UKRAINE, Kiev : Protesters advance to new positions in Kiev on February 20, 2014. Top officials were evacuated on Thursday from Ukraine’s main government building close to clashes in the heart of Kiev that AFP reporters said left at least 17 protesters dead with apparent gun shot wounds. “This morning, all cabinet employees were evacuated from the building. These were official orders,” a spokeswoman for the Ukrainian government told AFP.


Сьогодні, 22 січня в День Соборностi України, Київ у вогні. Виктор Фёдорович Янукович відмовився підписати договір про ассоціацію з ЄС (26 листопада 2013), що призвело до зібрання демонстрації на Євромайдані, який контролює столицю. Досі мирна акція, перетворилася на криваве побоїще, після того, як уряд ухвалив протест незаконним (16 січня 2014). І тепер сотні поранених, а двоє померли від вогнепального поранення. Протестувальники хочуть дострокових виборів - Янукович хоче залишитися президентом. Деякі співають націоналістичні пісні, а інші проклинаю їх непокопу. Чи зможе Україна вціліти?


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Military armoured carrier rams into barricade with people behind. Kyiv, Maidan

UKRAINE, Kiev : Boots belonging to a protester are left on a makeshift memorial at the Independence square in central Kiev on February 28, 2014. Ukraine accused Russia of staging an “armed invasion” of Crimea on Friday as the ex-Soviet state’s ousted leader prepared to emerge defiant from five days of hiding after winning protection from Moscow. AFP PHOTO/ LOUISA GOULIAMAKI

This new slogan in support of peaceful Kiev Maidan on my tour guitar in translation literally means: “Ukraine, not an outskirt but a centre.” But full meaning of it comes through only in Ukrainian: “Ukraine is not an outskirt as it is romoured to be, but a centre of new rising consciousness.” Yes, paradoxiacally, “Ukraine”, which is historically and geographically the origin of Russia (see Kievan Rus state), literally means “far corner, or an outskirt”. This confusion perhaps will get straightened out now as people of Ukraine r putting themselves in the avanguarde of positive political consciousness. Is there even a one person who has not been impressed with such a tremendous peaceful actions of Kiev Maidan people and their delicate organization! 

My heart is breaking for Ukraine. This morning, police raided the streets of the capital and dragged women and men by their hair out of the main square, beating many people with clubs and shooting tear gas into their air. Many were students, people my age, and all of them were peacefully expressing their freedom of speech in light of the stupidest move possible by the president of Ukraine. Many people were put into HOSPITALS and JAIL by their own government just because they were standing up for what they believe in. This is disgusting. I cannot believe this gross injustice. I am afraid for all of my friends in Ukraine. Pray for the people of Ukraine.

UKRAINE, Kiev : Protesters burn as they stand behind burning barricades during clashes with police on February 20, 2014 in Kiev. Ukraine’s embattled leader announced a “truce” with the opposition as he prepared to get grilled by visiting EU diplomats over clashes that killed 26 and left the government facing diplomatic isolation. The shocking scale of the violence three months into the crisis brought expressions of grave concern from the West and condemnation of an “attempted coup” by the Kremlin. AFP PHOTO/BULENT KILIC


Hey guys, i dont normally post stuff like this but this pertains to my family and culture and not many people know about the seriousness of this.It started with President Yanukovych’s decision to back away from plans that would have established free trade and furthered political cooperation between Ukraine and the EU, an agreement that was seen as a possible precursor to EU membership. Yanukovych has instead moved toward an agreement with the Russian-directed Eurasian Customs Union (ECU), which includes Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan at present. All of the peaceful protesting has turned extremely violent! So many Ukrainians have died and so many have been very injured! On January 16, 2014 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with violation of the regulations adopted a number of laws. According to many experts, these changes will result in deterioration of democratic freedoms, and can be an attempt of legal establishment of dictatorship in Ukraine. So please please PLEASE reblog to show support so NO MORE LIVES CAN BE TAKEN

The following is unconfirmed. I don’t know if any of this is true or not, it supposedly was on the Ukrainian news.  Iremain skeptical but hopeful that some or all of this is true:

Some Berkut units have refused to be transferred to Kiev and potentially even sided with the protesters. Parliament has supposedly been given the power to oust Yanukovich and are voting to end hostilities and press charges against the man who ordered shooting on civilians.

UKRAINE, Kiev : A woman cries as she stay on Kiev’s Independence Square on February 25, 2014. Ukraine issued an arrest warrant Monday for ousted president Viktor Yanukovych over the “mass murder” of protesters and appealed for $35 billion in Western aid to pull the crisis-hit country from the brink of economic collapse. The dramatic announcements by the ex-Soviet nation’s new Western-leaning team – approved by parliament over a chaotic weekend that saw the pro-Russian leader go into hiding – came as a top EU envoy arrived in Kiev to buttress its sudden tilt away from Moscow. AFP PHOTO/ BULENT KILIC