european birds


A European barn owl photographed near Parco Natura Viva, Bussolengo, Italy.
This owl was found and rehabilitated by the Italian association ‘Il Futuro della Biodiversita Locale’. She was close to death when found near Verona, possibly from eating poisoned prey. FBL cared for her with hourly medication and meals until she was able to feed alone and fly safely.
FBL has already collected and rehabilitated more than 300 animals and released 80 into their natural habitats since starting in late 2016. The association involves teenagers in the release of the recuperated animals to help them become aware of the importance of caring for the environment.

I have been invaded by Starlings today, and it resulted in a TON of pictures. This is a glimpse. I never knew a bird tongue could look like this. It is like there is a middle “beak layer”. I present to you - a Starling Tongue. Can an ornithologist confirm that this what it is supposed to look like and it is not like the Starling has a piece of his tongue frozen or something?


European barn owl photographed near Parco Natura Viva, Bussolengo, Italy.
(Video by @joelsartore on IG)

This isn’t just a child’s drawing of a made up animal, it’s the creature that was seen by Jacki Hartley of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, in 1969. Jacki was only 4 years old when she saw the creature for the first time but it stuck with her throughout her life.  She claims “It had bat wings which it unfolded and stretched out before folding back up again, red eyes and a kind of monster monkey face with a parrot’s beak and was about 3 feet in height.” She called it The Bat Winged Monkey Bird because of the weird combination of animals it looked like. She saw it again when she was 11 and can vividly remember the loud screeching sound that the creature made.