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Happy 109th Birthday, Chelsea Football Club!

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Meet Fernando Torres | FC Chelsea

today, my masterpost is about fernando torres because he recieves so much hate in the last few weeks and nobody deserves this - and, he’s also an absolutely amazing footballer and very incredible person so here we go

nando plays for the ‘blues’ since 2011 as a striker and wears number 9 on his jersey

his nickname is ‘el nino’ although he’s already 30 - he looks like 19, 20

nando is twice european champion (2008, 2012), world cup champion 2010, champions league winner 2012 and europa league winner 2013 

so like you can see, he also plays for the spain nt

his best friend in the nt is sergio ramos

they are really close

actually, you can do an own masterpost just about these two because there is so much to tell, but i’ll try to do it short

just remember: these two are one of the best bromances you will ever see (next to schweinski, seriker & götzeus)

but let us talk about fernando - one of the nicest, kindest, ambitious and down-to-earth footballers on this planet

for many people, nando is a hero - and this not without any reason. he never gives up, even he had/have a lot of struggle at chelsea

he just try to do his best for the club

he’s always so polite to the journalists

in the champions league semi finals 2014, he scored against his ex club atletico madrid (played there til 2007) but he didn’t want to celebrate his goal - he still have a big respect and love for his ex club

he has never shown any arrogance or has been rude, he always cares a lot about his fans and he’s always trying to improve and doing things better

he always thinks before he is speaking

and he’s a very hard working person, one of the best teamplayers out there

he also get’s along with his team mates very well

sadly he recieves SO MUCH HATE and that is so fucking pathetic. as soon as you are on twitter or if you google him, this appears and thats so unfair. it’s so easy to hate someone you’ll probably never meet - but it’s the lowest level to wish someone cancer. CANCER

this guy has a family. a fucking family. are you guys crazy?! it makes me so mad, seeing that he’s doing so much for that club and is such a hard working, golden hearted, polite person and there are always these motherfuckers who think, they can write this shit. he is a father for gods sake and has never done you anything!

yeah, maybe he has a difficult time at the moment - but that is no excuse for wishing your own fucking player all the worst. you all should support him so he can go fast trough this though time

it’s so easy, to write some shit, isn’t it? it’s so easy to sit in front of your laptop/pc/phone whatever, just write a few bad lines and all this crap. but have you ever played football on this high level? everyday training, every weekend a match, sometimes during the week too? have hardly time for spending time with your family? no ? so please shut the fuck up and show more respect

nando is such a nice person, he has never done something bad to someone

just look at this cute face - and what he’s saying

and just look at all his beautiful goals

his skills and all these things

but he’s not just an incredible footballer and golden hearted person, he’s also very good looking, hot and very cute

he’s such a cutie

stop the fucking hate guys. i repeat, he has never done anything bad to you and he will never do. i also don’t like every player for gods sake, i’m not even a chelsea fan. but i don’t write everywhere he can see it that he’s useless, a fucking idiot and that i wish him cancer - especially not, if the player said that he is reading every tweet like nando.

just. shut. the. fuck. up. haters. we will always support nando, whatever happens and stand behind him - and some people aren’t so strong as you thought

we believe in el nino and a little message for all the haters and the ‘cool guys’ who feel so powerful after writing something bad under a youtube video/picture/tweet (no matter what player): you’re pathetic and you’re life have to be really sad that you’re feeling better after hating someone who probably doesn’t even care about you. go, make something good with your life and have more respect.

don’t worry, nando will come back stronger than ever and we will support and help him as much as possible. He will probably never read this, but it’s so important to show more respect! Stay strong el nino, keep smiling & just let them critize - give a fuck about what others say. You’re awesome and an absolutley amazing person - a role model for every young footballer.

just never give up like you promised

meet also javi martinez, claudio pizarro, franck ribery & miroslav klose