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Uhm, sorry I don’t mean to just crap on your feed because I really like it anyways

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There are probably about 1000 total Neo Nazis out of them our 300 million Americans.Every other group greatly outnumbers them. At most I say 20,000 at that is being generous to these boot licking saps.

You made fun of Republicans for fearing Isis and Al Qaeda taking over America and rightly so. Neo Nazis have no more chance of taking the white house than a resurrected Bin Laden.

Trump’s State power is going to turn against Spencer and his morons. There is no way the CIA and the military industrial complex are sharing the pie with dweeby racist Nazi fetishists who can’t even pay for permits to walk down a street and lose fights all the time.

Trump is in it for himself. The Feds have shown more than willingness to crack down on these groups using the ATF and FBI for possessing illegal fire arms, drugs, and robberies.

Point being that apart from European nations where fascism was successful in gaining power or transforming itself to gain power in Greece, Austria, and French elections it remains in the United States an attraction to losers, con men, and lower level criminal elements.

Don’t be afraid. Don’t panic. That is my point. Focus on the real tangible threat of creeping State power, love your friends and family, and don’t live your life in fear or some internet crusade that really is not necessary.

Saarbrücken in the Saarland at the border with France. As in many locations in Germany, there are specific dialects in the Saarland. The following lists Standard German vs. “typical Saarländisch“, including the difference between the Rheinfränkisch und Moselfränkisch dialect. :D

Standarddeutsch - Saarländisch (Rheinfränkisch vs. Moselfränkisch)

ja - jòò - jòò
nein - nää - nää, nään
was? - was?/hä? - watt?
wozu? - for was?/fawas/ferwas? - for watt?/fawatt?/fier wa(tt)?
ich/mich/dich - isch/misch/disch - eisch/meisch/deisch, ësch/mësch/dësch
du - du, de (unbetont) - dau, doo, de (unbetont)
Hallo, wie geht es dir, was macht die Familie/Arbeit/der Beruf etc.? – Mir geht es gut, danke der Nachfrage, und selbst? - Unn? – Jó, unn du/unn selbschd?/ unn selwer? - Onn? – Jó, unn selwat?
Kartoffeln - Grumbeere/Grumbiere/Grombeere - Grompern/Grumbern/Krumpern/Grommberde
Erkältung - Freck - Freck
Hosenträger - Galljäh - Galljäh, Gallierr, Gallien
Regenrinne - Kannel, Kandel - Kaandel, Käänell, Kundel
lernen/lehren - lehre - leeren, lieren
ausleihen/verleihen - lehne, faleihe, verlehne, velehne - leehnen, verleehnen, leïhnen
(etwas) verstecken/(mich) verstecken - (ebbes) verschdobbele/vaschdobbele, (misch) verschdegge(le)/ veschdegge(le) - verstoppen/verstoppeln
sich fürchten - graule - graulen, ferten
hässlich/unansehnlich - schròò - schròò, ellen
schnell - dabba - siër, dapper, siehr
jetzt erst recht - grad selääds („gerade zuleide“) - grad selääds, express
die Nase voll haben/traurig/niedergeschlagen sein - die/de Flemm hann, schnibbisch sin - de Flemm hann/hunn
schau mal da - lu/gugg mòòl/emòòl dòò, gugg e mòòl dòò - l(o)u mò lòò
Siffiger/hässlicher Mensch - Pootsche/Pootche - Babbich Kerschdche

If I were to purge my apartment before moving abroad, this is the one thing I would pack differently.  Chicago still operates largely on stove gas ranges & every European apartment I have lived in has had induction stoves so most of the cookingware I did pack was useless.

However, I do still move with cooking & dining ware, just for myself I travel with: 1 big skillet, 1 crockpot [I do most of my cooking in this], 1 casserole dish [It’s been useless & I should’ve left it at home since I have not lived in an apartment abroad with an oven], 2 cutting knives, 1 cutting board, 3 glass Tupperware containers, 1 French press & 4 dining sets [Plates, bowls, mugs / cups, utensils, etc].

