People (tankies) are trying to say tankie is used against communists other communists done like, this is simply not true. Do leftcoms, from councilism to bordigists, get called tankies? No. Do nihilist communists get called tankies? No. Trotskyksts and all their variations, except maybe the sparts, don’t get called called tankies, neither do eurocommunists.

It’s stalinists and that sort that get called tankies, naebdae else. Simple really

I find it kinda interesting that over the course of the later 20th century, arguments in the left about what kind of organizations we should build, what kind of capitalism was developing, etc, gave away to arguments about what constituency socialism should/does have

I feel like this was begun with the Eurocommunist attempt to turn their constituency from a revolutionary one to an electoral one, and since then we’ve basically seen things in a similar light

Me before reading the retreat from class: (that fake mallard Filmore comic where he says liberals)

Me after reading the retreat from class: (same image but instead it’s him saying eurocommunists over and over)