Nasa Needs Help (Important!)

In 2002 the Bush administration, upset over an over-budget, slow-moving program, cancelled a NASA exploration mission.

That mission was called New Horizons and it was supposed to finally bring us to Pluto.

As you well know, NASA recently got to Pluto. New Horizons wasn’t cancelled. The only reason it survived was because a small group of science lovers banded together and flooded the halls of Congress with demands to float this mission into the unknown.

The Planetary Society is that group. I volunteer for the Planetary Society and am here on their behalf now with a plea:

NASA is in trouble. This year in particular things look bad.

It’s an election year. Many senators are running for president and quite a few are willing to shut down the government to make a point or to further their careers.

During Ted Cruz’s 2013 government shutdown NASA was left with only 550 people to keep the astronauts aboard the space station alive, to ensure the rovers on Mars are alright and essentially all other crucial NASA endeavors survived until Congress got its act together.

We mustn’t let this happen again.

The mission to Europa is barely getting the proper support to move forward. It’s still in tremendous danger of getting nixed.

The President’s requested the cancellation of the Opportunity rover (it’s already on Mars!) and the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

If we’re lax with our representatives we might be putting the James Webb Space Telescope in a position to miss its 2018 launch window.

The only thing we need is your voice.

Right now Congress is on a five-week break until Labor Day. Why should we allow them to leave for vacation without writing a budget for NASA? Do you think it’s okay that they break and not return until NASA’s current funding has all but expired? Lets flood their inboxes and make our voices heard.

If a congressperson doesn’t have a strong opinion on something they typically revert to what their constituents want. Luckily there’s hardly any strong “anti-planetary science” opinion in Congress.

Click here to sign our petition. It find your representatives and senators for you. Just fill the form out.

Because we did this years ago we can now sift through images of the wonders of Pluto. In another fifteen years we might be reading headline news articles about the discovery of extra terrestrial life on Europa.

Sign the petition here and please please please, spread this message. We can’t do this without you.

(Image credit: Matthew Woodson)