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02/11/2017 Competition law! It’s pretty interesting, but also pretty difficult so I have to work very hard to actually understand everything. But that’s worth it!

Breaking News: Country who voted to leave European Union outraged after EU suggests British Expats in EU countries will loose the right of freedom of movement currently enjoyed by EU citizens once the UK leaves.

TLDR: morons reminded they cannot have their cake and eat it.


AyeforScotland: I’m not sure whether it’s the hangover of British empire arrogance or utter fucking stupidity.
In Poland, an Assault on the Courts Provokes Outrage
Polish leaders want to put courts under political control, prompting protests from the opposition, the European Union and three former Polish presidents.
By Rick Lyman

WARSAW — Poland’s populist government accelerated its efforts on Wednesday to control the nation’s judiciary — the last government institution offering resistance to its rule — prompting threats of sanctions from the European Union and street protests.


Please, please pay attention of what’s happening in Poland right now. Everyone are seriously scared because passing of those bills means we will be a illberal democracy.

You know what? I “love” (yes, it’s sarcasm) the fact that when there is a terrorist attack in Great Britain, Germany, France and etc my whole dash is filled with articles news and whatever you do because you think it will help the victims that survived etc. (This part is honest. It’s good thing you all do that.) Whole Tumblr is just buzzing.

BUT!!! When something like that happens in Spain, Barcelona where 14th people died and more than 130 people where harmed (anyone heard about it?) but also Finland, Turku - 2 people are dead, 8-ish are wounded, there is also possible terrorist attack in Russia, Surgut, this one is speculation right now as no one wants to comment this, few people where harmed, two badly…
So when this happens in countries like those my dash is empty. Like nothing, I even went to appropriate tags, there are articles etc. about those but not as much as I expected. I won’t even talk about attacks that happen in other less “well known” countries

So yeah I “love” double standards.
Merkel says EU cannot completely rely on US and Britain any more
German chancellor tells election rally in Munich that Europe must take its fate into its own hands after ‘unsatisfactory’ G7 talks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is tired of the UK and USA, deciding to encourage the EU to stand more on their own feet than rely on either the Americans or the British.