguistics of the Greshami also show reverence for the fruit. “Hello” in Greshami is “ZnZni-Zni” which literally means “Peach be upon you.” This invocation is a blessing of good fortune. Goodbye is “HuHu-Ha” meaning “Parting is the pits,” also a benevolent though melancholy statement.

The peach pit itself is the currency of the Greshami. This has led to extreme class disparity, as those who have the most peaches to eat get the most pits from those peaches and can afford even more peaches. However, charity is also important to the Greshami, and a rich tribesman who ignored the hungry would be ostracized instantly and permanently. To deny a hungry person a peach, among the Greshami, is total anathema because it is to deny them access to God, a religious offense.

Greshami contact with the European world has been fairly problematic. They were first recorded into European history when explorer and ethnographer Richard F. Burton encountered them by chance when one of their peach peeling ceremonies spilled over into his camp. The Greshami run while peeling peaches so that the skin can be scattered and enrich the land. One boy, known only as Znizne (Peach eater) ran into Burton, who he led to the nearest encampment, a village known as Znu-Az-Zni (Peachville). Burton was given the ritual greeting peach, which he consumed on the spot, much to the pleasure of the Greshami. Unfortunately, Burton had no peaches of his own and was unable to reciprocate, leading the Greshami to consider European culture childish, as children were the only ones in their world who did not carry peaches (the concept of an “Adult” or “Child” does not actually exist in Greshami culture, there are simply those who have peaches and those who have yet to carry their own). As such, the Greshami are very kind to visiting Europeans, who they look down upon with a kind condescension. They are quite helpful to anyone they meet, giving them peaches and conferring upon them the blessing to the young or unfortunate, translated, “May you one day eat a peach so delicious that it blows your dick off.” Note that this is a wholly positive blessing to the Greshami.

The Greshami are a dwindling culture. The Orange-folk of the south and the northern Applemongers (both known to the Greshami as “GuZni” or “Non-Peach people” intermittently declare war on this peaceful tribe. According to Margaret Mead, “The Greshami are a pleasant folk, but a doomed folk. When they are attacked, they merely pelt their attackers with rotten peaches. Their birth rate is low, and they never accept outsiders to replenish their stock. I do not expect they shall live to see the 21st century, no, nor even the 1990s.”

The Greshami number only in the hundreds now, but they still thrive. And they have begun to explore the regions outside of their native land (Gresham in Atlanta, GA, near Melvin’s Used Appliance Sale and Repair). Recently they stumbled upon the local Wal-Mart SuperCenter and their access to its produce section has provided the “XiZni Unu” or “great Peach feast” weekly, when it was previously only celebrated each season. The manager of the aforementioned Wal-Mart has welcomed the Greshami and is currently learning their language:

“The Greshami language is beautiful. They don’t say “I Love You” in Greshami, they say “Znizi zi Zni, Xuzni Hu Zniznu” which means “Your company is as delicious to me as a peach,” and I think that’s beautiful.

Novorossiysk - Russia 

Located on the Black Sea, Novorossiysk is one of the largest sea ports in Russia. The main activity for locals and visitors in Novorossiysk is swimming, sunbathing, diving, and yachting. 

Novorossiysk is warmer than most cities in the area, due to a ring of mountains encircling the city, which help block the cold winds. 

“When a man and woman’s roles are not distinctly divided it is called a ‘blurring of roles.’ In this case the woman does part of the man’s work and he does part of hers. When this arrangement is temporary, it is not a problem, but if it becomes a lifestyle it can be injurious to the family.

If children are to develop their sexual nature, they need a strong masculine and feminine image to pattern from. The mother demonstrates this feminine image when she functions in her feminine role. As she moves about the house in feminine clothes, tending to her domestic work, tenderly caring for her children and nursing her baby, she provides this image. If she also indicates contentment and happiness in her role, she gives her children a positive picture of femininity.

When the father functions in his masculine role as a strong leader, protector, and provider, and when his children are given the opportunity to see him in action once in awhile, and see that he willingly assumes his masculine responsibility and enjoys his work, he provides them with a favorable masculine image. With this distinct masculine and feminine image in the home, boys grow up to be masculine men and girls feminine women.”

-Helen Andelin, “Fascinating Womanhood,” pg. 104


Marc Bolan, guitarist/lyricist for John’s Children in 1967.


In 1948, UNICEF sent photographer David “Chim” Seymour to report on European children who survived WWII.  In a Polish special needs school, Chim photographed Tereska Adwentowska.  When given the assignment to draw a picture of her home, Tereska covered the chalkboard in scribbles.  The photograph was initially published in LIFE Magazine, bearing the caption: “Children’s wounds are not all outward. Those made in the mind by years of sorrow will take years to heal.”

For almost seventy years, it was unknown what became of Tereska after her photograph was taken.  Polish researcher Patryk Grażewicz and human rights journalist Aneta Wawrzyńczak recently uncovered details of Tereska’s life after investigative research.  Time Magazine recounted her life story as follows:

Teresa Adwentowska came from a Catholic family. She was one of two daughters of Jan Klemens, who was an activist in the Polish Underground State, the Resistance. During the Warsaw uprising (August-October 1944), he was heavily beaten and all his teeth were broken by the Gestapo at their Warsaw headquarters and prison. During the war, Tereska’s mother Franciszka did her best to make ends meet, for instance visiting the Jewish ghetto in order to trade goods.

