Dear Americans,

I know there are still so many of you who haven’t lost their minds. I beg you, make yourselves heard.

In Europe, we are very worried.

Do you all realize that “America First!” basically translates to “Fuck solidarity, international cooperation or climate treaties, we’ll enrich ourselves on the back of the rest of the world!”?

Think Hunger Games:

Right now Trump wants to make America The Capitol and I can tell you that since his speech the European Nations have been saying: “We’re not going to be anyone’s fucking districts, dickhead!”

We made that mistake in the colonial era. In fact, we made lots of mistakes. Now, we are watching one being made and we will not go along with it.

I know that there are friends in America. Please show us that you don’t support this rise of nationalist and exploitative Big Stick politics. Your international relations are going to be interesting enough as it is.