I think minimalism in the kitchen really depends on family size & type of food a family cooks. As an example I don’t really bake so items like cookie sheets & mixers are not really part of my everyday lifestyle, I don’t own any because it’s not something I use often enough to justify them taking up space.


The suburban sprawl in the United States compared to that in Europe has advantages in productivity that help to explain why the core western European countries never caught up to the U.S. productivity level and have been falling behind since 1995. Careful research studies of the sources of the European productivity advantage focus on the retail and wholesale trade sectors (65). The ease in the United States of building highly efficient “big-box” stores near suburban interstate highway junctions raises productivity through economies of scale and the ease of segregating truck traffic from customer entrances. one only need drive through central Milan or Rome to be impressed with the small sizes of the shops and to gaze in amazement as several men carry a single mattress out of a tiny shop for delivery in a small truck to a customer who may live in a walk-up fourth-story apartment. The European land use regulations that contain suburban sprawl and protect inner-city pedestrian districts have substantial costs in reducing economy-wide productivity and real output per capita.

65. The most important single source on the role of marketed services in explaining the difference in productivity levels and growth rates between the United States and Europe is Timmer et al. (2010, chapter 5.).

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There is word going around that Bannon, one of Trump's top advisers, wants to use the US's power and influence to tear apart the European Union.

Well thing is that they don’t need Trump or anyone outside the European Union to tear themselves apart, it’s already happening from the inside with the rise of Alt Right/anti-European Union political parties. 
My take on the future of that union is that we will have to take it to a less financial and more human level or we might see it keeping desintegrating from the inside. Right now, the European Union has no, or so little influence on Human Rights matters, however the financial dispositions are super effective, so effective that they put the countries’ financial balance at risk for the sake of the European “greater good” ideal. That’s the biggest failure, from my point of view. If we don’t change that, it’s done for the European Union. It won’t survive 10 years. 

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From miles away, he’s invaded; stepped into her dream from miles away, cross-legged with his hands locked in a seal. His projection waits, a few meters between him and this european woman, boots apart and disturbing a floor not made of water but rippling and reflecting as water does. This realm, his realm, is but a thin dome around them both. There’s no horizon here, only a void lit as if in twilight, with a breeze that carries no chill or warmth. He sees her mouth move; there is no sound, but still he hears what she’s saying.

Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. The source of western gnats at his heels. He inspects her head to toe, though exactly where his gaze falls is masked by the shadow of his cap. She does not cower, her eyes do not fog over just at the sight of him. In a situation where many have given themselves over to hypnotism she keeps her wit.

Kato smiles. In a centuries long game against a single people, most men and women blend together as malleable personalities and faces that mix, indistinguishable in their collective dullness. Those that stand their ground, that don’t immediately bend to his will invigorate him. Though her organization may mean nothing more to him than foreign interference in a grudge stretching further than centuries, she might prove more memorable.

She speaks of perseverance and he grins like a devil. Even with blessings from guardian deities, humans did not last long.

“ You have already called me a demon. ” He knows of the term, in one sense more apt for the west than the east: Traitorous angels in line with Satan. Spirits capable of strange magic and of great evil. “ Do you doubt your judgement? ”

He comes closer with presence only. His projection does not move. The liquid they stand on does not so much as shift but in a second the atmosphere grows heavier. The air sinks over both their shoulders, suddenly very WEIGHTED.

“ For what you have accomplished, I expected a definitive answer out of you. What are the bounds of a creature you can’t put a name to? ” 

The problem with setting a fic in the US is that I have no idea what anything over there is like. Looking at a map of the US is as useful as a map of Middle-Earth to me. With the exception that I at least have an idea what kind of buildings and weather to expect in the different Middle-Earth locations.

With the US I’m just going to point my finger at the map and hope for the best. “Oh Montana! No idea what’s up there. Rufus Cabin is in Montana. Good enough. Can we pretend that they built the building I have in mind up there? What’s up in Montana anyway? Do people even live there??”

I know nothing. People always make fun of Americans because they can’t tell European countries apart, but it’s not like I have any idea what the difference between Montana and Wyoming is.