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“I CAN’T BELIEVE I MET WONDER WOMAN!!” - ‘Wonder Woman’ Set Visit, Italy. (Set visit begins at 5:07)

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Hey Wily! I've been reading your Insomnia comic for a while, and I've been loving it a lot! But I wanted to thank you for putting in real advice about how to deal with anxiety/stress/sleep issues in the comic, because I've been having that a lot lately, and your comic has helped me realize that it's okay to talk to people for help and to not keep it all inside. Keep up the good work and have fun in Europe!

I’m glad this comic helped you some! I’ve been trying to be pretty careful with how I portray some of the problems the characters have, and that’s definitely a goal of mine-

-The goal being to have an underlying level of positivity no matter how grimdark things seem to get.

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Name: Soul
Age: 17
Country: Spain

Hey there, my name’s Soul.
I’m a 17 year-old girl that speaks fluent english and spanish. I curse too much and ironically overuse the word lol.

I love anything related to the arts. Music of any kind, I listen to anything, really, and I’ve played violin for over 8 years now. I also love graphic arts and reading both comics and books, Stephen King and Marvel being my main baes. I’m also in many fandoms, but those you’ll have to discover if you decide to talk to me.

I would love to chat with new people, even if we don’t share interests (I love hearing abt what other ppl like) and I only ask that you’re not too overexcited, I prefer calm conversations, and that you don’t just want someone to complain to about your life. wow, that ended up dark.


Preferences: e-mails, tumblr, whatsapp or messaging, ig…
preferably 15+, any (or no) gender
Box Office: ‘Wonder Woman’ Takes Over the Globe, $12 Million in China Alone
Diana Prince may be a warrior princess from the Amazon, but it turns out she’s actually a superhero all over the world. That’s because in addition to taking in $38 million during its do…
By JD Knapp

Vintage Postcard 1930′s

The postcard is from the 1930′s. It dates back to a time when Europe disregarded ethnic and tribal boundaries to divided Africa up into colonies where land and people were exploited.

More adult oriented postcards from the era that were distributed privately among like minded individuals were more risque than the above card. In their depictions of same-sex behavior, typically shown were African males with huge sexual appendages dominating willing European males. In gay mainstream and general mainstream media, there is a phobia of showing men of African descent romantically involved with one another; and, few are willing to challenge the phobia.

The postcard above is evidently different in what it shows. The card is non-erotic. All the subjects in the card are African. In the midst of largely heterosexual couplings, one gay couple is featured prominently holding hands as they lovingly look at one another without so much as a disapproving glance from the straight couples.

Same-sex relationships in Africa is nothing new as anthropological and ethnographic observations predating European colonialism reveal. There once was a time when same-sex behavior was accepted as part of the larger arc of human expression and not frowned upon. Same-sex behavior could be accepted and even valued in Africa’s many ethnic tribes. Under the intellectual and Judo-Christian influences of a Europe claiming to have only the best interest of the people always in mind, much of this acceptance and valuation disappeared. .

After the colonial powers left, much of Africa chose to keep foreign customs or laws morally frowning or criminalizing same-sex desiring folk. Observed and oral histories that were evidence of a tolerance or an outright full embracing of same-sex desiring behavior became largely denied and forgotten to be replaced by the intolerable homophobia that make for today’s headline news around the world in a now “free” Africa.


Director Patty Jenkins Exclusive Interview - WONDER WOMAN - HeyUGuys