During the bombing of Warsaw by the German Lutwaffe, Tereska’s home was destroyed, and her grandmother was most likely shot by Ukrainian soldiers who were helping the Germans annihilate the Warsaw Uprising. Tereska was struck by a piece of shrapnel that left her brain-damaged. Fleeing Warsaw after the bombings, four-year old Tereska and her 14-year-old sister Jadwiga spent three weeks trying to reach a village forty miles away from Warsaw - on foot, in a war-ravaged country. They were starving. That episode left her with an insatiable hunger, and her physical and mental condition steadily deteriorated. During the 1954/1955 school year, she had to be sent to a mental asylum in Świecie (about 190 miles from Warsaw). Since her early childhood she had loved drawing, mainly flowers and animals. As a teenager she got addicted to cigarettes and alcohol, and became violent towards her younger brother. Since the mid-sixties, she spent her life at the Tworki Mental Asylum near Warsaw; the only things that meant anything to her were cigarettes, food and her drawings.

In 1978, at the Tworki Mental Asylum, Teresa Adwentowska met with a tragic death: she accidentally choked on a piece of sausage that she had stolen from another patient.

Chim’s photograph of Tereska, which has become a symbol of the fate of children during war and has inspired the Tereska Foundation, remains one of the only portraits of her as a child. As if caught in the tangled web of her own chalk lines, she remained frozen in time: for Tereska, war never ended.

The researchers also recovered records from Tereska’s teachers at the school where she was photographed.  One note read “She is talkative, keen on schoolwork, and actively contributes to reading and counting classes.”

What will happen if we “carry on like before”? 

In the upcoming 30 years, Europeans will no longer be the majority in Europe. Muslims will be. This is a mathematical fact you can learn from official demographic statistics showing birth rates. Now, what does this mean? 
With the time muslims will also form own political parties and they will win (because they are the majority). They will make up the majority of officials and ministers as well as policemen and soldiers. Most muslims don’t support terror, allthough it is clear that most of them (I am not talking about those you visit university with) don’t care or even celebrate it, because western civilisation is their enemy. They are not even to blame for it and it is mostly our own fault, because we support liberal capitalist governments who - under the cloak of so called “humanity” - bomb and destabilise foreign countries and leave them in ruins*. Now those governments are the same who lecture you about “political correctness”, “equality”, “multicultural diversity” and so on. In other words: they make you weak, which is something muslims know and they hate us for it, because it is natural to do so. If your homeland is bombed by a “culture” consisting of fat ugly people spending their time with TV, cinema, concerts, parties, Mc Donald’s, just all in connection with decadent, disgusting hedonism - what would you think?
The next reason why western civilisation is the enemy of muslims is - surprise - Islam. This is another fact and you can scream and cry as much as you want. Islam is, just like abrahamic religions in general, a universalist religion, which means its main goal is to conquer the world. The god is considered the only one and every human has to acknowledge it and subjugate to his (man-made) laws. You can get rid of your peace-and-love-concept here, because that’s not what it is about. Also it is not the best strategy to just believe what muslim politicians tell you on TV. You would be surprised how many of them have connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and they are not stupid. They know what to say in front of the typical liberal, they know about the weakness.

So, what will happen?
Muslims don’t even need war to conquer Europe, they can do it by migration and it doesn’t even matter if the migrants intend to do so, if they come here for economic reasons, they still take part in the demographic replacement. 
But still there are of course also thousands of Jihadists already in Europe and more will come, because we just let them in. Terror will increase. The next step will be militiant groups who start a real “civil” war (not really civil war, because they are no Europeans and civil war means a war within a homogeneous state) against Europeans. They will then receive support by official (now muslim) governments in Europe, like they do now in Syria, Iraq, etc., where they receive support from Saudia Arabia and Turkey. 
At the same time, there will be more and more laws according to Islam, making it the official religion of the European nations. Schools will teach it, European children will have to take part in it. One day everyone in Europe will be a muslim. All you know and love will be gone. 

You think this is hate speech or a conspiracy theory?
Well, pagans never thought their children would be christians one day. If you read about the the Christian mission in Europe you will realise what I am telling you. Today it is even easier, because of the technological possibilities. 

What do I want from you? 
Realise that Europe is your mother and home you have to love, realise that the present course will destroy it and realise that a few decades of liberal ideology didn’t find the absolute truth about “humanity” and didn’t lead to world peace, but to total chaos. They are trying to control that chaos by methods that will remind you of Orwells “1984″. Realise also that these politicians are traitors who want to build a liberal one-world oder and for that purpose they oppress their own people. They are not interested in culture, meaning they are not interested in the only thing that gives real value to human beings. Modern individualism is a lie. It is creating empty consumption drones with no identity. This is the definition of the worthless individual. Don’t you already see it when walking trough the streets?

Also see my other posts and questions I answered regarding politics and culture.

*here of course it is required to say that it is not western countries alone, but muslim nations destroy each other, like the Saudis do, e.g. in Syria. You still believe Assad is an evil dictator? Then you have a problem with indoctrination by media, because it’s a lie. 

Prá, mallkue njaj bir Shqyptari,
Qi ketë gjuhë të Perendís,
Trashigim, qi na la i Pari,
Trashigim s'i a lên ai fmís;
Edhè atij i u thaftë, po, goja,
Qi e perbuzë ketë gjuhë hyjnore;
Qi n'gjuhë t'huej, kúr s'âsht nevoja,
Flet e t'veten lên mbas dore..

Gjergj Fishta: Gjuha shqype (The Albanian Language)

“Thus, cursed be the child of Albania,

That leaves this Almighty language,

Bequeathed from the Ancestors,

Legacy to their children ;

And may them forever be damned

Those whom this divine language despise

Nedlessly speaking a foreign tongue

and they own forget.”