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Oakeshott Type XII from Central Europe w/ Extremely Rare Pommel Type

Editor’s Note: Text below provided as translated by Google from German.

Central European c.1300 

The wide double-edged, towards the tip only slightly tapering blade with double-sided hollow ground in the upper three-quarters of the blade, in the top quartile on both sides taken two “S” (Salvator) with bar ends, in between a circle with crutch cross. The four-sided guard a little thickening towards the ends, the Angel with residues of the wood handle, unusual rare pagoda-shaped iron pommel with ridges on the front and back. 

Blade length 89 cm, total length 108,5 cm, Parierstangenlänge 18.5 cm, weight 1186 g. The sword is well balanced and very easy to carry. Well conserved surface, the blade inscription is only on one side. 

Outstanding knightly sword with a Christian inscription and very rare pommel.

Condition: II Limit: 5000 EURO

For more information regarding Oakeshott’s Type XII see this extract from Ewart Oakeshott's Records of the Medieval

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