Which European country has the silliest accent?

A survey among 1,874 Europeans resulted in this priceless map. 
Some truly useless, but nevertheless fun facts :)

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Greeks work the longest hours in Europe!

This infographic shows the average hours worked per week in the Europe. Who does the longest hours? Germany? Norway? Luxembourg? No!

The Southern Europeans are leading by far! :D

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Number of Colonies of European Countries in History

Colonisation has been one of the most controversial events in the European history and this infographic made by Jakub Marian ( shows the total number of colonies settled by European countries in the past.

Apart from the UK, which has been the European country with the highest number of colonies all over the world, many other countries had colonies including Belgium, Austria, Italy andGreece.

Did you know that also Denmark, Norway and Sweden had colonies?

Unfortunately, colonization created many problems that even today are not completely resolved.

What do you think the EU should do to solve this issue?

Europe’s Most Valuable Exports

It is no secret that European commodities are popular all over the world and label the “Made in Europe” stands for quality and reliability. 

Many European countries are associated with goods they export - like Sweden with affordable furniture, Germany -  with beer, France - with wine, and countries of Southern Europe - with distinguished and delicious foods. This infographic designed by GlobalPost shows the most successful European export commodities.

Paternity Leave World Leaders

Having time off when your child is born is very important and also brings equality between men and women.

If only women have a lot of time off and are entirely responsible for bringing up the kids, this affects their career and reinforces the traditional gender roles.

Balancing out this key part of life will also equalize both gender’s careers.

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Infographic: LGBT Rights in Europe

The results from ILGA-Europe’s Rainbow Europe May 2015 Report

Radio Liberty has recently published this infographic  based on the results of ILGA-Europe’s Report on LGBT rights.

LGBT rights remain the issue which still devides Europe into East and West. As you can see on the infographic many countries of Eastern Europe, especially former Soviet ones, show very low scores in the respect of LGBT rights. The countries with strong religious traditions such as Poland and Italy, are also on their way to tolerance and gender equality.

Baltic countries surprised with low scores as well, which somehow doesn’t fit into their general image of the most advanced new EU-members. How can you explain that?

On the top of the list you can find United Kingdom, Belgium and Malta, on the bottom -Azerbaijan, Russia and Armenia.

Cities with the highest Millionaire density Worldwide:

The latest report from Oxfam states clearly that in 2016 1% of the global population will own more than the total of the other 99%. We can only wonder “Where are the millionaires?”

While the European Union is still struggling with the Eurocrisis that started a few years ago, it is in Europe that we find the highest density of millionaires (total of 10 cities in this top 15).

1. Monaco

2. Zurich

3. Geneva

4. New York

5. Frankfurt

6. London

7. Oslo

8. Singapore

9. Amsterdam

10. Florence

11 . Hong Kong

12. Rome

13. Dublin

14. Doha

15. Toronto

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