Time for Brussles!

Finishing our weekly spending time in awesome Amsterdam we were going to Brussels. On our short way by train that takes at about 2 hours we were enjoying reading. It is great that nowadays we have such thing as eBook what makes your reading much easier because you do not need to have many books with you or read one you chose earlier. You can have the whole library with you (btw numerous books in small woman’s bag sounds incredible!) and use any book for reading due to your mood wherever and whenever you are. It is really very comfortable!

p.s. I am curious what book was Clinton reading on our way to Brussels?.. Hm… He seems really enjoyed it :)

Arriving to Brussels...

Evening, 2nd of September and we are in Brussels! :)

 Without necessity to use taxi to hotel “Le Méridien Brussels” (what is comfortably located really close to train station) we checked in quickly. Left our luggage in apartment with two bathrooms (what we appreciate in hotel) and one window (what actually do not like taking to the consideration a big size of room) we quickly left the hotel for having dinner and getting first impressions from this place.


was the first local attraction for us in night Brussels! The Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula at night is uniquely magic!..

Although it is definitely great also during the day what we figured out next day already and took some pictures there :)


We liked this park in Paris very much!

And actually it was our last day together in Paris… Next day we did not walk through town and I just flied home.. Clinton spent there alone more couple days visiting some more places and having shopping :)

This two weeks trip to Europe (26.08.11–08.09.11) was really veeeery bright emotion and great memory for both.. And besides… We are so happy that we meet! Our first trip was the last and our story is going forward…:)