Just four days after being launched into orbit, Europe’s Sentinel-2A satellite delivered its first images of Earth, offering a view of the ‘colour vision’ that it will provide for the Copernicus environmental monitoring programme.

The satellite’s first acquisition began in Sweden and made a strip-like observation through central Europe and the Mediterranean, ending in Algeria.

While northern and central Europe was mostly cloudy, Italy’s sunny weather allowed the teams in Matera ground station to get their first glimpse of the multispectral instrument’s capabilities over the northwestern part of the country and the French Riviera – and they were excited by what they saw.

Sentinel-2 will be the base for a wide spectrum of applications reaching from agriculture to forestry, environmental monitoring to urban planning, 
image credit: Copernicus data (2015)/ESA


On September 22, 2014 some Latvians celebrated World Car-Free Day by building car-size cages around their bikes to make the point that cars take up lots more room on the roads, and that each cyclist helps reduce traffic by exactly that much. Space is more of an issue in Europe, and these caged bikes at the first sight looks like a “protection.” It takes several cognitive steps to connect bike+cage=car/replace car with bike = fewer traffic jams. Overall it was a powerful statement about the vulnerability of cyclists on roads, and a statement that bikes are vehicles too.

Ok, if people are this willing to stay ignorant and not hold banks and corrupt governments responsible for their sins we’re really fucked.

Like if i do the fake-ass maths these people probably do in their head in order to keep accusing the Greek people of being “lazy” and “cheating anyway”. It makes no sense whatsoever but ok let’s play this game.

When you see that the good will of generous but ordinary people all around the world could barely raise 2 millions of euros in a week on that fundraiser, how do you not realize how huge even one billion is. 

How does it make sense in your head - like logically how are you able to imagine that Mr and Mrs Ordinary Greek People somehow !!!!BROUGHT IT ALL UPON THEMSELVES!!!! like yeah sure let’s see how that works, a debt of 200 BILLIONS is definitely ALL on the back of some ordinary dude who in 7 years (between 2001 and 2008) of getting an average monthly 1500 euros paycheck managed to evade maybe 10k IF he were really pushing it?? Greece is like 10 millions of people. That’s barely the population of Paris/London. Take out the children you probably get like 7-8 millions potential workers. Assuming every average greek citizen never ever paid one penny of the money they owed the state (which means that you assume that every greek person ever is a lying thief that lies and wow that’s not insulting/racist as fuck at all), that makes roughly 75 billions. Enormous yes, but not even the half of it.

Now you’re saying, these numbers don’t make sense! OF COURSE THEY DON’T, i’m willingly pulling them out of my ass to show you that even by this fake ass logic it doesn’t add up. Even in the most corrupt state of the world, random people simply don’t make enough money to create a debt that huge. That’s not to say tax evasion is not a Big Issue in Greece, but it’s taken so out of proportion these days it’s ridiculous, in order to justify everything from name calling to flimsy anti-socialism rhetorics (looking at you, Canada and the US) to washing our hands of this situation.

Now please read about the Lagarde List and actual corrupt people evading taxes in Greece (and more generally in Europe). Surprise! They’re not your everyday citizen and officials are curiously kinda chilly about making them pay, unlike you know old people crying in front of banks because they barely have enough money to get by. (Friendly reminder that Lagarde from the IMF herself doesn’t pay taxes and what’s best, it’s all legal! :)))

In conclusion: this is bullying, and by telling the Greek that they “brought it upon themselves”, you’re not just being ignorant, you’re being offensive. Stop.



Artist statement: “My work is kind of like a jigsaw puzzle, but one that you get without the image on the box. My influences are: grid like structures, the work of Julian House, tower blocks, Le Corbusier, Bauhaus, brutalist architecture and lots of musical inspirations (too many to mention!).”


While the world fixates on the Greek-Euro drama it is important to keep in mind that it is only just one facet of a deepening global debt crisis which is being largely ignored, even as it continues to threaten the basic viability of dozens of countries. As the IMF and global creditors press for timely repayment, they often insist on austerity measures that force cuts in government services that further undermine the ability of the debtor nations to function. “In our estimate there are 49 countries that based on World Bank data are in such extreme to moderate debt distress that it impacts their ability to provide the most basic in human services,” says Eric LeCompte, executive director with Jubilee USA, a non-profit that also describes it self as a religious development organization.

In a historic referendum, Greek voters rejected a bailout tied to crippling austerity measures. Thank goodness!